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Arggghh Nosey workmates!!


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It's my first week back and all I've had is, "wow you've lots the baby weight" Yes plus about 2 more stone :rolleyes: and "Oh you really shouldn't miss meals" Yeah because I'm really looking malnourished right now?? :p "Oh what diet are you on cos I'm on a diet and I've lost 22.5lbs" Yeah but your sat there eating a baguette, packet of monster munch, chocolate bar and a bottle of lucozade..I'd like to loose my weight this century! arghhhhh heads could seriously roll! I've forgotten how intrusive and overbearing my workmates are! There's one girl, the same girl who lost 22.5lbs (she reminds me at least 3 times a day) now she's still really quite fat who's told me I need to exercise like her because she runs atleast 1 hour everyday..I'm sorry but the only running she does is to the fridge!!! arghhhhhhhh

And now they are commenting on how much water I drink now! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

What excuses can I use??..although I might just them to bugger off! lol xx
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You don't need to use excuses hun - there's nothing to excuse. :) You're doing the right thing by your body and feeling great about it.

But of course, that means that your colleagues aren't feeling quite so great. You're supposed to be struggling with your baby weight like they did (even though some of them had babies years ago, LOL). You're not supposed to make it look so easy. :D

Tell them that Cambridge is one of the most researched and most tested diets in the world and that actually, it's perfectly safe so long as you follow the rules.

Tell them that actually, everyone should be drinking at least 2 litres of water a day and that it's really good for your skin - gives you a youthful glow.

Or, alternatively, I agree - tell them to b*g off. :D :D

You're doing great hun - don't let anyone make you feel otherwise!


please try again
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theres no reason for excuses

just tell them that while you appreciate thier concern that you reserched various diets, that cambridge has 20+ years of medical research, that your following the plan as per the national institute of clinical excellence guidelines, youve chosen a program to suit your needs alongside the advice given by your consultant who you see on a weekly basis and that your gp of fully aware of the situation
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de-toxing hence water intake :) some people are just too nosey to tell them bout cd.


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i always state im doing a hi protein diet - you are NOT lying!


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Yeah I don't dare tell them I'm doing CD!!! It's annoying that everyone has an opinion on dieting and specifically your diet! There's this huge pressure to constantly loose weight and when actually start doing something about it there's always people wanting to sabotage you!!

Thanks for the support!! really happy with the diet and really focused to get to goal now :) xx


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
ahh i thought they knew you were doing cambridge and thats why they were commenting


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I never told anyone at work except my manager as i recommended the diet to her and now she's on it. She's very open about it with everyone but I think only a few know I'm on it now. I am quite quiet at work and just get on with it so I don't think anyone will say anything to me!

Was talking to a lady at work the other day who has lost 2 stone through illness and she says everyone keeps saying how good she looks but she said she feels quite frail and doesn't like how her clothes fit anymore! I told her I'm doing this diet and she said I didn't need to be on it and not to get as skinny as her (which is quite nice of her really) but it annoys me when people say 'oh you don't need to be on a diet like that' and 'don't lose any more or there will be nothing left' when I'm a size 16 and have 3 stone to go yet!!!!! Weird...
Everyone at work likes to put their 2p in and make some sort of comment about it even tho they have no idea what it's about. The only 1 that encourages me at work is my manager also, when she found out I was on it n I had lost my 1st stone she was very proud and gave me a hug lol.

I have 1 polish girl who is as skinny as a rack who constantly tells me that I should just cut down on what I eat or just do the kelloggs special k diet, I constantly have to remind her I ive always had a weight problem and when you have battled with your weight for yrs it us hard to just diet an cut out things, to whxih she replies no it's nit I done it! I dont think she has even been bigger then a size 8!! And it annoys me, she doesn't have issues with food.

Lol I do say that in several week I will be her size and laugh, then others say Shea too skinny and noone should be that skinny.

There are several people now who just let me get in with it, ask me how um getting on, and when I say I've cheated or not been doing every well have supported me and tell me not to give up!

After my holiday I can't 'weight' for people to notice that I've lost. My manger finished on weds to go and have her baby she will be off for 8wks and I would love to lose a fair bit just to see her face when she returns to work.

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Its funny as if you say you are doing slimfast people dont bat an eyelid. I think CD is much better. They will all be shocked when you have reached your target and no doubt envious.


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Special K diet must be so bad for you compared to CD! We get all the nutrients we need and I'm sure 2 bowls of cereal a day don't provide that!

Same as slimfast. Isn't it full of sugar?


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S: 16st3lb C: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st9lb(16.3%)
LOL I love most of my workmates but some of them should really keep their noses out sometimes! The "I lost 22.5lb" girl has now started her new fitness regime…I feel a hint of competitiveness coming (from her)! I don't feel too concerned as her evening meal consisted of pate followed by steak and chips!..

Bring on the challenge I say! haha
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just because someone asks you a question is doesn't mean you have to give them an answer.... I usually say..... 'nothing special just smaller portions, and moving around more, thats it' usually does it :) try it??
Ugh!! Am completely with you on this. I have one particularly overbearing colleague (who, incidentally, I supported all the way through her WW journey last year, lots of compliments and encouragement) who is the only one not to comment on my recent loss, but thats not the problem.

Whenever I'm mixing up my packs in the communal kitchen, especially if there's other people around she literally shouts 'ooh, Rhi, what the HELL is that?, you're not eating that are you?!!'. Its just to draw attention to the fact I'm dieting, and In my mind to also draw attention to the fact I NEED to diet (I.e I'm fatter than her). She's already peeved I've lost more so far than she did in a year long WW stint. I'm getting so F'd off with her. Just be supportive or knob offfffff!!

Its not a flipping competition, just say well done, I'll say the same to you, we all have our own journeys and goals, and will do much better in acheiving them if we forget about others. Today I ended up snapping back 'what do you think it is? It's soup, just like every one of the 20 time you've asked before. And, yes, I am eating it, and quite enjoying it, and yes, I'll eat the same again tomorrow, so you needn't ask' turned on my heel and flounced off. Got to the end of my tether.

Lol good on ya chick!! I am yet to lose my rag but everyone now is asking me about it, and asking how much I'm losing. Although they do like to tell me that losing too much isn't good.

And again skinny 'princess' (as I like to call her, as she does bugger all!) likes to tell me that if I just cut down I will still lose weight. I just ignore her now as it's like talking to a brick wall! As she doesn't seem to understand I have had a weight problem all my life and CD does help you re-evaluate your relationship with food, yet she doesnt have a relationship with food like I do, hence the fact I'm twice as heavy as her if not more.


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My colleagues have started asking me if I'm doing "that" diet again, I said I'm trying to avoid carbs as they bloat me and give me tummy ache, it's not an out and out lie. There's one girl at work that is so concerned over what I'm eating and how dangerous it is to not eat real food. I told her to sod off in the end, I'm actually better nourished now than I ever have been!!

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