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Anyone food shop at Lidl or Aldi on SW?

I am getting a bit fed up of Tesco but do find that I can buy everything for their to see me through a SW week!!

I am not keen on Asda's fresh produce so stay away from their but as we are also trying to keep to a more strict budget, I was thinking of trying Aldi or Lidl later!!

My ? is, do you find you can get everything from Aldi or Lidl or do you still find yourself getting meat and "healthier" stuff from other places?

Just worried about replacing my muller light yoghurts with their alternatives (if they do one!!)
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From what I have read from other peoples posts, people seem to love Aldi and Lidl. I have yet to try food from these supermarkets as I dont have one near me but I tend to mix my shopping about. I get all my cupboard food from Tesco, fresh meat from Tesco or Morrisons and my fruit or veg from Somerfield. I find that I really like the quality of their fresh stuff (and im not just saying that coz I work there!!!)
Let us know if you do a shop at Lidl or Aldi and how you get on!


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I sometimes do a LIDL shop, their food is good, easy to find and nowhere near as crowded as the other supermarkets, works for me :D

I do tend though to buy the branded stuff elsewhere, only because my LIDL don't tend to stock many branded foods, but have no probs getting the fresh meat and produce from there, only pain is trying to find the £1 for the trolley ;) :D


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i get my fuit and veg from aldi not only is cheaper its fresher and lasts much longer i used to go to asda still do for tins ect but aldi and lidl are good for fresh stuff you can also get a bit of a bargain with chicken on occasion


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I buy quite a few bits in Aldi. The fruit and veg on the 49p offers are great and other stuff is reasonable too. I like their reduced fat cheese, which is very tasty, and their yoghurts are good too. There's a whole range called 'Be Light'. They have all the basics like pasta and rice, tinned things, salad, meats... It's worth a try! I still supplement it with food from other places but I get lots from Aldi :)


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Love Aldi. It's handy for me to pop in a couple of times a week on the way home from work.
Yes, I find I can buy most SW things there, I do supermarket-tart for offers tho, for instance, wherever Mullerlights are on offer I'll go there, also couldn't be without Morrisons free sausages. I use our local market for meat and pre chopped veg soup veg too.
Mind you it's a little town and luckily they're all within walking distance for me :)


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I've been using Aldi for some of my shopping for a while, but I'd never do a whole shop there. Low fat fromage frais isn't on the menu and I use it alot. I tend to get the cheap 6 veg. THEN! Yesterday I'd run out of carrots, so rather than go towards Brid I went to Lidl in Driffield. Carrots? I ended up getting practically my whole weekly shop there! Their veg looks better than Aldi and is SO cheap! The steak mince is £2 for a 500g pack and a tray of chicken breasts £3. Their roasted peppers in a jar work out quite cheap, there are about 10 for £1.49. A whole cucumber for 39p broccoli 49p. I love their jasmine rice, they used to do a big sack, but ours have stopped doing them.
I still wouldn't do my whole shop in either, Lidl has the edge, but I've almost stopped going to Tesco, they are so expensive for what I want. I get my other stuff at Morrisons, because it's my nearest supermarket and it's relatively cheap, but once every 6 weeks or so I go to asda which is 20 odd miles away and get stuff I can't get round here.Tho I could get it delivered I suppose.
Why not sign up to the supermarkets emails, then you will know what is cheap where?
Well I went to Lidl to do my shop last night and I must admit I wasn't that impressed!! I ended up spending nearly £100 and still need to get other bits from Tesco or Asda (like fromage frais!) and theres only four of us in the household!!

We eat so many own branded stuff anyway that Lidl's stuff wasn't any cheaper, if anything, I found Lidl more expensive on the basics.

Oh well, never mind, I gave it a go but back to on-line shopping at Tesco for me, I think!!

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