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Anyone a bit crafty?

I'm a card/scrapbooker although I do a little sewing I prefer paper crafts
hi there im a crafter too, im a scrapper and cardy, have you heard of UKS united kingdom scrappers?? :confused:
pm me and we can chat
i would pm you but i dont know how too :flirt2:

I'm VERY new to scrapbooking, and when I say Very New, I mean in the last 2 weeks or so. It's fabulous and really interesting and relaxing.
Although, I don't think I know a lot about it but i'm sure i'll get more ideas as I go along.

I saw a girl from work's book and it 'wow'ed' me :)

♥ LOVE ♥
hi there im a crafter too, im a scrapper and cardy, have you heard of UKS united kingdom scrappers?? :confused:
pm me and we can chat
i would pm you but i dont know how too :flirt2:

I am a UKS member it's a great site
I love scrapbooking but I haven't done any since before the summer, got tangled up with my dollshouse. Maybe I should get scrapping again. I used to live near the most amazing shop for scrappers but now I've moved away and there isn't anywhere :cry:
I don't quite understand scrapbooking. But I do occasionally make things with Fimo, string together some beads to make phone charms or danglies, and do some painting. I also make Warhammer 40K models, but I'm not sure that counts :D

I also dabble with photography. By dabble I mean "am quite poor at" LOL.

I do voluntry work patchworking making baby quilts for a charity to sell someone is there teaching me how to do it. Hopefully im going to take an exam too.
I've been sewing in some form for 33 years nearly. At present my crafty hobbies are: scrapping, card making, cross stitch and "proper sewing". Like to make clothes still and home furnishings sometimes.
I've recently started jewellery making. I set up my own site about a month ago (link in sig), still no orders yet though :( Does anyone else have a craft website?
i also make jewellery, both working with ready made vintage items and making silver rings/brass charms from scratch. don't really want to post pics up here as i'm super paranoid about someone i know finding me on here, clocking that theyre my items and then knowing my weight. how crazy am i. i might put up some pics in my diary in the members only bit :)
I have way too much crafty stuff, cardmaking and scrapbooking so paper is my downfall (and the bling you can stick on!). I also ventured into the world of Stampin' Up (loved their stuff so joined up!) so have a growing collection of even more stamps - I really could do with my own craft room as the other half is encroaching with his pc's onto my craft space!

I'd love to have a go at making jewellery but will no doubt get told off if something else arrives :)
jewellery is so theraputic- particularly making something from hand which needs sooo much work done to it, theres something very soothing about spending so much time sawing, forming shape, filing, filing some more, filing some more, rough polish, final polish...etc and thats before you even get onto soldering on stone settings and casting stones etc! concentrating on something so small and intricate really calms my mind. i can spend hours on a piece and not even realise. which is always good for the dieting situation, keeping busy!


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I'm a cardmaker/scrapbooker too, the stuffs taken over my house, got a big wardrobe cheap with drawers and 99.9% of my stuff lives in there now lol

I also sew a bit and knit but there's not enough hours in the day.
Dont know if this is of any use to anybody

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