Anyone in the 11 stone bracket want support to get down to the 10s?

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Through the stones to your zone' started by krupskaya, 23 March 2011.

  1. krupskaya

    krupskaya Well-Known Member

    Following on from the success of the 12s down to 11s thread, I wondered if there was anyone who wants help to get down into the 10stone bracket? I WI at 11st 5lbs today and simply cannot wait till I smash through into the tens! I haven't been that weight for donkeys years.

    All aboard the 10 stone express!:)
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  2. Aileen

    Aileen Well-Known Member

    Me, me!!

    Ive just restarted after a few months off due to life getting in the way. When i started last time i was just a few lbs into the 12s and got half way through the 11s and have only put a few lbs on.

    So when i started again on monday i was 11st 8.5lbs. Hoping to get back into the 10s in teh next 4 weeks :)
  3. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    I have been hovering in the mid 11's for eternity! I soo want to see at 10 at the begining of the scales soon!! :)
  4. LV30

    LV30 Well-Known Member

    Me too!!

    Count me in on this little escapade...

  5. applejack1pie

    applejack1pie Well-Known Member

    count me in on this one, last thurs weigh in was 12st so i want to get to 11 st asap to get me ready for summer hoping to lose about 3.5lbs this week to make it a 1 stone shiny for me this thurs . fingers crossed! plus ive made a pact with myself that i can have a sugared ring doughnut on each stone lost .... cant wait ..........mmmmmm d,nuts!!
  6. krupskaya

    krupskaya Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard all you lovely laydeez - we'll see that magic 10 in no time at all! Good luck for those yet to WI this week, mine was this morning. I figure if I lose a pound a week, it'll take me six weeks to break into the 10 stone bracket. Can't wait! When does everyone else WI?
  7. LV30

    LV30 Well-Known Member

    Wednesday is my WI day - i weigh this evening.

    Oh i hope i've lost - it's been a little bit up and down of late...
  8. ames

    ames Well-Known Member

    Me!! I can't wait to be in the 10st bracket!:D
  9. krupskaya

    krupskaya Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard Ames and good luck for tonight Lynne!
  10. Amy2249

    Amy2249 Well-Known Member

    Me me me and me. 11lb to go!!
  11. Claracluck9

    Claracluck9 Well-Known Member

    Me please! Started at 12st 7 and down to 11st 9 now but think the next bit will be harder! X
  12. LifesDesire

    LifesDesire Well-Known Member

    Count me in i was 11st 12.5lbs last week, my next weight in is tomorrow evening, wish me luck! :)
  13. krupskaya

    krupskaya Well-Known Member

    Welcome Aileen, Nattymo, LV30, Applejack, Ames, Amy and Claracluck - all on board the 10 stone express! We'll do it girls!:girlpower:

    I'm thinking the same thing, so it would be great if we can support each other.:grouphugg:Anyone else? The more the merrier!:party0023:
  14. applejack1pie

    applejack1pie Well-Known Member

    happy and dissapointed tonight 3lbs off :) but 1/2lb away from 1 stone award! :( but set a challenge to lose 4.5lbs this week how evil am i to myself that will give me club 10 and 1 stone award! wish me luck im going to be a sweaty betty i think this week lol
  15. Blaze

    Blaze is a tasty crumpet

    Count me in too, please!

    I started off at 11st 11lb (after coming down from 12st 8lb on Weightwatchers). After my first week, I'm 11st 8.5lb but I think I'll have either stayed the same this week or put on 0.5lb, but it's my star week so I don't mind. ;)
  16. bouncer

    bouncer Member

    :grouphugg::grouphugg:best of luck to all of you i just stared in jan was 11stone 12 and im now 10 stone 8!!!!! cant wait now to see 9<<<<<<<
  17. dirtydancing

    dirtydancing Well-Known Member

    i weigh in on wednesday and put a lb on i am 11st 1lb and have been hovering for a while not been this weight in years. am hoping to see into the 10s next week.
  18. krupskaya

    krupskaya Well-Known Member

    Applejack and Dirtydancing - Almost there. Not long now!

    Well done Bouncer - can't wait till I'm in your shoes! Onwards and downwards peeps!
  19. Lilyb

    Lilyb Well-Known Member

    Me Me Me!! Nearly there, I started at 12 stone (and half a pound!) and now I'm 11 stone 1 so only 0.5lbs to get my stone shiny and 1.5lbs to see the 10 stone bracket!!! I WI next tuesday and am a woman on a mission this week, plenty of fluids, exercise and superspeedy foods in the hope that it might say 10 something on the scales next week!!!!
  20. krupskaya

    krupskaya Well-Known Member

    Good luck Lily! Make sure you let us know how you get on.

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