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Anyone drink Coke Zero?


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I'm on day 5 of SS and although I'm doing ok with the not eating part, I am struggling to drink all the water. A friend who is doing CD has suggested I drink Coke Zero as well as the water to stop the boredom, she has it daily and it hasnt affected her losses. Is it ok to have on SS? Also, I have had a blinding headache for 2 days now, its affecting my day as I have been unable to focus properly. Anything I can do about this other than take paracetamol?
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I have it as well. Not a lot and only if I'm on track with my water for the day, just remember to drink all of your water as well, you should be aiming for a decent 3 litres or above a day, I found that this helps with the headache. On the side if medicine you can buy co-codamol which are a bit stronger than paracetmol, I get headaches all the time and take over the counter ones for normal headaches and prescribed ones for migraines x


Yummy Mummy in the making
S: 14st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 2st0lb(13.66%)
Thanks girls. I will stick with the water and just have the odd glass of Coke Zero when I'm feeling I really need something xx
After a week I am going to allow myself 1 can of zero in the evening when I return from work. I love it anyway buy want to be 100% with my water, min 3litres a day before I start with my fizzy friend!!
yes i do i did before and it didnt make any differance well i still lost fine every week, i couldnt do it without to be honest! just dont drink tons of the stuff :)


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agree with the ladies ,drink your quota of water first then an odd can as a treat


please try again
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the headache could be that your not having enough water, try upping it a little


Must do it this time
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I ALWAYS have a coke zero at the end of the day,after i have had all my water for the day i treat myself when i sit down....I feel it is well deserved...lol


Slowly but surely x
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i treat myself at the end of the day too but I have normal diet coke and it never affected my patterns in the past (i restarted this week).
Its like my "pudding!"

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