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Anyone on week 9ish and getting hungrier by the day

Is it just me or is anyone else coming up to week 9 and starting to feel hungrier by the day??
Im not sure whether it is doing to much excercise :character00116:(i feel good just hungry) as i am doing 10k one day and 20k the next, i don't think i have lost either this week, i will find out monday, but i am soooo hungry, yesterday i went to bed early because of it and i will probably be doing the same tonight, but i don't know how long i can go on like this, it's nothing to do with child and adult voices it's real hunger, drinking does'nt seem to be helping either!!Any advice from more experienced girlies or boys would be gratefull, thanks Eve.
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Sorry Angel, I've not been affected like this. Hope that it doesn't last for you - it could be the exercise I suppose ... hopefully someone will be along with more answers soon.

I've noticed at time goes on I get hungrier & suspect that it is that I'm more active. When I feel I need more (but cant have it!) I have a cup of swiss marigold & feel better, like I've had an extra pack! May work but worth a try?
Thanks for your replys,
Cath you are like an angel,
insearchof thanks but what on earth is swiss marigold, do you mean the savour drink powder?
and Mrs Lard, thank you i have had a read and at least i know that i am not on my own on this, im off to have a read of your blog now for inspiration!! thank you all...

Mrs Lard

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Hi Angel

You are DEFINITELY not alone! You will see from my blog just what an angel Cath is!

Here's the Swiss Marigold info (cheaper than LL savoury drinks) but not officially allowed - I found this out from fellow bloggers:

Marigold (brand) Swiss Vegetable Bouillon powder.
I use the reduced salt version. I used to buy it from Fresh &
Wild in London but you can get it from supermarkets.

Look at the carbs content but I make up a drink with
no more than 2 teaspoons and haven't come out of ketosis. It lasts for ages; it's basically a vegetable stock. Nigella swears by it (for cooking)!!

Good luck. Let us know how you are feeling in the next few days.

Mrs L xxxxxxx


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Aww thanks Angel, that's a lovely thing to say x


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I felt the same last week & I was on week 9, but you have to fight those feelings, they will pass.
I don't feel as bad or as hungry anymore.
I'm back on track again, thanks to everyone here.

I like the marigold boullion & drink it when I feel I need something extra, I also use the sweet drink flavouring in carbonated water & it's like lemonade or fizzy drinks.
If we go to a pub, this is what I drink.

I hope you get past this hunger point in the diet, you just need to keep busy, to help keep your mind off of it.

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