Anyone been to GP about binge eating?


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hi all

After losing 6.5 stone on LL, i have been in management for almost three months. Unfortunately I have put on half a stone by bingeing every few days... it's getting worse and is totally out of control.

This afternoon i plucked up the courage to make an appointment at my doctors. And am seeing her at 9.20am on Monday to tell her of my "disorder".

I really have no clue what will help me but thought i've got to give it a go and try to get as much help as possible!

Has anyone any experience with either binge eating or getting treated for such a disorder??

I ate a lot before going on LL (obviously!) but nothing like the binge episodes i'm having now!

I am petrified.

Any views greatly appreciated - i'm trying my hardest to stick to my meal plan for the rest of the day but in the past once i've started i continue bingeing for the whole day! Today I've eaten 6 packets of crisps, a whole packet of biscuits, 16 mini meringues and half a can of low fat cream! Aswell as 3 x LL food packs (My diet plan at the mo is 3 packs plus 1 x 600 cal meal).

My 600 cal dinner tonight is tescos healthy living veggie lasagne with salad, followed by an apple and a yoghurt. Then a cadbury's highlights drink before bed. I think i should probably stick with this (i know i can't abstain from eating for the rest of the day).Now i know that sounds like heaven to those of you SS'ing but the temptation of naughty food can be so great, i could so easily eat a chinese or an indian or fish and chips. I feel ok at the moment and strong enough to stick with my healthy meal but as time goes on, god knows how i'll feel!!!

Mind you if i can get back on track for the rest of day then that'll be a first and then it would show some strength of mind hey? hmmm i'm challenging myself - please god let me be strong enough to stick with it!!

I need help guys, please respond....

Hi Karen,

I personally think you are eating like this because you have not been shown how to stabilise before going to management.

The use of processed foods although low in cals do not always give the same results as following the GI diet where you incorporate low GI foods giving a slow release of energy and curbing cravings such as you are having.

I know you have been following LL, however, on CD once you have reached BMI 26 you start to introduce food at then increase the amount in various stages reducing the amount of CD packs until your body can eat quite a lot without regaining weight. That is putting it simply.

There is an excellent CDC in Cardiff who I am sure would be more than happy to show you the weight maintenance booklet and explain the incorporation of GI foods.

Please don't panic that you now have an eating disorder its probably just your poor old bod a little confused as to what it needs at the moment.

If you want to ask anything else please feel free to email me
on [email protected].

CD counsellor:)
Hi Karen,

I know all about bingeing! In my late teens I suffered with bullimia and the bingeing/feelings of guilt still rear their ugly heads periodically. It is something that will always be with me but thankfully I'm in control of it rather then the other way round!

Perhaps the doctor will refer you to see a councillor as it is very much mind over matter situation. The way I deal with it is not to beat yourself up over the odd binge and get straight back on the wagon so to speak because you will feel that element of control back again.

I've had the odd binge over the last few weeks and the feelings of despair are just not worth it. You have to take each day as it comes and try to remember how you felt when you did binge eat - more often then not it stops me!

Like I said it is definitely mind over matter - sorry couldn't be more help but I really emathise with you so wanted to reply!

You've done sooo well and I'm sure you feel great - just try to focus on those feelings.

Im not knocking this diet as I had problems with bingeing before starting it but, I find when I stop the diet I binge like crazy, just because I can.
After all that time not eating it just feels great to be able to eat, and I just cant stop.
Hi Karon, I really feel for you, I think maybe it is time for you to sit down and look at things properly and I think a counsellor would be a great idea. They might help you work out why you binge and also how to stop you, there are so many different opinions out there as to what to do and I think going to see your GP is a great step and finally admiting that this has got to stop. Please dont lose sight of where you have been and the road you took to get where you are now.
Wish you all the best
Reading this has rung alarm bells for me too. I overate before but didnt really binge. My weight increased gradualy at a rate of about a stone a year....then last year I did something about it. I lost 5 stone and reduced to a size 8. I followed maintenance carefully....then 2 months later I started increasing portions...then I found myself sitting down eating whole tubs of ice cream (as a snack)...polishing of 2 bottles of wine (catching up for the times I missed out on SS)...I ate massive amounts of cheese and salad cream sandwiches....crisps as if they were going out of fashion....going round the supermarket I would buy meriugne nests thinking they were fat free and then stuff them with lashings of double cream...eating 4 or 5 bowlfuls one after another...still I would look for more...

the result being 4 stone of the 5 lost regained in 7 months!!!!

I am now back on SS...with CD...determind but also afaid to reach goal....I never binged before...worrying isnt it.
Hi Karen

I have binged in the past and well remember the feelings of disgust in myself. I don't feel able to give advice but just wanted to wish you well and let you know that you are not alone. There are many wonderful people on this site who are all routing for you.

You have received excellent advice from all.

The things you are eating at the moment will only trigger more cravings, its not because you are weak its just the way the body works if you have too much sugar your body has to produce insulin to counteract it and bring it down in turn this makes you crave more sugar and so the pattern continues. It becomes a viscious circle.

The GI way of eating is structured and well balanced. Hopefully your GP will be sympathetic to your needs and refer you on to a counsellor.

If you would like a copy of the booklet I mentioned before so you can see how much you can eat, of the right foods without gaining weight, please email me and I will pop one in the post to you. I am not trying to move you over to CD you do not need a weightloss programme any more, you already have achieved your weightloss.

6 1/2 stone is a great achievement, and 7lbs back can soon be rectified.

Let us know how you get on and try not to worry too much.

CD Counsellor
Hiya everyone

Wow thank you all soooo much, your words have really helped me!!

Well, since writing this post i have not eaten a single morsel and have also been to a step aerobics class. I'm drinking loads of water and will not eat anything tonight! So i think i've managed to stop it in it's tracks and i have NEVER been able to do that before!!! I'm impressed with myself and think i should go to bed v soon before i give in to temptation!

Hels, yes i spoke with my LLC on Sunday - but i only ever go there once a month so whilst it was good to chat i think i need someone more qualified to help me. hence the gp visit i think i need some serious counsellling as i feel i'm on the verge of depression! I have many highs and lows.

Linda - Thank you soooo much for your advice, you speak very wisely and it really made me come to my senses!! I'm currently on 3 LL packs with a 600 cal meal so will continue in that vein - even when i get to target i think i will stick to packs in the day then just increase the cal content in the evening meal. I think i just need to work out what works best for me maintaining - it's a new place for me to be so i guess trial and error!

Salad - thanks for telling me about your experience. It gives me hope knowing that you've managed to get into control - well done you!!

Lola - i know mate, flipping scary as hell innit - just gotta take one day at a time i think!

Cani - thanks honey, yes i'm hoping the gp will take my problem seriously and that there isn't a 3 year waiting list for help!!

Jenny - i remember you from before - you were a huge inspiration for me back then!! i'm sorry you put some weight back on but am very impressed at your willpower and determination to get back on track - you sound very focussed! Your story scares me though, i can really see me piling all the weight back on and the thought makes me suicidal!

Sugar - thanks for your reply, much appreciated!! i agree the people on these sites are fandabbydozy - i've tried speaking with my sisters and mum and they just won't even entertain a conversation - i even asked my sis to stay over tonight to make sure i don't eat - her answer was no. Isn't it weird that when you're at your lowest it becomes very clear who really cares and who couldn't give a toss about you. I am feeling very alone right now.... thank god for you guys!!!

Hiya Karen,

Glad you managed to stop bingeing last night - it makes you feel good about yourself, try to hold on to that feeling. Hard I know, especially when the crisps are calling!

Even when you are surrounded by people it can still be a lonely place you're in because it's hard for 'normal' eaters to understand. You've always got the lovely people on here to turn to!

Your family proberly just don't understand and feel uncomfortable talking about it, prefering to stick their heads in the sand, hoping it will sort itself out.

I never felt comfortable talking to my family, or anybody for that matter about my problems so well done you for seeking help - that shows great strengh!

Wishing you all the best and let us know what the doc reccommends.

Love and hugs

Christine:p :)
If you watched the real story on monday you will have heard a GP admit that they only have to make a 'list' of people who are overweight/obese and are not required to do anything about it, but he thought that in years to come this might change.

If your GP was slightly dismissive then you may have to push him/her.

Before i started CD i also went to GP and told him that weight was a problem and it was even affecting my relationship with hubby and he told me to just eat less calories and exercise more.

Good luck and you can do this. Find something to distract yourself in times of binging
As uaual Karen I have absolutely nothing constructive to add to your thread because you are lightyears ahead of me!

I just wanted to say that I am on your side and really really really hope that you can get your demons under control :)

I spose this just shows that losing the weight is only half the battle and the other half is controlling it once you get there :(

I just wish I had something constructive to add :(
Hi Karen - don't panic! You ahve done so amazingly well, you are not going to go backwards now. I have not done CD so can only imagine how tempting it must be to eat 'real' food again. The important thing is you have come to the right place for help and encouragment - we are all right behind you cheering you on!
Hi Karen. Hugs to you. I know how it is to slip back and I commend your vigilance before it gets completely out of hand.

What I find works for me 99% of the time, is planning the day with lots of small snacks . I try to have 3 main healthy meals, but at the moment, I have about four times in the day to eat a small snack. It seems to help me.

A snack can consist of fruit and seeds, a bowl of berries with some light creme fraiche maybe even a fun pack of maltesers :D

Perhaps you could have your meal, but save the apple and yoghurt for later in the evening?

The difference between now and before, is that I get them ready in the morning. These are my snacks for the day. The rest are hidden away. I never allow myself to get hungry, because that can finish me off...and finish the contents of the fridge whilst I'm at it:eek:

Then when it's time for a snack, I sit down with a drink that I tend not to have at any other time...a coffee..a green tea...whatever, and I enjoy it. Do not eat on the move :)

Stopping a binge: Okay...this works for me sometimes. If I'm in full flow and I realise it:eek: I try to prepare just one more thing.

I physically get it out, tell myself that this item is the last thing and sit down with my coffee and eat it slowly. I dunno, but I can't just stop mid flow without appreciating my last bit of food and I certainly don't appreciate what I'm eating during a binge:eek:

Okay..I hope there's something there that will work for you Karen.
Cheers everyone - i'm feeling sooooo much better and in control again today!!!

I'm really proud that after finishing the packet of biscuits (actually i chucked the last two out because i felt sick!), i didn't eat a single morsel for the rest of the day. My last biscuit was around 4.30pm - i cannot believe i went the rest of the day without a morsel - i've never been able to do that as the evenings are my danger zone for eating!!

I'm glad i went to step class, that really focussed the mind!!!

The result of my binge yesterday was a one pound gain on the scales - a couple of weeks ago i put on 8pounds in one day - so if i'd continued bingeing for the remainder of the day i could well have done the same thing!!

I can't wait to see doc on Monday - i'm gonna insist on getting some help. I did see that program on BBC a few days ago and it was appaling that they only have to make a list but there's so much in the media about eating disorders that i hope she'll take me seriously! If not then i may try to do something privately. I'm with Bupa at work, i wonder if they cover this kind of thing????? Anyone know??

Thanks again u wonderful people! You are all an absolute godsend!!

Love ya!
Hi Karen

Glad to hear you are feeling loads better today, you mentioned in one of your earlier posts that you thought you were depressed, this may be partly to blame for your binging as well. If you explain how you feel to the GP I am sure they will recommend counselling, I was depressed before Xmas and whilst they prescribe tablets they were also trying to encourage me to take up the offer of counselling.

As far as medical insurance covering counselling it really depends on your policy you will need to read your books or phone the helpline number you get with your membership documents. Quite a few do now so its worth asking the question.

Personally, I am dreading getting to my goal etc, I was (and guess still am) an emotional eater and thought nothing of eating a whole packet of biscuits and 3 packets of crisps in one sitting, not to mention all the take away food I used to shove down my neck. My heart goes out to you, good luck with your GP appointment. At least you are recognising that you can't continue like this and taking positive action.

Good luck
Please talk to your GP. There is a lot of help out there. Councilling can help and is free. If you find it hard to talk to your GP, write down what you do and how it makes you feel and hand it to him/her. That way you will be able to get it all out. Good luck.
Karen, I would be intersted in what your GP says.
What you described is excatly me.
I started LL in January. lost 4 stone in 4 months. Size 8/10, was very happy. Started LL mangement, got to week 5 or 6. And it was down hill from there. Basically in 8 weeks I have pot on 2 stones.

I have binged, binged, Binged.....
Whole cheesecakes, packets of biscuits, sweets, chocolates, tubs of icecream, you name it. I am totally disgusted in myself. I can't belive I have put half the weight back on and so quickly...

I know why I crave food, bored, lonley, ect.. But sometimes I am totally happy and relaxed and still have a major binge.

I am now really down, whereas 2 months ago, I was out on the town showing myself off. I am now hidng away, because i am so embarrassed. people don't know what to say.
I have a whole wardrobe of size 8/10 and none of it fits...
The worse thing is, it has happened so fast.

I am currently doing CD, joined 3 weeks ago, put I am cheating everyday and have put on an extra 7 pounds since joining. I didn't cheat once on LL, and didn't want to.

Another day today though and so far so good.
But what happens if I get to goal, then what...
once a foodie, always a foodie.... I think...
Its really hard.....

Anyway goodluck and let us know how you get on.

Hi Jo,

The weight loss is only one part of the journey learning how to keep it off is life long.

Our moderator Diva is starting a forum with this in mind.

She has the title up so far.

We have counsellors here who have been through the process and have helped others.

I am still struggling myself, having lost six and half stone, regained one and half and now I am taking the CD meals along with food. This seems to be working for me.

I did have a binge one night in reaction to something that hurt me...

Decided after that to try and see how the weight would go with calorie counting and the CD meals.

I am keeping a food diary to monitor what I eat and this seems to be helping I am down 6lbs., which is good for me as a slow loser