Anyone been to Centerparcs?


Hi all,

I'm off to Centerparcs in Whinfell Forest next weekend.
There are 12 of us going to celebrate my friend's 40th birthday.
She's staying in the VIP lodge; hot tub, sauna, steam room etc. Myself, my mate and my boys will be in the cheap seats!

We'll be getting together in her lodge on the Saturday night for a party;)

Anyway, I've never been before so looking for advice on what activites to do during the day.
My boys are 6, 12 and 14. Unlike my extravagant friend, I'm on a fairly tight budget.
Also, assuming I've lost enough weight to be able to eat, what restaurants do you recommend? Will be looking for healthy eating of course:eek:

Any advice more than welcome:)

Hi Jude!

Sounds wonderful ! I've never been to a Centre Parcs myself but my friend has a few times with her family and it sounds great. Apparently you park your car and then go everywhere in the village by foot or bike (which I assume you hire there). They have big indoor pool with water shoots/slides etc. She said the food is great with lots of choice - she didn't go to the one you are going but I'm guessing they are pretty much of a muchness. Anyway, found this link to the Whinfall Village - hope it helps and have a fab time!!:D

Whinfell Forest Center Parcs

Hi Jude

I've been to Center Parcs Longleat and going again pre Christmas. It can be expensive once you're there but it doesn't need to be. The main pool area is free and cycling around (if the weather is good!). You can spend practically all your time doing these activities although there are also sports that you can do. Your older ones may be inclined to do together. As it's self catering and the supermarket there is good you can eat quite healthily in the villa. We ate out in a few restaurants while there but it was expensive and we were not dieting then it was pretty unhealthy. There are other restaurants that we didn't try out though but we will be inclined to cook ourselves as much as possible when we go in December.

The exclusive villa with the hot tub will be fab we really wanted to book that one for our next trip but available ones were quite far out and we are taking granny. We have booked a executive villa with a sauna as we did last time now very close to the main area. I love the sauna but would have loved the hottub.

Bet you'll have fun celebrating with your friends.

Dizzy x
FUN, FUN,FUN, you will have a ball, we went for a weekend last jan with another family, we spent all our time in the pool on the rapids and it was ace. I cant tell you how great it was, we were like big kids all weekend.!!!
hope you enjoy it!!!
Just got back from Whinfell on Monday!
We had a great time - so much to do! I have a 6 yr old and a 4yr old - they loved the show that was put on [Saturday afternoon] there is too much to do to list - the swimming pools are amazing for all ages!
We ate at Huckleberrys and we all enjoyed it - kids meals are great!
Are you aware that you need everything for your accomodation? Toilet rolls, towels, soap, washing up stuff?
Also take a torch to walk around with at night!
Have a great time and report back
Oh Nadine we got back from Whinfell on Monday too and my kids were also at the show (I was in the Spa, my hubby took them!!).

We had a fantastic time but the accommodation is really grim (well the place we stayed in - apparently it is next on the list for refurbishment).

If you can get to the spa, it is amazing, I felt like a different person afterwards - not that it lasted long.

Nothing is included in the price so make sure you take towels, washing up liquid and detox or bleach - you may need it! The shop on site is really good.

Have a great time!
Thanks for all your feedback!:)

Another friend has been to Whinfell before and said her accommodation was pretty grim, so I'm a little concerned.
We're in a comfort plus lodge in Meadow View; our friends are in Bilberry Wood, looks like a bit of a trek on the map.

The info on the website says towels are included in the Comfort Plus, and I think there was mention of a small basic grocery pack, but I think I'll check on that!

We might take the kids' bikes and hire adult ones, will have to get lights sorted though. Great advice abot the torch, I wouldn't have thought of it.:eek:

Just got to focus on achieving a body worthy of a swimming cossie now:rolleyes:


flopster - thats crazy - I was having an indian head massage at the same time the kids were at the show - we were booked in for 2pm? I bet I saw you?
Our accomodation was grotty too - but we were in the basic as it was all we could get at time of booking - still enjoyed the eperience!
Were you in the pools when the fire alarm went off on SUnday? WE were - scared the kids so much they would not go back in!
flopster - thats crazy - I was having an indian head massage at the same time the kids were at the show - we were booked in for 2pm? I bet I saw you?
Our accomodation was grotty too - but we were in the basic as it was all we could get at time of booking - still enjoyed the eperience!
Were you in the pools when the fire alarm went off on SUnday? WE were - scared the kids so much they would not go back in!

OMG we must have been there at the same time! Although I only did the spa.

We were in basic as well but still for what it cost I expected more, the carpet was just vile underfoot and there were "white stains" everywhere!

No we didn't hear the alarms go off on Sunday - what time was that? We spent about 5 hours each day in the pool so am surprised I missed it.

Edited to add - did you see someone managed to set their lodge on fire on the Friday night?
Sorry boobyjood - have crashed your thread - but just wanted to reply to flopster
The alarm went off at about 3pm on Sunday - we had to walk across pine cones and bracken in our bare feet freezing cold to Huckleberrys - it was awful!
We were brought blankets eventually!
I had no ides there was a fire in a lodge - we were in 204 - was all quiet at our end!
Lavender my pal, asks for a refurbished lodge and apparently they are the same price but so much nicer!
At least we know now for next time!
Hi! I live close to the Whinfell forest parc - my mate works there (he's one of the housekeeping supervisors!)

Apparently, ALL of the meadow view lodges are now refurbished so you should be fine. Which number Bilberry is your friend staying in as it was one there that the sauna was set fire to a couple of weekends ago :eek:

Unfortunately, he's not in charge of Meadow View or I would have asked him to get you a nice bottle of something!

I don't remember seeing a Huckleberrys when I was there in September, though I think there's one at Nottingham....
There is a Rock Legends which is a brilliant American Grill bar (excellent cocktails.... not that I had many you understand.. :rolleyes: ) The Lakeside Inn is good all round fayre.

Plenty of choice, and the best of it is that most of the 'facilities' are under cover, unlike the other Centres. The Spa is up near the Sports Centre - loads to do for the kids too. You can hire tennis courts and crazy golf etc for not too much ££. The Ranger bit is great for kids too - they do treasure trails and nature trails that my kids love.

Oh, and you HAVE to see the badger channel! A few bottles and staying up late - well worth it. (Sad I know but it kept us entertained till 4am one visit :eek: - real badgers with infra red cameras - on a permanent channel :D )

The spa is my favourite.... Its handy knowing someone working there - he gets his wife and me in at least once a month! Three hours of total bliss. I adore the Indian Blossom room and the Japanese Salt bath.....and and.... ooh, all of it :rolleyes: :eek: Never manage to get booked for a treatment though - have to prebook those usually :(

Anyway, no doubt I have bored everyone rigid now (and I havent started about the stunning countryside or red squirrels! - not that I am biased living up here or anything......)

Have a brilliant time. I think I need to go talk to my mate about a 'family' booking again :D .......