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Anyone living in Surrey?

Hi all,

I am waiting to hear if I will be starting Xenical and wondered if anyone lived near me?

It would be great to have some "real life" support from someone going through the same thing - Also to give them support too :)

Hope to hear from someone?

Have a lovely weekend all,

LiSe Xxxx
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Hi Lise, I'm way too far away. :D
Thanks for the replies x

I am beginning to think I am the only one who lives down South :confused:

Either that, Or no-one wants to speak to me :( lol

LiSe x
No one wants to speak to you :D LOL!
Sadly, I think you`re right!!!!! :(:rolleyes:
No not really, unlike myself I suspect most members will be on the board in the evening SS.
Hola again,

I was just about to ask where you were from, Then noticed it is in the bla on the left ;)

I see from your pic, You have had an amazing loss of weight - Well done! :D What diet are/were you on?

I have managed to lose 21lbs loosely following my own version (!) of WW and exercising daily on the Wii Fit :)
Then I plataeued (Sp?) so sort of gave up :rolleyes:

I think you read my previous ramble on the newbie thread about currently seeing the Dr for tests etc for cholesterol/thyroid problems etc.

I have my bloods on Weds, And depending on the results, May start on Xenical.

Either way, I hope I start losing weight again soon!

Hope you had a great weekend,

LiSe Xxx
Hi Jo & Welcome :)

I live in Camberley, Whereabouts are you?

Good luck with your weight loss

LiSe x
I'm in Woking, not far at all! I used to live in Camberley and my nan still lives there so always over that way. I see you've already lost 21lbs well done u! thats amazing! how are u getting on with it? xxxxx
Kewl! Not far at all :bliss:

Where in Camberley were you? I live near town :)

Thanks re the 21lbs :D I am still :eek: that I managed it lol

Sadly, It didn`t last :( So I may start Xenical sometime soon as I have other health issues that are not helping my weight loss!

Do you work? I am a SAHM and my youngest is 3 yrs old. She goes to nursery 2 full days a week though, So I am looking to going swimming when I can pluck up the courage :sigh: I`ll get in and the water will get out :rolleyes: LOL

It is great to find someone "local", None of my friends need to diet, refuse to go swimming etc.

Speak soon,

LiSe xXxx
I used to live just off the Frimley Road, nr the Esso pertrol staion.
How long did it take to lose 21lbs? I'll be over the moon if i achieve that!
I have a 3 year old boy who goes to nursery 5 mornings and have been SAHM since having him, starting a full time job in a few weeks as a carer, going to be doing 4 nights, 10 hours each! which i hope i can manage!
None of my friends need to diet either, my sister who is 11 months younger than me is a size 6 and my best friend is a size 10... v unfair! but neither have children so there time will come haha!
If you want to go swimming (brings me out in a sweat thinking about it!) we can go together, i will if u will kind of thing haha

jo x
Small world eh?! I grew up in Frimley.

Eeek @ nights :eek: I did that for 6 months and it was a killer! I figured I could catch up on sleep in the day, But it never really happened and I would just plod off to work exhausted. Whereabouts will you be working? I was a night hotel receptionist and worked 11-7 on my own.

The weight loss amazingly only took a couple of months - Say 2-3 ? I worked over xmas for some pocket money and I think that was the catalyst so when I realised I had lost the weight it spurred me on to continue. I did 30 mins on the Wii Fit every day and went on a low fat diet.

I am hoping that by having a break after stopping losing, My body will start losing again. I am more than likely going to have to start taking cholesterol tablets which will mean giving up feeding my little girl, in which case I have told the Dr I would like to try the Xenical too.

I think the fact that I HAVE lost weight myself already and that I have medical conditions that hinder my weight loss ( I have an underactive thyroid and PCOS) and that I need to get healthy will mean that my Dr will let me try them. If they don`t work out, I can always stop right?

Oh to be a size 6 or 10 - What is that?? I don`t think I know? :rolleyes: lol

We should meet up for a brew and a chat sometime, I have the children from hell home for Easter, So would have to be after - Not sure if you can do that if you`re working nights?

Speak soon,

LiSe Xxx
The work is local and i'll be doing 9pm - 7am eeek! I am allowed sleep when the patient is asleep so that will help loads! Also looking at putting my son in nursery 2 full days so i can get some decent sleep. Looking around a nursery tomorrow so hopefully i will like it!

Yeah a brew sounds good, altho it'll have to be without milk and sugar as of 2moro haha, as I am starting Lipotrim, sounds ideal for me, so fingers crossed it works! Yeah after the hols is good for me, prob a monday is best as i'm not working sunday nights

jo x

Yeah i'm sure the doc will give u them especially as u have other conditions making it harder for u. You're right after having a break u will def start losing again.
Smaller world than you think, having spent 3 Years in Para Reg and 22 in the RAOC I'm no stranger to Frimley Green.
LOL, it can be, and there was Lise thinking no one wanted to talk to her ;)
Yep, she's in for a shock when she logs on to night.

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