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Green Days Anyone else 20 stone, 40 years old and wants a life instead of feeling depressed..?

L.i.n.d.a said:
Long old road to have got here, wanna be in the world of healthy fit people...I know its all downvto me but by golly i wish i had a magic formula...slimming world works if you do it thats for sure, i just gotta learn it took 40 yrs to become this mess, cant take it off in 40 days...
If you have a look in the 'though the stones to your zone' sub forum then you'll find a thread for other people who are 20stone :)



Determination is Key
I'm 28 instead of forty, and I started out at 18 stone rather than 20, but I feel you, my friend! Sometimes it seems like such a long road that it's tempting to sit down at the side of it for a while and count cars, while having a little picnic...but...you'll get nowhere like that.

You can totally do this. We can all totally do this. Best of luck!


One day at a time, one step at a time
Linda I am 44 and was nearly 18 stone when I started. I still have a long way to go, but take it a day at a time. I have blips, I fall off the wagon but my lovely friends have me back on it the same day and I plod on :D I am a tortoise for definate. My losses are slow and partly my own doing but hey its going and I will get there one day :D you can do this :D the definate trick is to plan foods you love adapted to sw, enjoy your food and use your syns :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Wish i had discovered sw back then..even if i have been on every type of diet in my life. My lowest weight 9.5 stone...my highest weight ...now 20...


Wish i had discovered sw back then..even if i have been on every type of diet in my life. My lowest weight 9.5 stone...my highest weight ...now 20...
Hi Linda,

I'm 41 and started the year at over 24 stone! I am now 21:3 and hoping to get down to 19 stone 13 by Christmas.

You will find loads of support on here, you are not alone.


Hi lucia? Thankyou and well done to you too..you have a solid steady approach to your weight loss which is great. Interim targets..i know they are key...got to narrow my timescales, breakdown the challenge...is hard when for forever it has been i dont wanna be fat when im 18; 21; 25; 30; 35; 40...getting bigger and bigger. This moonmin has gotta come down to earth.. :)


One day at a time, one step at a time
Linda you can do this :D

set small realistic goals. Set yourself up to succeed. I do 100% a day at a time. I have blips but they no longer last a week, a month a year, they end after the blip and i plod on. Everyone on here is supportive and lovely so you've come to the right place :)


Hello jackie i really do believe from what i have seen that people are supportive on here. Its nice to see that a common cause can unite folk..would you know, is this a national or international website/forum?
hi, linda i am 43 so nearly 40:D
and started at way over 20 st (see stats cos not repeating it:eek:):sigh:

but since august have lost 3 st and WILL lose the rest this time :D

like others have said its breaking it down into little chunks and achievable goals and my big discovery being kind to your self xx

good luck xx
HI Linda,

you have found the magic formula, S and minimins! the combination of the suuport and eating plan is proved by loads on here to be the winner, its not fast though but as fast or slow as you make it.

check out the inspiration photos, the proof is there, we have a consultant in our area who has lost 12 stone in 19 months, she's still got some to lose but she's done amazingly well so far,

you can do it! we're here for you xx

I Started at over 20stone and I am 34 (but look way over 40!).

I started at the end of July and now I'm in the 16stone range and fitting into clothes that I haven't got into for about 5 years!! This feeling is great and I can't wait, I look forward to shopping and planning my weeks slimming meals so I can lose more next week!!

I started this february aged 40 weighing 20st 10lb. I am now 41 and 18st 4.5lb. It a slow loss but it's a loss!
This morning I put on my gym clothes and was pleased with my new emerging shape.


Hi folks it is nice to hear and see before and after pictures. I have the limitation of using this site through my mobile, but hope to access as many parts to help as i can. How lovely to hear of so many people doing well.. :)

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