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I've had some old freinds around tonight and they were joking about when we were at Uni together I couldn't finish a large bigmac meal, I always used to leave most of my chips.
Now if I go to McDonalds if I'm not being healthy I can quite happily have a large bigmac meal and extra, e.g. chicken nuggets, mozarella sticks and gobble all of it!

So my question is has anyone managed to successfully reduce there appetite? Because if I could only eat what I used to when I was thinner then loosing weight would be alot easier!!
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That's a hard one - I would say that I definately eat a lot less now I am on SW than before. I think because I know I can eat, I don't have to.

However, if someone put a Big Mac and all the extras in front of me, I would find it very hard to stop. If it's on the plate I have to eat it.

I know when we go out for meals, some people will eat half their meal and push the rest round the plate. I've never been able to sdo that and still can't!

In answer to your question, I am satisfied with what I currently eat, and it is a lot less than it used to be, but the piggy in me is always still lurking inside.


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Hi there

After many years I have found that my appetite has shrunk -or it may just be that I have learn't to listen to my body :eek:. Even as a child I have been able to eat "a pea more than a pig" :p -I had NO off switch and could always make room for "something nice" ;)
When I first started SW my portions were big -but not excessive, Im now at a point where if I have say pasta I only manage 50g dry weight (and thats a bit much now) - jacket potato I only manage 1 that is approx 100g raw weight -Trust me, at one time I wouldn't even have put the remoska on for a spuddly that small :p...What I do often do though is have 1/2 grapefruit before my main meals -about 30mins before I eat so it has time to register in my head that I have eaten-then when it comes to meal times I eat an awful lot less...
The main thing I started doing is telling myself that I would have smaller meals -afterall, if Im still hungry later I can get something else later -thing is that "later" doesn't usually come :p
Hope you find that your appetite shrinks too....


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My apetite has shrunk but that doesn't stop me over eating sometimes by 'not leaving anything on my plate' or having 3 courses in a restaurant even though I am full after the mains.

Those ingrained ways from childhood are hard to shift.


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S: 13st4lb C: 9st9lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 3st9lb(27.42%)
Hmmm, it's bizarre isn't it really? I like the half a grapefruit before meals idea... I might do something similar with superfree soup as a starter maybe :)