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Anyone with or had 10+ stones to lose????


i will be slim
Hi everyone....................

anyone got loads to lose?

when i started i had 13stone to lose and thats just to get down to what i was before (could do with more)

im 5 stone down and still got 8 stone to go.....:cry:
not even half way...

but i will do it this time;)

anyone else out there....who is in same or simlar position to me???
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i will be slim
Hey nixterjoe.... how you doing?

this site is brilliant you will really enjoy it.

7 stone hun....will do it together......

when did u start?


i will be slim
Hi welshcake and roziee.....:D

Welshcake well done hun u doing really well.

Roziee hun i had 13 stone to lose when i started....:(

u will do it...:D

what days do you both do?



i will be slim
Will do it together it is very daunting ive been overweight since i was 14 im 33 now....and i just got bigger and bigger...

my heavest ive been is 32stone....

i started this at 30st

im now 24st 11lbs

its so hard and i still think bloody hell ive still got 8 stone to go:eek:

but i need to do it im sick of feeling like poo and looking like poo and random people staring at me and calling me names:cry:

its hard but we will do it

a stone is 4 weeks is amazing well done


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I do EE.. Not had a good day today and been eating silly things. So stupid of me as I only have a lb to go till my 2.5 stone mark..


i will be slim
Roziee thats the type thing i do ...half pound to go before an award the it goes pete tong....

just think the next week u will lose more i no it dont help now but just think week after u will lose more than normal thats how i think.

nearly 2.5 stone is fantastic you should be really proud.

i do normally red days, ive done them for last 4-5months but ive changed to green for next month or so to see if that makes a difference.

welshcake half stone a month you should be happy plus a hol too:D

i aint been away for 6years coz of me weight april next year i go way and sept and i cant wait 8 stone to lose before then though:eek:


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Yeah you're right. Been in such a blah mood for the last 2 days but will be right as rain in the morning.

I've been overweight from birth lol weighed 9 lbs!


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I've lost 3.5 stone - got another 7 to go ....

Onwards and downwards.

I just have to take every day as it comes .... such a long way to go but I didn't get to 24 stone over night nor will i get to target overnight ... but more importantly nor would i want to.

The effort is worth it knowing i'd never go back there.

Welcome and good luck xx


Minimin Addict
I have 11.5 to lose, I lost 18lbs in the first 6 weeks but some stuff has happened and i'm pretty much back to where i started now. Rejoining group soon hopefully. Good luck everyone x
ME! I need to lose, well, I haven't decided on how much yet but more than 10 stone anyway! Probably more like 15 :wave_cry:

I have lost 13.5lbs so far in 4 weeks. I am not unhappy with that of course but I am finding I have a good loss followed by a disappointing loss and so on.

I am determined to be in it for the long haul this time, it is now or never.

Nice to know I am not the only one with lots to lose xx
It's really nice to meet people in the same boat! I thought it was only me in the 10+ category! I need to lose 11, so far have done 2.5 stones. It is a journey isn't it, I think we have to take each as it comes, each meal in fact!
Keep going everyone, let's do it together, step by step xx
Im another one :D -I started at 23st4lbs and Im now 12st 13.5lbs and there is NOTHING that is going to stop me getting to target :p. I plan on getting to the top end of my healthy weight range (11st1lb) and deciding from there how much lower I want to go.. so not quite 2st to go for now.

Good luck to everyone -it really can be done -trust me I have done more "diets" than I care to think about and SW is definitely the one for me
ooh and if anyone is interested we have a thread in the team section "queen size to princess" and most of us started with 7st+ to shift