Extra Easy Are you managing 1/3 superfree?


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For those doing EE, have you managed to have 1/3 superfree with every single meal?

Or do you manage with most meals, but not 100%?

Or do you rarely manage it?

I have to be honest and say I am not managing it 100% all the time. Every few days or so, I grab a quick lunch (like ravioli) and dont manage to add my superfree food to it. I probably do this twice a week. It didnt affect my loss last week, but I am not sure if I will get away with it for a second week!
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I definitely manage to include my 1/3 superfree food with every meal, except breakfast which is mostly healthy extras so can't really control portions any further than already stipulated by SW, but I do ensure to snack on fruit between meals. If I'm having a cooked breakfast then I include grilled tomatoes, mushrooms etc.

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I do find this tricky especially as i am still trying to recall what the superfree foods are - made a list and stuck on fridge.

if i do it its mainly lunch and dinner - but i try to snack on fruit all day.

last night i had 2 homemade burgers, sw chips and then huge portion of beans, onion and mushroom.

breakfast today i had 4 egg omlette with ham and mushroom

lunch i will have red pesto chicken, roast potatoes, sweetcorn and green veg

hard to do it but just trying to plan it and not waste food as i spent a fortune on fruit and veg in weekly shop!


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It is a bit tricky, I'm still finding it a bit difficult to control my portion size! What I sometimes end up doing is having an even bigger portion because I'm having a normal portion AND 1/3 more superfree on top of it, and still eating the whole thing!

But I think thats something I'll get used to in time! and I've been snacking on fruit as well, or just eating an apple before I have/make dinner so I make less/eat less? Then even if dinner doesnt include 1/3 ive kind of already had it? Like if I have a sandwich at work for lunch, I'll have an apple/banana/satsumas with it to count as my 1/3 instead of having a vegetable sandwich! I think you'll still loose weight just slower if you dont do it properly, my consultant hasnt really mentioned it, and its not majorly highlighted in the book either, so I think its a suggestion and the EE plan wont fail completely without it!


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I mostly do with main meals. There have been a few times when I didn't and I don't always with snacks, not that I snack much.
I started my EE when it was recommended but not a must to have the 1/3 superfree.
I lost all my weight doing that.
However, I love veg (and most are superfree) and have always eaten a lot so it has not made much of a difference to my eating which is why I love EE so much!


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I kind of try with breakfast as i always have a grapefruit with whatever i have, and ive been having magic porridge alot recently and i usually always chop a banana up or an apple and mix it in too then have my grapefruit, i usually always manage to at lunch as i often have salad or vegetables with whatever im having as well as some fruit after its dinner i sometimes struggle with :-s i have SW chips egg and beans quite often and theres no superfree food there and im usually far too full to have any fruit after so i think im gonna have to eat some fruit before i have my dinner so maybe that will count and i probably wont eat as much either, but i dont know really. any suggestions?


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Eating fruit just beforehand is a good idea, as it will fill yuou up a little bit. I manage to have 1/3 SS with most of my breakfasts & main meal, its the odd lunch where I dont.


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I managed ok last night as i had a whole bag of broccoli with my SW kiev which was lovely. but i think that ill start having whatever i would of had after my meal before hand while its cooking if there isnt any or enough superfree foods. tbh i am usually too full after any evening meals to eat anything else so ill be doing myself a favour really if doing this fills me up so ill eat a bit less lol!


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With eggs beans and chips you could have mushrooms and tomatoes or canned plum tomatoes. This is how i get my SF in with my fav meal

I would say that i get my 1/3 superfree in 95% of the time.

I like big and filling meals so add veg to everything and fruit to yogurt or cereal.

I also make a big batch of homemade veg soup on sundays for lunches all week. This really helps.



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If I can't get the superfree in the actual meal itself, I try to have a dessert of fruit. Whether it works for me or not I will find out on Wednesday (first full week of EE). Think I am going to look like a piece of fruit soon lol


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I have a 1/3 superfree with every meal apart from breakfast. Although I do sometimes manage a 1/3 superfree in at breakfast time.

Without getting into a debate, as I have said before. I don't think Slimming World are stipulating it is the law that we have a 1/3 superfree with every meal. As it is pretty impossible I think.

Besides it doesn't teach healthy eating by saying YOU must eat something.

What would happen then is people would get it into there head, once they have served up their meal with a 1/3 superfree, that they must eat everything on that plate, to make sure they get their 1/3 superfree in and then could be eating beyond feeling full and that imo is not a good habit to teach.

The 1/3 superfree was introduced to encourage you to eat your healthy 5 a day and to try and cut down on carb overload. Fruit and vegetables are also filling foods, low in calories/fat. So the more you have at meal times the better it is for you.

The way I see it is as long as I am getting plenty of fruit and veg into my plan at some point of the day. I am not too strict on myself with the 1/3 superfree.


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The last 5 days I've had 1/3 with EVERY meal, then fruit inbetween. Not sure how its affected my weightloss as I was weighed on Thursday after 2 days.


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I really struggle with 1/3 veg not a great fruit and veg fan but i am trying its just a slow process for me but last night we had takeaway and i ordered a veg biryani (without the curry sauce) and a veg dansank normally i would have a lamb rogan josh with boiled rice so i am making more of an effort:angel09:
I am trying a new slogan - "Think Superfree First!!"

Instead of thinking "what superfree stuff will I have with my meal?" I am trying to decide on the vegetables first and then ask myself "what will go with this superfree stuff?".

Also, I got from the Pound Shop a packet of disposable plates which are neatly divided into three equal sections and I am going to use these for my meals for a while.


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Can I ask what Magic Porridge is please?

I've been trying to have 1/3 superfree with breakfast and lunch but I really struggle with dinner, so tonight I'm having Chilli, (currently in the slow cooker) which has 3 peppers, 2 onions, 3 carrots and a tin of chopped toms in, so i think that will cover my 1/3 superfree (I hope anyway). I'm trying to incorporate the 1/3 into my meals so I dont realise that I'm eating them as I'm not a fan of veg.


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my consultant hasnt really mentioned it, and its not majorly highlighted in the book either, so I think its a suggestion and the EE plan wont fail completely without it!

It says it on just about every page at the start of the book! On the superfree foods page it says "fill 1/3 of your plate...." The a couple of pages after there is a full page with "fill 1/3 of your plate...." and then on the free foods page it says "Remember to fill 1/3 of your plate with superfree foods!!"

In the 7 days to success book it mentions it on a few pages too.

Your consultant should have made reference to it during the new members talk and also during the first talk of the year. It's a big change this year that the superfree foods have become part of the plan as opposed to being optional.

Anyway, I don't want to nag, just wanted to point out that it is a big thing!!!

In answer to the thread, yes I always have my third superfree - even with B choices. If I have cereal I'll have a banana on top and If I have ryvita or bread I'll have salad leaves and tomato.
I always have salad with pasta or rice dishes and veg with other meals.

Don't forget though, some meals include superfree - if I make chilli, it has tinned tomatoes, onion, pepper and carrot in it which more than covers the third. Also I've started using swede with mashed potato. It halves the amount of potato and increases the superfree. Bonus!!!


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I don't do EE myself but where I sit at group is right by where the C does the talks and the first thing she drums into new starters is that it's essential to make sure you do this.

Though I don't do EE I try to make sure my plate is stacked with SS and S foods. Some meals I struggle to get enough SS and S in. I don't like putting too many veggies into pasta n sauces for example, so I try to eat some right after (like carrot sticks).

I'm making more efforts with it now and it's paying off xx


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this is my third go at slimming world and im just not gonna be as hard on myself this time its taken me the whole first week to get the portions right and the right stuff in the fridge but ill get there even if its slower....i want to make the change to permenant healthy eating, and thats my goal when the weight comes off that will be a bonus and hopefully i will be well in the habit of eating the right things.x


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if i cant add it to a meal i have fruit as a pudding for that meal but apparently i'm not eating enough. this week is a difficult week aas having to eat up stuff before it goes funny as my Oh cant help me eat it as he is in london. so finding it a bit hard this week.