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Are losses the same....



I'm the tortoise.
It tends to vary in all honesty. I think it's CocktailPrincess how absolutely will not support EE for her, it simply doesn't work. Where it's been fine with me, though I do a mix of Green and EE. Others swear by Red, others Green, and others again by mixing. You need to find a balance that works for you. I'd recommend trying a coupole of weeks on Red/Green, while you get your head around the plan, and then see where you go from there. One thing I will say is to make sure you get HEX's in. I'm often found eating cheese on toast at 8pm, because I've missed my HEX's. They are a really important part of the plan. And syns, i have recently started to enjoy my syns in with food, like oil in cooking, or a sachet of sauce mix (as in Coleman's Shepards Pie for example). Good Luck. You know where we all are.


I will succeed!!!
Hi -

I have tried both EE and original and prefer original (though EE is what it promises and is easy!).

I used to do more green days than red (I've re-joined SW recently) and had good losses, but I've been doing more red this time around and I've been pretty consistent.

At the minute, I only do a green day if we're out of meat. I've been still having my pasta etc but using my B options or syns for it.

I guess it'll be down to what suits you - maybe give EE a couple of weeks and original a couple of weeks? And if and when you try original mix it up a little and see what days suit you.

Maybe look into 'mix and match' too? I've done a few days like this, when I wanted a green day lunch and red day dinner ;-)

Good luck and enjoy SW! x
Evanesco summed it up brilliantly! It's impossible to say really....totally depends on the individual, personal preference as you say but also what works. There are a few people here who'd love to do EE but just can't lose on it. Ditto green days - some struggle with losing whilst eating large amounts of carbs.

I'm also of the opinion it's better to get your head round how the red/green plan works first, before starting EE. My consultant swears that it's not as good for losses...but agrees that it's easier to eat 'normally' on EE.

Personally, I used to be all about original, then I switched to being green all the time, and now I try to do a more even mix, with the odd EE or M2M day at weekends or when required. Do what suits your lifestyle!


I'm the tortoise.
I'm a carb monster as well and could easily be a veggie, but OH love's her meat and could easily eat a mixed grill every day, so we do EE and get the mix of both.


I will succeed!!!
One of my fave meals on a red day is gently fried steak (using frylight) topped with king prawns gently fried with garlic and chilli.

Also, honey and mustard chicken (or turkey) (I can email you the recipe if you want later when I'm back home). It's 'liscious with mashed celeriac and carrots.

And best of all - BACON!!! Hurrah!!!


I will succeed!!!
Will do! Just need to double check quantities when I get home :)


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I've done R&G for years, but this time started on EE. I'm losing weight faster and more consistently on it as I barely have to think about it! (see if you can spot the weeks I fell off the wagon ;)). I used to lose more on red, but was always hungry, and loved green but barely lost anything. It's horses for courses!


Slow but sure....
I'll tell you on Friday, I have done a mixture of red & green days this week, the first two week's I only did green days, but I lost both weeks.
I do more green days as i fill up on pasta, rice etc and have meat on the side. It's worked for me but i'm trying EE this week and i'll be interested to see if it works for me or not as i'm 0.5lb away from my stone so i really don't want to blow it!


I will succeed!!!
EE = extra easy Charlotte. It's where you can mix red and green day food but only get 1 A and 1 B HE. Ask your consultant about it x

P.S adding recipe now - I had it in my phone(!)
I only do green days being a vegetarian as EE will add nothing for me but take away 2 HEs, like the others day experiment, maybe a week of red, week of green, week of EE and see not only which plan gives you the best weightloss but also which plan you feel happiest on. Again, don't forget your healthy extras they are really important and make sure you incorporate your syns, they are important too.

Good luck.
Sticky - thanks for info but I don't go to class anymore (funds are depleated) so going it alone and on here. Is there a SW book etc that I can buy that explains it or do I need a class to get the rules? XX
I find a mixture of Red/Green works well, but I need to do more Red than Green to lose weight. If I do it the other way around, I actually put on! xx
last few times I've done SW I was on red and green days, but only lasted about 5 weeks each time.

I find EE brilliant as I can satisfy my carb/protein cravings and not feel deprived or have to count anything except HE and syns. :)

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