Anyone else dreading Christmas ?


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I know I am. :(

Its not my favourite time of year anyway, as I hate the endless 'family' get togethers, the endless temptations of food under my nose... and the massive amount of chocolates I always get as pressies!

I know it makes me sound a miserable old trout, but I just wish it wasnt so close, and i dont want ANYTHING to sabotage me on my journey to be normal! Its going to be so hard at Christmas time to stay on the straight and narrow!!

Deb x
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LOL yes!
Not a big fan of Xmas now the kids aren't little.
All that rushing around, spending of money I don't have, trying to think of original presents for people. Getting very unoriginal presents back!

Not too worried about the food part - but would love to ditch Xmas and go away until it's all over! Bah humbug!

Now New Year .................. that's different - I love New year and party until the small hours.


YES ME TOO...........IM DREADING IT............

BAH HUMBUG lol lol

We can avoid invitations to nights out and dos/parties if we feel we cant stick to our plans BUT we cant avoid christmas and families saying go on eat it is Christmas and you can get back on it after!!!!Like alot of people here I have a food addiction and I wish the people closest to me would understand,Im sure they dont feel its the same as an acholic or Drug addict,but they wouldnt offer them a drink or a fix,SORRY bit of a rant.
Im going away for xmas Butlins and I have family saying already ''you will eat at christmas,I said im not,then im told im a boring s*d!!!!
By Christmas day i'll be on Day 89 of LL so its so close to my 100 days foundation stage that I want to get to the end with cheating at all,as i did cheat on Cd last year and couldnt get back on track :confused:

Cavy tell people you would like bath stuff for christmas intead of choclates or give the choclate away after christmas???

Its only a short time I suppose so we have to remember how fab we will look this year instead!!!!:D


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I was going to start a 'Bah Humbug!' thread too as I'm also not looking forward to Xmas.

Neither my husband nor I have large families - I only have my parents and one brother (who does his own thing) and he just has his mum who lives 250 miles away - and we don't have any children so we've no need to do the 'family thing' at Christmas time.

Most years we go away over the festive period (last year we were in Goa), but this year we'll be staying at home and have already agreed that we're not going to make a big deal about Christmas at all. We'll probably have a traditional Xmas dinner (maybe not with ALL the trimmings though) with my parents coming round for the day - and celebrate New Year's Eve of course - but other than that it will just be like any other days of the year as far as we're concerned.

We're not going to buy food (or alcohol) we don't want/need just because it's Xmas or over-indulge generally simply because it's that time of year (any old excuse eh? ;) ). In past years we've bought loads of chocolates, nuts, sweets, cheeses and all the other 'goodies' (baddies? :rolleyes: ) most of us associate with Christmas time.

This year will be the first Xmas in a very long time that I'll be slim .. and I fully intend 2007 to be the first year of my new slimline life :)

Have a great time though whatever you do! :D


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Anyone SSing or sticking to their plan over Christmas I really take my hat off to you & I think the hardest part has to be "well meaning" friends & family trying to sabotage your efforts as if the whole thing wasn't hard enough anyway! But if you do stick to it, imagine how fantastic you'll feel and come the beginning of January you'll be one of the very few who has lost weight rather than put on the obligatory ½ stone or more.

I'll have to make a big effort to have my first ever Christmas without putting any weight back on and like Summerskye, will actually be slim at Christmas, that'll be so nice. I always used to start the Christmas weight gain around mid-November as the do's & get-togethers started and whatever diet I was doing disappeared in an "well, it's not worth it now". No more of that, I've maintained for 7 months now, I'm not going to blow it for the sake of a few days. I'm also not going to have a fridge/freezer full of food that me & DH will end up eating. Lots of healthy stuff for any visitors this year, that'll see them off ha, ha.

I always dread Christmas at this time of the year, thinking about how much there is to do & getting stressed over what to buy for people that don't need any of the stuff I get them, what a waste of money. But having a 12 year old daughter, once Christmas arrives, I do enjoy it as she still loves it of course. But I'm staying home this year, so I can eat my food, anyone's welcome (includes you too Deb, I'll make you up a soup no probs;) & no pressure) but there won't be a table groaning under the weight of fatteningness (is that a word:confused: - good though!).


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I am a bit worried.. and a bit sad at all the invites I will have to turn down. But I'm organising lots of little treats just for me.

Going to see the Nutcracker in Covent Garden (to be fair we do this every year)
Going to see Spamalot on Boxing Day
Bought myself a jewellery advent calendar from M&S (each day contains a new piece of jewellery - bit pricey but I'm worth it... :D )
Going to spend two days with my god-daughter (aged 3) playing and making things.
Was going to volunteer at Crisis but actually I may have to spend the majority of Christmas in the library writing essays for uni anyway!! :eek:

And more things to come.


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Treating yourself is a big must on this diet & especially at Christmas. I had to contend with my birthday when I was SSing and we always go out for a slap-up meal at my favourite restaurant. I was gutted not to be able to go, but told myself I'd go next year & look fab & slim and my hubby gave me the money we normally spend on a meal to have as an extra pressie. I spent the day at the Trafford Centre buying loads of beauty products, & had my bar & a cup of tea at one of the meals places watching my daughter eat pizza & hubby eat a sandwich. But I enjoyed the day & realised that it doesn't have to revolve around food, you can actually enjoy yourself without food - now that was a big realisation for me!

I also gave myself a treat for each half-stone lost, a reflexology treatment, trips to the Theatre, new clothes etc. All helps.

Like the idea of the M&S jewellery advent calendar, but not sure I can justify it this year (especially as I've just given up work - hmmm) off to think of ways to present this to hubby ;)


I should have reached my goal by early/mid December so I don't have to worry too much about eating. But I'm so keen to get into good habits I am worried this will sabotage them. I've been reading Pierre Dukan's diet book and his consolidation phase recommends having two "gala" meals per week, in which you may eat whatever you like but only once. So you can have a plateful at each course but no second helpings, and with drinks you can have only one glass of wine, although you are allowed an aperitif. These gala meals can't be consecutive, so you don't overindulge on any one day. Now if I can only stay off the chocolates.........


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I will have finished LL foundation by 20th December but might as well carry straight on with it. I have a house move before Xmas too which doesn't time properly so will be living with relativs for a few weeks. Could it get more complicated ? So bah humbug too ! However I am not going to break my diet. I am determined. Will have Xmas at easter when hopefully I will be stones lighter !


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oh.. and it's my birthday on New Year's Eve too!

Still.. I reckon this year SSing is my main present to myself.

But I'm going to have to think of something else as my next main present... :D

Trouble is that as I'm not earning at all this year - all the money is courtesy of OH so I feel bad about going too mad.


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I'm actually quite pleased that I'll be SSing over Christmas...I find it quite liberating the fact that I wont be eating, so I know that I wont put on weight. I just find it easier knowing I can't eat, rather than just trying to limit my food intake, which I know I probably would struggle with. I haven't turned down any invitations...I guess in restaurants I'll just order plain chicken salad and push it around my plate a bit - it's less embarressing than just sitting there with nothing.
Good luck all, it's not an easy time of year.


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Even though I've been maintaining since February 2004, I still view the approach of Christmas with fear. I know exactly what always happens, and know it'll happen again as usual, and I feel there's little I can do to STOP it happening!

What I do try to do is some damage limitation - Christmas is but once a year, and it is but ONE DAY... too often I've fallen in the trap of starting it at the beginning of December with all the invitations etc, and go right through to New Year seemingly munching non stop.

This year WILL be different <she mutters to herself>


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I'm the same. Dreading Christmas. I love the preparation I do at school, but as soon as our concert is over, I'm ready to move on to new year.

Scared stiff at the moment about the weight. I'm another one that starts the Christmas eating and don't want to stop until new year :(

The plan was that I really cut back a few weeks before for damage limitation, but I don't even seem to be doing maintenance calories at the moment.

Going through a bad spell. Fed up...cheesed off....hate the world. to eat some worms now...need the protein I reckon.


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I am really dreading Xmas. I know I will feel really cra**y about myself because I am currently 2 and a half stone heavier than I was last Xmas. Can't seem to SS, have stuffed around ALL BL**DY YEAR!!:( No excuses all my own fault, but I wish it was different, wish I was 2 stone lighter for Xmas, instead of heavier! Oh well......:rolleyes:


It will be the first xmas without binge-food in the house. OH was diagnosed diabetic this year so no chocs for him either. So I was thinking of getting 2 Atkins chocolate bars just as a xmas day treat? One each? Dunno if it's a good idea or not, but they are low carb and sugar free. The hope is that will make it feel more like xmas without breaking ketosis?? :confused:

Gonna be a lot different, cos usually I start stocking up for it at the beginning of december (in case shops sell out of favourites) and of course once they're in we can't resist so we start eating em too and have to keep replacing??? oops! No wonder we got so big!!

p.s incase anyone wondering, no kids (well she's 22), no grandkids, in fact no children around at all. So no excuse to buy anything in this year!


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Not looking forward to Christmas all that much as hubby left me 12 days before Christmas 2 years ago and I've allowed that to make me feel sad each year... don't really care that I won't be eating much (am going to make it my AAM week).. as I do all the shopping I can control what comes into the house (to a degree).. I am looking forward to a girly day in our pj's watching dvds and falling asleep mid afternoon... apart from that, no.. Christmas is a non-event in our house almost now. I love going to Church Christmas morning and to the midnight carol communion service at midnight on Christmas Eve, but apart from that.. just another weekend really.. not even Bah Humbug... know what I mean?

Perhaps next Christmas will be better, I will be slim and on maintenance by then... and who knows.. might even have a man in tow! ;) We'll see...


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We're going to Spain for Christmas this year. It will be the first time ever that we've not been at home for Christmas. The grandchildren are pleased that they are having a "Christmas" with us, the weekend before - and so will have 2 Christmas's.
We both suffered close family bereavements in the couple of weeks before Christmas, before we met eachother, and try as we might, as soon as the decorations come out, the memories come back. I also miss my late son dreadfully at Christmastime.
So, we're going away, to experience a different sort of Christmas, hopefully the change of scene will do us good.
Ann x


Im not so much dreading christmas as Im dreading a couple of days after when I stand on the scales!! Im gonna try and be good and keep the carbs to the minimum but its gonna be extremely hard because my mum anounced that we will be going out of christmas dinner to a restaurant. I will have to just tell them to give me no spuds and roasties. Im gonna have stuffin though cause I cant have christmas without stuffing!! It just isnt possible!!! Anyways. SS after that and hopefully the only weight I will put on is glycogen!!