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April starter

I have been browsing the forum since I began on April the 7th. It is quiet but maybe because of people like me wanting inspiration without offering any input. So here I am.
I had five stone to lose which is now four but planning to lose last stone without VLCD. I am doing total solution but instead of food week I am allowing myself to eat on the occasional night out. Having to drive to stop myself drinking though.

Start : 14-7
Current : 13-6
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As someone who's been on it a little while now how are you finding it? At the moment I'm still excited by trying out new food packs, but I'm wondering if it gets a little monotonous after a while? Are you keeping to your favourites or making sure you're keeping things varied?

Well done on your first stone off!!

I only have shakes, there are none I dislike and I mix them up in a box and pick randomly. I have them really thick and drink slowly. I worry that if I eat meals I have something to compare and something to miss.
I ordered a mixed shake pack as I'm wanting to try more flavours. I think they're the better option, though I'm trying lots of different things to find things I like to keep it mixed up. But I'm pretty sure within a week or two I'll be putting lots of things on eBay and sticking with the shakes and angel delight type pudding!
Starting the month 13 stone 5, and a size 18. Hoping to lose 10 to 14lbs this month and be a size 16. Really need to start exercising but stuck between spending money on gym gear or waiting till my old gear fits. Diet going ok but have a night out on Friday one of three planned for the month so will need willpower Saturday.
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Rea Cat

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I understand the pressure - I have a few things planned this month that I'm now dreading a little and have spent ages scouring the menus for the leanest, diet friendly but still tasty options for food already and have resigned myself not to drink!

I'm sure you'll make your goal. Maybe eBay or sports direct for one cheap workout outfit for the month? Worth it if it helps hit the goal!
Not weighing myself this week till Monday as I have a meal out tonight and the scales always impact by motivation. Otherwise the diet is going ok with the exception of I have been put on medicine that have sucrose and fructose so having quite a few hunger pains.
Rea - have managed to squeeze in a pair of Lycra bottoms and large t-shirt to cover the squeeze so hitting the gym just no bending over.

Rea Cat

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Glad you've squished into something! You'll see it working when you don't have to squish in quite so much (and can bend over!)
Meal wasn't too bad, my allergies are playing up so have very little taste buds so that has helped. Exante sent me four eggs and bacon in my shake pack and has been the only thing I have not been able to digest so may try again today lack of smell and taste might make it semi edible.

Rea Cat

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I find not breathing through my nose while I'm trying to eat (difficult but achievable) helps with the things I don't like the taste of. Texture is a whole different battle but it's do-able. I had to do this with the second half of the pancakes I tried! First half was ok but by half way through...nope! Good luck!
Even with the limited taste and smell the eggs and bacon were still disgusting no wonder they were giving them away- should come with a health warning.
Lost 2 lb this week the diet physically is quite easy now just the mental side to deal with, the boredom and in real life very few people know so it's difficult. New week ahead with no plans that include food so hopefully a good loss ahead.

Rea Cat

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Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the eggs and bacon. To be honest, you may as well just have two real eggs. It won't have all the nutrients in it but I doubt calorie wise it would be any more etc. And would probably make a nice change!!
Can I ask if you do not do food week how many meals out do you have a month? I fancy trying this way as I tried this way previously but probably had too many food nights.
I am on week five and have had four nights out but I will have a latte if out shopping or meeting up.
Today is going ok had two shakes and a long walk but staring to miss alcohol, not a big drinker but do like a glass of vino or two.

Rea Cat

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Keep strong, Freefall! I believe there's such a thing as skinny prosecco now, not sure if there's a normal wine equivalent!

I'm also planning on having 1-2 meals a week rather than having food week. Most likely one of these will be out and one a bit of a cheat meal at home (within 350 calories and trying to keep it low carb but not exante). This week I'm planning my biggest downfall - a McDonald's cheeseburger. I've been really regretting not having it as my 'last supper' before I started and I'm going to treat myself but go to the gym afterwards!
Never tried the eggs bacon or burger mix Even some of the meals look terrible I think I got a lentil type thing in my pack it looked like something on the bottom of a bird cage Wasn't for me
I'm in the process of bidding for a bike on eBay hubby moaning saying it's just something else to store in the garage unused (probably right) but the grandkids live going on bike rides and I live near a cycle path so go no excuse I will draw the line at Lycra though
Nothing wrong with a bit of Lycra with a long enough top especially if it stops any chafing. Good luck on the bidding. I like the idea of shakes and bars and maybe porridge but not keen on the idea of food pretending to be something they are not.

Rea Cat

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Hope you're doing well and staying strong Freefall!!
Have been really busy which has made the diet a bit easier. Weigh in today and another 3lb with an unplanned meal out on Saturday. I seem to be falling into a pattern one meal off and a 2 to 3 lb loss and pleased with that.
My bmi is now 35 which is slowly moving in the right direction. My goal weight is in the overweight bmi range but I would be happy if I can get there and make it stick.

Weight now 13 stone.

Rea Cat

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Big thumbs up for the loss and reducing BMI! Well done you!! My BMI is so high it seems to be dropping by 1 each week which is very encouraging. Keep up the good work!

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