Anyone else started LLL this week?

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  1. kslblue

    kslblue New Member

    Hi All
    I visit this site often but only to read everyone else's blogs. I noticed there isn't really a regular LLL blog so thought I would see if there was anyone else out there who had started this week? I hoped there would be so we can struggle through & support each other together....

    Hope to hear from you
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  3. mikeydee

    mikeydee New Member

    Yeah, I started LLL on Sunday just gone and I have my first weigh in tonight. Quite excited to see how I get on. I've found the programme not too difficult to start with - especially as my fiancée is also doing it with me.

    I got a few headaches on my second day but they have since stopped. I think it was to do with the carb withdrawal.

    How are you finding it?
  4. kslblue

    kslblue New Member

    Hi Mikeydee

    I started Monday and last night killed me as my family had my favourite pasta dish, the smell of parmesan and the sauce nearly made me cheat but I managed not to and then was fine after that.

    I don't get weighed until Saturday so will let you know how I get on. I think I had too much green tea though yesterday as I was awake for ages last night so must try to not have as many in the evening I think!

    I am also off work this week so I seem to be thinking about food more than ever - am sure when I am back at work I will have more distractions....

    Good luck with tonight's weigh in, let me know how you do
  5. mikeydee

    mikeydee New Member

    Hi KSL,

    Yeah, so had my weigh in and I lost 4lbs since Sunday! Amazing!

    My councillor suggested that if you follow the programme to the letter, then you can lose the same as fully abstinent client - 3 to 4 lbs per week.

    I think I mentioned it before, but I am doing this with my fiancée so the temptations are less at home but more at work. We are quite a sociable bunch either going out for lunches or beers after work. At the moment though I seem to be coping all right. I still go for lunch with colleagues in the staff canteen, except I just have my bar and a glass of water. Then when they go for a coffee and a cake or cookie, I just have an Americano and think of all the extra calories, carbs and fat that they are putting into their bodies that they do not need.

    It actually makes me feel so much more empowered than I have ever felt before! The fact that I am surviving on 600-1000 calories per day and not feeling *that* hungry and losing a substantial amount of weight makes me feel so much better than having a skinny latte and a chocolate brownie!

    Just remember this when you are next sitting with your soup or bar at the dinner table. This is all to do with instant and delayed gratification - which is hopefully something that your councillor will discuss with you during one of your classes.

    Instant gratification being the instant hit of how nice a certain food may be, the instant hit you may get from the chocolate bar etc. With delayed gratification, its more about how great you'll feel getting on those scales next week knowing that you will have hopefully lost 2-4lbs.

    I have never actually enjoyed a diet or programme more than Lighter Life Lite. The fact that I know that during the day I know that nothing can pass these lips than food packs and water/coffee and then I get a nice meal in the evening and I still get to be in ketosis and lose weight!

    Its totally letting me take a step back from food and address some of my food habits even before the counselling kicks in.

    Anyone else feeling like this? Or am I a bit of a freak!

    Speak soon!

  6. Catwoman38

    Catwoman38 Full Member

    Hi, i also started LighterLife Lite this week.Now on 2nd day, doing great it's not as bad as you imagine.I lost 4 stone myself but i'm stuck now and need to lose another 3, so drastic measures were needed.Keep positive we can all do it.
    Good luck to all that have started this week.
  7. kslblue

    kslblue New Member

    Hi Both
    I had a bit of a slip up my first week - agghhh! It was my son's birthday and we have been out for 2 meals with various friends and family and he had a party on Saturday so I gave into temptation - to be honest it was more the wine than the food but am determined this week, was so annoyed as by thursday I had lost 5lb but I have more or less put it back on. However I know I can do it again if I try!

    Mikeydee thanks for the tips, you are so right about the instant vs delayed gratification - really good to keep in mind. Will let you know how I get on.
  8. buddhamummy

    buddhamummy New Member

    Hi all,

    Another new LighterLife Lite starter here! Meeting last night and half way through first day today. Hunger wise feeling ok. The thai soup left me feeling quite full.

    I agree with what Mikeydee was saying about taking a step back and already thinking about my relationship with food, and really interesting reading the CBT stuff in the book, lots to think about.

    I am also loving not have to think about most of the meals too, it means i can start to focus on other things rather than food in my day.

    Wishing us all good luck and strength to stay the course!
  9. silverine10

    silverine10 Member

    Also new!

    Hi guys, I started on tuesday and so far so good. Anyone know how to make the shakes a little more palatable though? I find that most of them have a strange after taste - maybe I just need to get used to it!
  10. Diddy Drummer

    Diddy Drummer New Member

    New today!

    Hi - I have just had my first ever soup! Any tips on how to make it less lumpy:)
    Really hope this diet works!
  11. sexycinda

    sexycinda New Member

    Hi all,

    I've just switched to LLL after 2 weeks on the Cambridge Diet. I found my counsellor wasn't as supportive as I needed her to be, and to be honest, was more drawn to the wider choice of food options i.e. red meat and okra! available on LLL.

    CD was going well - I lost 6lbs in the first week, and none the 2nd, although I have literally just finished my period. My LLLC has said that I should show more of a loss next week...I really hope so! I desperately need the motivation.

    How are the rest of you finding it?
  12. sexycinda

    sexycinda New Member


    Yes, either whisk it with an actualy whisk, or mix with a bit of cold water to form a paste, then add the hot. Should help with the lump situation!
  13. Sarah8398

    Sarah8398 New Member

    I have just got through day 1 and am 2 meals into day 2. I agree that it's not half as bad as I was told it would be. I feel a tad light headed but not in the least hungry. It all takes getting used to I suppose. At least with LLL there is some normality as there's a vaguely normal meal. Getting through the weekend will be harded. Last week was a bit chaotic at the meeting so looking forward to a better one on Wednesday.
  14. Catwoman38

    Catwoman38 Full Member


    HI, ALL.
    About how to best make the shakes. Put your 400ml water into a blender/smoothie maker, add the shake packet and a whole tray of ice cubes. Wizz this up till smooth and it is fab, just like a mc.d milkshake and it makes it a longer drink to fill you up.
  15. salima

    salima Member

    [​IMG] 7th January, 2010 #4 (permalink) mikeydee
    [​IMG] 7th January, 2010 #4 (permalink) mikeydee

    Hi , Ive been thinking of starting LL , ive done W8, im a little concerned , and worried , as ive put the 2 stone back on after losing it the first time, im on WW at the moment and would like some advice on how to make the sucessfull transfer with out puting ther weight back on, Im happy to do LL and then move on to maintance, is this a good and sensible way of carrying on with life,?
  16. emilyclarke

    emilyclarke New Member

    hiya i started lighter life lite nearly three weeks ago on wednesday :) im loving the diet only like the vegetable soup out of the soups tho its lovely if you put 150 water then microwave it for a minuet (watch it because it trys to buble over lol so keep sturring it ) it goes lovely and thick xxx how is every one finding the diet any one having any side effects ??x
  17. Catwoman38

    Catwoman38 Full Member


    Hi all, i've just started my 11th week on LLL, i lost 4st before joining the class and now i've just lost 30lb in 10 wks. It really is the best diet i have ever been on, i feel great and i'm lighter than i've been in years. As for the side effects the first week or so is the hardest to get through, the only side effects i had were the hunger of course, not much energy and feeling sooo cold all the time. Once i got through that i felt fine, i feel really healthy and fit still cold but i'll put up with that for the sake of losing this last bit of weight.Good luck for your weekly weigh in, hope you have great losses keep us posted. Be positive and stay strong, visualise yourself at your goal weight and make it happen, you know you can do it. Good luck to all for their weigh ins this week.:bananalove::greenapple:
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  18. happybunny81

    happybunny81 Member

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  19. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    I have my first meeting Tuesday with LL. Waht food packs did you pick up ?
  20. happybunny81

    happybunny81 Member

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  21. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim


    Wishing you all the best for tonight at weigh in !
    Let us know how you got on ok

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