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Anyone up?


Restart 3/9/2013
Just made the first 999 call of my life! Got woken up by the neighbours having the most tremendous row - lots of banging and her screaming and screaming at him to get off her and to get out. Kept getting flashbacks of that awful ad where the neighbours sit and listen to the couple fighting next door and never do anything until its too late...

Couldnt live with something like that on my mind :( Police are there now I think - I am sat in my bedroom in the dark with the laptop because I dont want them to know its me who called the police. How pathetic am I?

Feeling quite shaken up tho and just had to go and give my baby girl a big cuddle (she was asleep and wasnt amused)
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Step away from the chips!
(((hugs))) the people who live across the way from us sometimes have the most horrendous fights. Its really scary :(

Hope you get back to sleep soon - i've just got in from work so need a while to wind down :D


Restart 3/9/2013
Yeah I can understand that - used to work shifts and always needed time to wind down afterwards, even if I finished on a late and had to be up for an early the next day.


Step away from the chips!
Has evreything quietened down now?


Restart 3/9/2013
yeah. Think the police are still there but darent go and look out of the bedroom window!!!

Im such a wimp...


Step away from the chips!
Hopefully things will stay peaceful now.

Right, my bed is calling me lol so i shall bid you goodnight x


Resident geek
aaw honey.. sorry you've had a distrubed night.. hopefully it will all clear up.. and well done on phoning 999..

x x


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Hope everything is ok after last night? Did you manage to get back to sleep?


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hope it all got sorted out last night.

on a much less frightening note i've realised i live on a road of law breakers. came home yesterday to find two cars on the street clamped for not paying their car tax. were there any other cars in the area clamped that i could see? no...

abz xx


Restart 3/9/2013
Hi all

Well the police left next door just before 3 this morning. So managed to drift off just after that, only to be woken by Policeman at 7am asking me to give a statement.

Seems the boyfriend was arrested last night when they arrived, and they stayed then with her to sort her out and get her full statement etc. Apparently its "over" this time but only time will tell. Looks like it will probably go to court tho - I think (i may be wrong) but didnt the law change a while ago so that they can now prosecute for domestic violence even if the victim doesnt want to press charges?

Needless to say I am quite tired this morning...and busy day ahead so no chance of a nap either!


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I had neighbours like that and they lived above me. It is the scariest thing ever. I didn't think twice about calling the police though as I had a vision of the place getting quiet all of a sudden and then droplets of blood falling on my head.

I hope you make up for your loss of sleep later.

Have a good day.

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