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Anyone aware of a six week itch?


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So I'm on day 4 of week 6 and I am ITCHING for something super horrendously calorific.

I know if I went and got something naughty, I wouldn't actually eat it, but the thought is driving me a bit nuts today.

I have all my SW treats around me, but nothing will hit the mark today. *sigh*
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i hate that - having been on plan 46 weeks i can tell you now ive been no angel.

A bit of what you fancy is fine, just syn it and get it out your system.

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i usually get my itch after 3 weeks never manage to stay on a diet any longer than that i always scratch the itch then come off plan cause i can't stop itching lol but not this time (i hope :sigh:)
My advice would be just have a little bit of things when you want them like this. Work out the syns & account for them, but I honestly think by denying yourself everything is what leads to binges!


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Its sounds like you need some comfort food. Why don't you look at some recipes and do a really tastey pasta bake, or jacket potatoe, you could look at sausages and mash and syn free rice pudding. All of these without syns will satisfy that urge, and then get some small choc treats and keep them in a cupboard, enough for the week and have one of those in the eve after a big fruit cocktail or rice pudding.

I know with me, if I feel like something naughty I look at the alternatives that will keep me from being naughty. Hope that helps x


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Eternal Flame makes a good point!! Perhaps try that! I think we just ALL have these moments, so I say if you've tried everything and the 'itch' really won't go away just give in to it, then nip it in the bud and draw a huge line under it and carry on!! Sometimes we just have to get these things out of our system and we can still lose weight if we're good the rest of the time!!X


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It's bound to happen, and I'm only surprised you lasted six weeks until now! :p

It helps to remember that the best way to lose and keep weight off is changing eating habits to more healthy ones for life, not just until a magical number appears on the scale.

So, by all means have the food you are lusting after, but have it in moderation, eat it consciously and deliberately, enjoying every bit of it, consider it a reward for hard work done, and DO NOT feel guilty about it, or feel it has 'ruined' your diet.

It is not a temporary diet at all, but a permanent change, and part of that change is eating healthily, but normally. So we're allowed to eat crap from time to time, just not ALL the time ;)
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Actually I HAVE heard of a 5 week itch so to last 6 weeks and 4 days you are doing great :)

Like OP have said just try to have a small amount of what you want and syn it


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I am at 7 weeks on plan today. Two or three days ago I started obsessing over the idea of having cake and was going to have a couple of mini muffins with a skinny latte in Costa's but they vey unhelpfuly didn't have any. So I have decided that on Saturday I am going to have cake and am in the process of deciding what will be. Will be interesting to see if the reality of cake lives up to my expectations.


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a piece of cake, once every 6 weeks is not going to have you blowing your diet, a piece of cake every day will. The previous advice in this thread is very helpful, have a treat, draw a line under it and then continue to eat according to plan.
I scratched an 'itch' today, took the children to McD's as a back to school tomorrow treat to mark the end of the summer holiday, so I had a fillet o fish. YUM, it was fab, and I SO enjoyed it, however, the rest of the day has been back on track and I will continue to be on plan.
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I agree with the previous posters. Have a little of what you fancy to prevent a full-on binge. Then just draw a line under it. You'll last much longer on plan if you don't feel deprived. Good luck!


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its much better to have a small bit of what you fancy and syn it....or maybe even a flexi syn day and hop straight back on plan than it will be to deny yourself.
denying yourself totally just leads to massive binges and breaking the 'diet' completely.


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In my "hungry weeks" I have treats but I also switch to Green days and eat copious amounts of SW chips lol last week was one of those week i had I had strayed off plan the week before and went 2lb above target, was struggling to get back on track so went on green days and ate chips every day at least once and sometimes twice Lol I was only back on plan for 5 days and lost 3lb :eek: :D so have a little of what you fancy and if you are finding it hard to get back on track I recomend sw chips and lots of them pmsl worked for me :)

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