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Argh first day blues....


Want to be a yummy mummy!
My stomach hurts, its rumbling and Im starving I wanna go home go to bed moan moan moan!

Just gotta get through this day, cant wait to get home and have my shake I know I will feel tons better then.

BTW I am on my 6th Buxton bottle now, that makes it 3trs today. Phew!

Just hate that hungry feeling cant concentrate...
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Silver Member
Well done on the water! Have a bath and an early night! x


Want to be a yummy mummy!
True!! I do like that thought.....it just is such a horrible feeling on the first day isnt it.

Thanks girls.....I think im gonna get home and roll into that bath and roll into bed! xxx


Silver Member
have a nice bath and paint your toenails, just think you're one day nearer to your goal, well done!



Shut up Ethel
Oh its awful. It just sucks, day 1. But you've got to do it in order to get to day 2, 3, 4 etc and then it starts getting better. Look at it that way - you have to get through today, otherwise you have to have today over and over and over again!! Not tempting.

Distraction therapy - go (window) shopping, look at nice things in shops or online, have a bath, paint your nails (you can't eat with wet nails), sleep, play a game, go for a walk, anything!

Minute by minute - that's how I did day 1. Hunger is nothing, you can beat it, it gets bored and goes away eventually.
just think you can have a lovely bubbly bath with candles and afterwards you can relax and BE VERY PROUD OF YOURSELF that you will have got through day one!! and if you can do day one you can then do anyday! well done! xxx


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Ohhhh just got home, having my soup.........feel so much better now!!!!

Thanks everyone xxx
Oh goody good glad you refelling better now, I do feel for you as I remember it clearly just how bad it was, get yourself to bed early, it will help you. Big hugs M xx


Want to be a yummy mummy!
You girls are just the best...I really appreciate you all taking the time to reply! Im sat on my bed with the laptop and am not moving all evening! x


WILL be Slim!
glad your feeling better hun!
That first day does really suck, but it wont take long before you feel on top of the world....and its all going to be worth it when you get to weigh in!

Have a nose at the success stories, photo albums etc for motivation and a peek of what can be achieved! :)

Hiya, I'm kind of on Day 1 too as I had a 3 week break there. I feel ok but I have a splitting headache. I want to lose 3 stones too. or 3 and a half. It will melt away really quickly. Have you done CD before?


Want to be a yummy mummy!
I have, first time in October 2006 and 2nd time May - June 2008. Big gaps in between - both times got down to 10 stone 6 ish!

I am so used to it, just need to get over this first day, I feel wiped!!

Success stories defintely help I agree!!

The headache is the worst I hate it, nothing will shift it just have to sit it out dont you!!! x


Winning a losing battle!
Day 1 is nearly over and you know it does get better very soon! Hang on in there hun, we're all here to help you through!

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