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Anyone else not like meat?

Sorry, I love meat, and can't understand it either. I would quite happily suck the marrow from the bone. My daughter, however, is 10, and has refused to eat meat since she was 4 years old. She says she just hates the taste. She won't eat quorn. Says what's the point in that, it tastes like meat. Thinmk it must be a matter of taste. Her sister is just like my, and will eat meat of any kind, cooked in any way, on or off the bone.
I don't like the taste of any 'red' meat so beef lamb etc. is out the window. I will eat fish, but if I come across a bone during a meal it can really put me off. Chicken is the only meat I frequently eat, and even then (because I'm always the cook) I will buy only breasts/fillets and I will cut any of the sinewy tissue (such as the line down the middle and the end) and only have what I suppose is pieces of muscle.

I love the taste of ribs, but when I come across fat or veins it can make me feel ill!

I'm a walking food nightmare!
I eat chicken and beef, but I wouldn't be too fussed about giving up meat in the main. I have to be in the mood for roast pork/pork chops and I can't abide lamb - just the smell of it makes me heave.

I have always said that my love of bacon sarnies is the only thing coming between me and vegetarianism lol.
Haha Snozzberry, I was complete veggie for about 5 years, and it was bacon that broke me!

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