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anyone have to throw up (sorry TMI)

Ergh I woke up 6am being siick and...other things...Don't know what's wrong with me..
Do you take your multivitamins before bed ?? I haven't felt sick but I know there are many sickness viruses around....
I hope Jessica and Binny are better soon.....:)
I take Forceval its not on the shelves but if you ask the pharmacist they will sell you it !! a lot of multivitamins contain fish oils I was told not to touch those as they really will have a reaction on you :)
Just saying some multivitamins have fish oil in.....it was pointed out to me by the pharmacist :)
These are like horse tablets but i'm used to taking them ha ha ....and no side effects.....liquid 1's are good !!
I think I'm better now. Don't know. Better be because I have to go out later..Annoyed though because I haven't been able to exercise. ERGH!! I take multivitamins in the morning but I've been taking them for weeks and they never bothered me so it must have been something I ate..Oh well.
Thanks love. Me too..Yesterday was horrible..I didn't eat anything...Just drank loads of water..Haha..if I hadn't lost weight before..I'm sure I've lost some now. Haha.

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