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Are we losing muscle as well as fat

Hi Guys i have been really happy to lose over 12 lbs in 2 weeks until someone put a damper on my weightloss by saying some negative things e.g its prob just water and that I am Losing muscle first then fat. :break_diet:

I do feel lighter and clothes are fitting better but just wanted to ask you guys if this is the case if so is there a way to lose fat first instead of muscle.
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lunar jim

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S: 18st2lb C: 17st4lb G: 13st12lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st12lb(4.72%)
My CDC says not; she says you burn lean tissue last of all. Others here have said the same.

Don't worry, news has leaked out at work that I'm on CD and losing fast (I don't get into the office much...) and I've started getting the odd comment that 'you're losing it too fast' and 'you're burning up muscle'.

I was worried about this at first, seeing my biceps shrink at the start of the diet. But for the past few weeks they haven't moved, which says to me tat most of the fat has gone from them and there is just muscle left, with a little bit of a bingo wing thingy. Can't wait to get them pumped up some more lol
Thanks Lunar jim the reason i was worried about losing muscle is because the more muscle you have the more calories you burn even when not exercising, so all the males/females should try to increase muscle mass not to be body builders but to be more defined,toned.
As long as you have all your packs each day, your body will have all the nutrients it needs to preserve lean tissue/muscle mass :)
It's only when you don't have enough nutrients from the perfectly balanced protein/carb/fat(and vitamin/mineral compound) in the packs that your body goes into starvation and burns lean tissue!
Ignore the negative comments!
If it makes you feel better, I am losing the weight and I'm now able to see the muscle underneath so, I know that I'm preserving my lean tissue! :)
Keep up the good work :D


Gone fishing
Yes, as lunar Jim says, it's mainly fat. There is probably a very small amount of lean as there is on any diet, but the protein levels spare as much as possible.

The slimmer you get, the more chance of more lean loss, but this is covered with the extra protein you need once you get to about BMI25.

BTW vibez, you are unlikely to increase muscle mass on any weight loss diet. The aim is to preserve what you have.


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If we are losing muscle then I must have had a bunch of it around my waist and a*se when I started as something has disappeared!
I must have had a muscle double chin too :D


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S: 118.3kg C: 113.7kg G: 80kg BMI: 36.7 Loss: 4.6kg(3.87%)
Too funny!!!

However, those of you who will remember the BBC diet trials a couple of years ago will recall that in their 'open label' the lady who did Cambridge actually lost the most % of fat and teh least % of lean tissue throughout her diet trail.... That was compared to all the other diets that they tried in tandem, including WW, SW, GI and Atkins.... So Obviously CD has got the balance as good as it's ever going to get.


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