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Anyone having surgery?

HI there i am due to go and see a consultant next thursday regarding a breast reduction which i cant wait for currently 38j and are very very heavy plus im only 5`4 and size 14/16 waist but my breasts make me look bigger so im hoping to lose 2/3 stone on SW and lose some "fat" on my breasts, is anyone else having any surgery of any kind?
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I'm having bunion surgery on Monday! Not weight related, but still!


Slow but sure....
No, I do need a hernia repair, but its not urgent and I have to lose weight first anyway, good luck with your breast reduction.

Good luck to you too Stacey.

I hope all goes well for both of you.
I'm having bunion surgery on Monday! Not weight related, but still!
Hope it goes well for you!
My mum had her bunion removed 2 years ago, she was told to be off for six weeks and rest the foot as much as possible, she was up and walking around within a week as she was broed lol.
I'm having both removed and off for 4 weeks. Going to still try and get a lift and hobble to SW class though!


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I see you have your priorities right Tracey!:D It's 18 months till I retire,,,,,now if I could have a hip replacement 6 months before I retire ;)
Hi Nicki,

Firstly welcome and thanks for the friend request. I am going for a mastopexy (uplift) which works in exactly the same way as the reduction as far as scarring goes.

I have my first consultation on 16 July. Have you been referred through the NHS? I have and it is nerve wracking as it really is a lottery with regards to funding approval, although in your situation I'm sure you'll be fine as I'm sure your size breasts may class as a health issue! Unfortuneately, wrinkly carrier bags need more convincing!! lol

Hope it goes well :D:D

K xx
HI Kerry
I noticed that you was having an uplift that i why i sent the request hope you dont mind would like to know how you get on.
yeah ive been referred by the NHS althougth they are sending me to a private hospital, do you know if they tell you then and there if your elgible or not?
The way I understand it is you have an initial consultation with a surgeon who will tell you whether you fit the eligibility criteria. You then have to await a further psychological consultation where they assess your reasons for doing so and whether you could mentally cope with it. The surgeon and the psychologist then send their reports to the funding department whom approve or deny based on those reports. This is my understanding for what I'm going for.

You should google it as much as you can so you know what to expect. There is so much information out there and other forums for people goign through the same situation.

Hope that helps :D

k xx
I am off to Poland this time next year for a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and if I need it (which I am sure I will) a breast uplift with implants. It keeps me on plan to be honest knowing that at the end of it I will able to achieve the results I want and having had a hysterectomy and 2 kids I know my stomach will not be how I want it to look without surgery. My friend went to Poland and has had fantastic results and over there I can get both procedures done for the price on 1 here. Roll on next June lol
what is it costing in poland? i would love a lift and tuck - not sure if i could afford it though...
I'm having a TT on the NHS next thursday.

Gosh, its come round so quick and im starting to get nervous now:eek:

So envious!! I would like a TT but if I'm honest I don't think the NHS would approve me. It's not as bad as some pics I've seen. Maybe I'll save for one :D

Good luck for next Thursday though :D :D

K xx


I will succeed!!!
I will never moan that my 36DDs are too big ever again!!! Oh my!!!

Good luck those having or wanting surgery x
what is it costing in poland? i would love a lift and tuck - not sure if i could afford it though...
It is £2040 for the TT - £2500 if you have lipo with it and £2500 for the uplift. My friends results are truly amazing so in my opinion it is worth every penny. If you want anymore details re surgeon etc message me and I will send them :)
That seems like a really good price DearFatty! Something I will consider once I'm done having kids!
Thanks for the comments and well wishes ladies - im getting more nervous by the day now.

I'm going to put some before and after pics on picture trail soon so i'll publish the details if anyone considering surgery wants to know all the gory details in real time!
I was going to ask if you would do that, but thought it may be a bit personal! lol. Great to hear you'll do it though. It helps to knoow what to expect and make an informed decision. :D

K xx
I think its important that you see 'real' pictures because a lot of the potfolio's on the surgery websites are only a handful of the results and are handpicked.

They only show you the before and the after once everything has been healed. They dont show you the scarring, bruising, swelling etc and i think thats an important factor to consider when making a decision to have surgery.

I'm going to do my pics for before, a few days after the op and then weekly until i reach 8 weeks so hopefully i will be able to track the changes and see the healing process in 'real time' :cool:

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