Anyone tried the No Sweat Diet?


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Hi Everyone
I'm trying to find a good diet system that isn't going to cost me the earth. My Dr suggested one to me which took blood tests and then wrote a special menu based on your bloodwork, but it was $700! Way out of my price range. I've tried so many things and just feel like I'm throwing good money after bad. I've found this one called No Sweat Diet which is $25 (more like what I can afford) but I don't know anything about it. Has anyone tried it, or know anything about it? It sounds good, but I want to be sure before I try it.
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I suggest you find a new doctor! And then just follow a healthy eating diet like WW, SW (classes in some parts of the US or online) or calorie counting. We have several US members in the SW section if you are looking or their perspective.


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Looking online it seems to be one of those meal delivery services, the cheapest plan being $25.99 per day, which will cost you over $700 per month, so no cheaper than the blood diet suggested by your doctor.

The website does say that they offer a free consultation.

Like Circles, I would suggest joining a slimming club like WW or SW (I'm SW) I'm not sure how much it is per week in America, but in the UK it costs me £4.95 per week, and of course with that you have the support of your representative and the members of your group. The website is a huge source of info as well if you join an online only plan.

But with everything, it's down to personal choice, if you would find it easier your meals delivered then maybe it would be worth it to achieve your goal. Just don't replace weight worries with money ones with a really expensive plan.