Are the likes of Dawn French and Fern really happy?


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I was watching Dawn French on the tv the other night and i could not help thinking that she has gone from cuddly to very cuddly to really extremely cuddly. I have always quite admired her ability to behave as though her weight has no impact on how she feels about herself. But is it real or is it just an act from an actress? She has to be in the morbidly obese category, surely that must worry her? Is there really anyone out there who enjoys being big? I don't believe there is, I think that to get rid of the need to all look like stick insects is great, personally I don't ever expect to be skinny, I like curvy and I know my husband (and probably most men) does to. I just wondered if other minimins folk buy into the whole 'I am what I am' thing? I kind of envy them if they can!:D
I think they could be truly happy to be honest and if they are good luck to them.
I started this journey because i have never ever been happy being big.
On the other hand my sister was overweight for nearly twenty years and was always genuinley happy and has recently lost weight only after being forced to by the hospital because of pcos.
She has more image problems since she started the diet than she ever did before.
To be honest I think we need more women like Marylin Monroe and Sophie Dahl when she was larger as they were excellent role models.
We have to remember that the stick thinness required today is only a phase society is going through. Personally I can't wait to get back to the rubenesque stage lol
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I have moved this thread into the Chit Chat section so that it is seen by members who may have missed it otherwise as it is not really a diary entry as such....:)
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thanks for that, I thought I had started a new thread but I am not as clever as I thought! lol. Anyway, I do agree that more voluptuous role models would be great but there is still a limit. Marilyn and Sophie may have been a 16-18 at most. I don't think ( without wishing to point fingers at people and be unkind) that Dawn has been in that size bracket for 20 years. I would be happy to be back at a 16, but I never want to be a 26 again!
I never know with dawn french's weight to be honest as she fluctuates huge amounts which cant be healthy at some points during the vicar of dibley I would say she would have been hard pushed to be a 16. I think to be honest she is probably scared of losing all the weight like she would no longer be funny or something. She may even have an agent telling her she needs to stay fat (i really hope not)
An interesting concept, but can I just flip it on it's head for a second - do we ever stop to consider if Kate Moss (for example) is happy the weight she is?! After all, being underweight is dangerous too! :eek:

Not trying to be controversial (well maybe a little) but I think part of this might be projection on our parts. We've decided we're not happy being the weights we are, so we are looking at other people and thinking 'how can they be happy weighing what they weigh?' :confused:

Dawn French actually got down to a size 12 for her wedding to Lenny Henry and apparently hated it with a passion!! She's obviously got the money to dress how she wants, and takes care of herself - whether she ever wants to lose the weight again is a different story.

And interesting topic, and definitely something to think about. :D

What we mustn't forget is that life is about balance and it is very rare for anybody to stay at a certain weight throughout their lives....weight fluctuates that is normal.

We may lose lots at one point and be really happy and we may gain lots at another point for whatever reason and still be happy! :eek: That is called life! Of course the reverse could be said about being unhappy. The point I am making is that it all depends on what is going on in your life at the time as to whether or not we're happy with the way we look regardless of what size we are!

Personally, I think both Dawn and Fern are perfectly normal, well balanced people who have good and bad days but have also recognised that they have bigger fish to fry (forgive the pun!) other than dieting at this time....

Just my view, of course....they could be next in line for gastric banding for all I know!!! :D
Actually I think I remember reading that about Fern too... but I'm sure she has also gone on record as saying that she "can't diet", a bit like Eamonn Holmes always says as well!!
Eamonn has admitted that he is just plain greedy and enjoys being that way!! :D I love that man!!! :D
I suppose I am jealous really; wouldn't it be brilliant if how we looked wasn't such a big issue? I must admit I look at Fern and Dawn and still think they are very attractive women, but is it the personality, the whole 'larger than life' thing, no pun intended or simply that the vibe they give off is so effective that we all buy into the idea that for them weight is not a problem. I wish I could say(pompous tone coming) that I simply wish to be slimmer in order to be fitter and healthier and that the look of me is unimportant. Codswallop! I want the smaller dress size, I want to feel good looking again. I know I am not hideous now but I know damn well i look better at 10 stone something rather than 16 stone something! Blimey, bit of a rant for so early in the day!
OK this may sound wierd considering the vlcd programme I am following but I am not an "unhappy fat" person - I was quite healthy - low blood pressure and low sugar and whilst never had a huge wardrobe of clothes, used to save up and buy "nice" pieces that I could interchange.

However, for me, the push for weight loss has come from two angles - firstly OTHER PEOPLE's reactions to my weight - I own a company and supply a number of high street retailers and I do feel self conscious when I attend meetings with the buyers as they are generally 20 something, highly ambitious young men and women and I want to meet them on an equal footing not by feeling inferior. I am not saying I am inferior to them but I feel that way, I feel very self conscious around them.

The second reason is that I was constantly tired, and that impacted on what I wanted to do with the kids on a daily basis. My mum pointed out last night that she hasn't heard me moan about being tired once in the last few weeks and I hadn't realised it but she is completely right. I haven't.

Apart from those two reasons I really was comfortable with myself, and I love the fact there two of the UKs most successful media personalities aren't skinny, there aren't enough larger role models - one of the reasons I don't want to be a size 10 - just a 14!
Yes, I know what you are saying Flopster, I too feel the pressure from others. We own 3 nursery schools and employ about 36 young women between the ages of 18 and 28. When it comes to our 2 nights out a year I feel really under pressure as I know that not only am I old enough to be the younger ones Mum, I am also the only female in the group, bar one, who is dressed head to toe in Evans gear. It shouldn't matter but it does! One of my favourite thoughts at the moment, that is definately getting me through the difficult days, is that December, when we will all go out for our Christmas Party, I will be slim enough to go to Monsoon or Per Una and buy a really fab outfit. I too will be very happy with a size 16 and all I can say is, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
I am taking my staff to a fantastic night out in the grounds of Manchester United for Christmas and we have said this year that we will dress up (last year we were smart casual) - I am also taking a few others that we work very closely with, our PR consultants, accountant, etc. I can't wait to wear that little black dress (not that I have one but have always wanted one lol).

Roll on Christmas ;-)
I am taking my staff to a fantastic night out in the grounds of Manchester United for Christmas and we have said this year that we will dress up (last year we were smart casual) - I am also taking a few others that we work very closely with, our PR consultants, accountant, etc. I can't wait to wear that little black dress (not that I have one but have always wanted one lol).

Roll on Christmas ;-)
Sweety, you are going to be in that little black dress in no time! I'm certain you will look beautifull! Dont forget to post the pics so we can see how glam you are!
In fact we are all going to look gorgeous - it will be a Christmas to remember!
interesting topic

I typed on fern Britton in Google and got lots of forums disscussions all saying how sexy Fern is (they were comparing her to Victoria Beckham and all came to the conclusion that fat is definately sexier than boney)...also fern features in the list below...most bedable celebs from the Silent night web site

Most bed-able males:

Robbie Williams (28%)
Daniel Craig (17.6%)
Simon Cowell (14.3%)
David Beckham (12%)
Jude Law (9.1%)
Prince WIlliam (7.4%)
Hugh Grant (5.6%)
Gordon Ramsey (3.2%)
Peter Kay (1.8%)
Sean Connery (1%)
Most bed-able women:

Rachel Weisz (22.1%)
Liz Hurley (16.3)
Kate Moss (14%)
Kate Beckinsale (12.6%)
Zara Philips (11.4%)
Catherine Zeta Jones (7.3%)
Fern Britton (6%)
Kelly Brook (5.3%)
Charlotte Church (3.3%)
Victoria Beckham (1.7%)