Anybody maintaining by not going up steps on CD!


Just interested if anyone as managed to maintain it themselves after coming off a low cal diet ,I'm on CD at the minute and i just find the steps to move up would be abit difficult to follow as i don't like many of the things they say you can eat whilst moving up!

So anybody gone it alone after losing there weight im thinking of joining SW when my weight is gone to maintain,whats your thoughts on this!

Thanks sue x
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Ive joined a slimming club in order to maintain, as i think its good discipline to have to go back every week to get weighed. It helps me keep focus on keeping my food intake low, and keeping my weight down.

However you decide to maintain, its important to remember that you are really on a diet forever, your body will want to fill up those empty fat cells as fast as it can! Maintaining can be really hard, and you have to increase your food very slowly to find out where your level is, so following an organised diet plan like SW is a good idea.


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I am about to come off CD as soon as I lose a few more lbs so am struggling with this one myself.

A few things I have considered.... I like the principles of SW in general however bear in mind it is very carb heavy! I also do not think the losses are good unless you have a significant amount of weight to lose... I am also suspicious of any plan that encourages you to eat unlimited pasta, potatoes and rice, for example. Oh and those horrible Muller light yogurts. So, if you were to switch to SW and begin eating cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner - yes, you will see an increase in weight.

I intend to mix things up a bit. I am very drawn to JUDDDD and am currently researching that. I also believe that you have to work up to eating ' properly ' again, so for a week or two I intend to have two products a day and a meal of around 400 calories. Yes, I've devised my own Cambridge step! And then I shall go to one product and introduce another meal and see how that goes.

It's all a worry though. I have never maintained my weight before - just concentrated on losing it...and then wonder why I am back to 12 odd stone!


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I'm kind of the same. I have lost weight and put it all back on in the past so I am very aware that I need to be so careful now. Still not sure the best way to do it for me but I guess as I move up I will increase exercise to hopefully counteract the extra KCAL.
Good luck hunni x


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hey hun, im currently following JUDDD, the diet where you have one high cal day, e.g. 2000 cals followed by a really low cal day, e.g. 500 cals. this is my 2nd week, i put on 2lbs last week after coming off CD but not panicking yet as i think that maybe if i had just come off CD and gone straight onto a regular diet i may have put on more so 2lbs isnt so bad as its water and glycogen stores filling up. im giving it at least a month so i'll hopefully post better results by september. i got to 9st dead on with CD so i really want JUDDD to take me into the 8s and be a good maintenance diet so ill be patient and see what results i'll get in a few more weeks. if it doesnt work for me i think my own version of calorie counting will have to suffice!