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Anyone high 9 stone and wants to get to low 9's?


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Hey, I am JUST in the 9s and really want to get below 9 stone 7lbs. I haven't been that weight for a couple of years (only myself to blame) but feel most comfortable around that weight..... unfortunately, it always seems like the toughest last bit to lose! Anyone care to join me...? :wave_cry:
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Me too. Have been hovering between 135-139lbs for a while now, even though I run 6 miles a day and do some strength training. I'm just not budging. I have joined the August Challenge too, so hopefully this WILL be the month when the last few lbs disappear. Good luck!
Hi, me too! I'm currently 9st 6 but have been here before and go straight back up to 10st 4 if I'm not careful, I'm quite short with a small frame so look heavy at over 10st. I had a bit of a wobble last week and went completely off plan, I've been too scared to weigh myself ever since! I'm determined to get back on it and get to low 9's! : )


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I'll join you all. I'm 4ft 11in and would love to be about 9st 2lbs but currently I'm 9st 13lb and sometimes on naughty days I go up to 10st 2lbs which drives me mad lol. Ive been as low as 9st 5lbs before on slimming world so I know I can do if I persevere :D
Ok, so I weighed in this morning to see the damage the sweets I had last week did (and a LOT of alcohol at a wedding), I put on 4lbs :( my own fault I know, am determined to do sw 100% this week! How is everyone else getting on?


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kittyboo said:
Ok, so I weighed in this morning to see the damage the sweets I had last week did (and a LOT of alcohol at a wedding), I put on 4lbs :( my own fault I know, am determined to do sw 100% this week! How is everyone else getting on?
I bet that will come off really quickly though. You just need a couple of good days. I had a really good week but then had friends over on Saturday and stuffed my face! At least a wedding is a good excuse - almost impossible to be good and you can't be worrying about dieting xx
Been good all day - totally syn free I must add then went and had a takeaway for tea because I didnt get in till late lol. Oh well tomorrow is a new day so hopefully I will behave myself lol.
Can I join? At my biggest I was nearly 12 stone. I am currently tryin to get to 9 stone, was that before xmas, had a medical problems, IBS which has messed my eating up. Im not going to classes, just doing it online and with books.

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Hi all I'd love to join this. I'm not following SW anymore but the forums & threads from SW are so great I hope I can still post. I weighed in this morning at 9st11.25 which I'm very pleased about. I have my current goal as 9st7 but may change it when I get there....depends how easy it is & how good I feel! :)
Can I join!?

I've JUST hit 9.13 today after a massive struggle with trying to get back into the 9s! I got to 9.7 a few years ago with SW, went off plan & put on. Then I joined WW, got to 9.9, went off plan and got to 10.4 & just couldn't shift anything!
So 2 weeks back on SW- 2 losses & I can see the 9s again!
Woohoooooo! :)

Fingers crossed I can stay in here & move down quickly!!

Hi all, welcome and congratulations on the weight loss. Had wi this morning and am now 9.7 so am half way there! V pleased, I have a holiday in 2 weeks so am hoping to shift another few pounds before I get in a bikini! I made a lovely spiced parsnip soup the other day, syn free. Just parsnips, onions, veg stock, paprika and a small pinch of chilli powder. Simmered for 25 mins then blended. Was lovely and got me through lunches all week!
Hope everyone is chipping away at the nines! I've been up and down into the 10s for the last couple of weeks but finally got to 9.11 today so feel I am waving 10s goodbye from a safe distance! Do feel it is flipping hard work though around this weight so any tips would be good. I am scan branning everyday and also exercising like a demon!! X
Hi all can i join too?

im currently 9 7.5 at my last wi yesturday and am trying to get to 9 5.5 at least but ive been doing slimming world since dec so am getting a bit bored of trying to lose weight. These forums are really good at keeping us motivated i love reading everyones stories

im doing the slimming world express success thing for few days in the hopes it shifts the last couple lbs x

hi folks i would like to join you aswell.... ive been in high 9's for ages and just wanted to be plain old 9 stone. i weighed today and ive tipped up to 10 stone which im devo'd about but hey with your support i can get back down again and hopefully get to 9stone soon



Hello! Well done - great losses. Will be interested on how u go with success express. I do sw from home so haven't heard much about it

ill let you know hun it seems pretty guarded for some reason at the class when i asked about it it was like id asked about something top secret lol
Lydiahoyle said:
It is difficult when u get in the 9s I find it hard to keep it off, when here I only need to look at sweets and I have gained 10 lb! I really want to see just under 9 in a few months, then I will be overjoyed. If I can get under 9 I will feel happier if I gained a pound or 2 where as now I am desperate to reduce the numbers on the scale!
I know exactly what you mean, I love being in the 9's but if I let things slip even a tiny bit I'm back in the 10's. 10st4 seems a very comfortable place for me but I'm not comfortable there!! I would love to be 9st5! Like you say it slows down as well. I also think that when I get into the 9s I get a bit more slack & have more off days/treats than I would do! Just think though if you lose it at a low & steady pace you're less likely to gain it all back & you'll possibly find the good habits are more ingrained. That's what I'm hoping anyway!!

I've just had 2 weeks off plan as I'd injured myself, was off & exercise, bored & feeling sorry for myself - great combo!! However I gained approx 3lb which I can't be upset about & I managed to stay in the 9s, definitely not upset about that! Hopefully they'll be less of me next week:)
I'm just in the 9s at 9st 13.8.
My first mini target was to get under 10st so ive done that.
Next mini target is 9st 7 then onwards and downwards!
I'd like to end up in the low- middle 8s. Have set my ticker as final target of 8st but we'll see how it goes.