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ANYONE ON SS+ come and join ......

Hey everyone -
dunno whether you would be interested in having a ss+ thread for the ones who are on it either for this week or pemanently.

thought I would separate it from the SS'ers only because I didnt want to rub their noses in it really that I could have a 4th shake and food 'legally'.

I decided to do ss+ after a few blips for the last few weekends and thought it is going to take me forever to get to goal this way.

Dont mind doing the scenic route every now and again, but it was turning into the long long way round and was forever playing catch up.

So thought I would start this thread as Im on ss+ from now till goal on 31st July and thought anyone else on here could post ideas of what food they were having each day and how they are coping with it.

I had chicken mushroom and cottage cheese grilled on sunday and have to say was ok but wasnt overly impressed, as Im not a great lover of cottage cheese, but the rest was nice.

Did a 4 shake day and milk yesterday so am due to have food tonight.

Am so pleased having the safety net of the 4th shake or meal has been quite liberating and the need to sneaky pick at hard boiled eggs or chicken has gone.

Look forward to hearing all your meal ideas and how you are all getting on - also with weekly losses aswell as it always comes up on the boards of differences of losses between SS and SS+


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Hey Jess..
Great idea, thanks so much for starting this thread... Your doing fab... It will be good to share food ideas too..

I started doing ss+ after my week break (which I was so scared to have) but once I did it I loved it.. and have never looked back.. I love being able to sit with my husband for dinner and feel slightly normal again....

I am so boring havent had anything exciting. I have had chicken with lettuce and cucumber or chicken & lettuce and mushrooms or tuna and cucumber and lettuce... How sad am I.. but its still nice to be eating..

Thanks again Jess...... xxx


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I've been on SS+ since the second week (am now in week 8) and have found it so much easier than SS. I really appreciate the fact that I can have a normal meal and it makes social events much easier to deal with as I can normally make a sensible selection from a menu etc. I don't find it's affected my weight losses at all as at weigh-in number 7 I'd lost a total of 2st 3lb, so feel I'm bang on target for achieving my end goal!
i do ss and ss+ im aiming to have maybe 2 ss+ meals a week and that seems to be enough atm, cdc said this is ok to have a ss+ meal when i need it, it stops me from eating something naughty on the days when i am hungry. so can i join even tho im not ss+ 100% it may change soon to 100% tho as its soooo nice to eat! lol how do u all prevent yourselves from being bored on ss+ tho?


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I've been on SS+ since the second week (am now in week 8) and have found it so much easier than SS. I really appreciate the fact that I can have a normal meal and it makes social events much easier to deal with as I can normally make a sensible selection from a menu etc. I don't find it's affected my weight losses at all as at weigh-in number 7 I'd lost a total of 2st 3lb, so feel I'm bang on target for achieving my end goal!
Thats good to know, re the losses are similar to ss. Thanks for sharing that. x:D
Great thread Jess, Dont have much time coz working but will be back later. Jess, Im happy your sticking to it till goal. It is somewhat liberating isnt it? Your doing great!

I will be back to ss next week but will be "plusing it" every 6th week(like the old way) this is best for me.

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can see the end in sight!
i am not ss+ing at the moment, but probably will after glasto in 3 weeks, who knows. i think it's a great plan (but 2 tablespoons of salad? impossible!) and really works for me too. meal ideas would be great!

i also controversially think that waiting 12 weeks before having a ss+ or 810 week is too long for me. Every 4 to 6 weeks for me.
I have always been following ss+ either 4 pack and milk or 3 and meal and found it worked out good for me (even though I have had a blip over may, but planned:p)

I have restarted ss+ 4 shakes and milk for this week, but will be back onto ss+ 3 and meal soon enough as it works out lovely so I feel like I am joining in with the family meals, quorn goes a longggg way on ss+ it was a staple in my journey and have stocked up again love the stuff heehe

loking forward to reading all your ideas;)

I am starting SS+ tomorrow..I wanted to start SS but my CDC advised me to start on SS+ to see what it was like. I am looking foward to starting the CD and can't wait to see the weight coming off..:)
Hey everyone - had to nip off for a snooze and shift this banging headache and am pleased to report it has gone - am back to my normal bouncing tigger self - ;) Oh god I hear you all cry!!!!!

anyway would like to say Im really glad have had some replies and we can all keep each other going.

Curly - am so glad you have stayed on ss+ and spoken so positively about it. I think there is the real worry about eating again after ssing and the worry that the weight loss will halt and also being scared of 'real' food. Its fab that you have still lost on it and it hasnt made a difference whether you have been ssing or ss+ing. its reassuring for people who are in 2 minds (me included) x

bmthsue - ditto for you really great to have positive feedback also about the fact that it fits in socially as this diet is great but SS can be so isolating at times and I know I have felt on occasion like the 'freak on the diet' and have ended up having blips due to wanting to feel 'normal'. x

Kate - thats what Im hoping for meal ideas to prevent me from getting bored as its the kiss of death for me on a diet when I get bored! x

Nikki lovely to see you here x

Denise you can pop in and out when you are on your ss+ week will be lovely having you on here too aswell as the hour by hour x

Mini - not sure about swapping between the two pehaps a CDC can help x

Eyeontheprize - they used to do it every 5th week (in the olden days) dunno why they swapped it to 12 weeks possibly to do with LL being introduced as competition and they abstain for 12 weeks. look forward to you being on here x

keep going girls we can do this

I'll join in here as well!!

My first week i did SSing lost 6.5lbs , started to struggle into the second week so decided to SS+, lost 6.5lbs. :party0049: Ive done week 3 SS+ing and not had official weigh in but lost about 3 or 4lbs, decided to re try SSing on saturday and have lasted 3 days but feeling really crap :cry: and know that if i dont sort myself out i'll do a massive binge and what would the point in that be!! So im going back to SS+ing. It seems to have worked the last week so if it means that i'll take a weeeee bit longer for getting to goal then so be it!!! i also dont want to get to goal and then freak out at the thought of eating!

So im off to tescos to buy some quorn and try that. Tried tofu last time and yuck! not for me!!

Wee thing i tried also for something different was a chicken breast sliced like a kiev down the side, opened it up - added some cottage cheese in the middle, sprinkle of the boulion stuff, some sliced mushrooms aswell then 'parcelled it up' and baked in the oven, it was really nice!! ........meant there was even some 'gravy' from the juice!! - i baked it in an oven proof dish lined with tinfoil with the chicken 'sealed' inside , this probably speeded up the cooking time. YUMMY!!


aw Jess how can you not love the cottage cheese? I loves it, but then I love most food. I have no food shame.

I just had Quorn and stirfried lettuce. Yum!

I also love tofu but would want it with Soy sauce and spring onions which aren't allowed. *sigh*


Also quick question I dunno if its a restart thing but I'm STAAAARVING. Well a bit hungry.

Le sigh.

waiting til 5:30 for third and final shake. Away to have coffee/tea in the interim


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I think we will get to love the food that we are allowed. I'm having cottage cheese,mushrooms and a little salad tonight. I might try the chicken kiev idea, could even add coriander to that too. Mmmmm my tummy is groaning now! Quorn recipes pls, anyone? xx
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hey people great ideas may try the cotage cheese in the chicken may be nicer than on top of the mushroom. Not today though am having a 4 shake and milk day.

Shane 0704 sorry not mentioned you earlier we must have cross posted. Good luck for tomorrow x

Leaving the fat suit - glad to see you decided to ss+ rather than binge. glad it has worked for you aswell 6.5lbs in a week is pretty impressive x

Lexie - quorn and stirfried lettuce - an interesting combination!


I don't split my shakes, I like to drink them BIG and hearty at 500ml per time at meal times. So I make them with double water, tried splitting the shakes initially but wasn't for me.

Stir fried lettuce is lovely! so is stir fried cucumber! you can make lettuce soup too, but obv not on SS+ given the quantities of lettuce allowed. Supposedly helps you sleep.

Next week am going to pick up some tenderstem broccoli or some curly kale for stirfries. Or maybe some asparagus.

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