Argh I feel absolutely awful :(


I'm really worried and hoping someone else has been like it?
I'm on day 4, and until I woke up I was really doing well, no more hunger and lots of energy.
This Morning woke up feeling dreadful. Really weak and achey in my arms & legs. Pounding headache, and really shattered.

I've rang my lovely CDC, and shes contacting the medical team and getting back to me.

Could this be the dreaded detox happening now?
I hope so, I'll be heartbroken if I have to stop now
Hi Wisp,

If you have gone from a last supper syndrome into doing SSing it could well be as I had very bad withdrawal the first is like going cold turkey.

But...normally by day four you begin to feel a bit better.

You do sound like you are coming down with the flu and this could be it.

Have you gone of tea and coffee?

Love Mini xxx
I think day 4 was the worst for me! Like you day 3 was OK and I thought I had gone through and was going to be OK but by Day 4 I felt as if I had flu.

It really took me until about day 10 to feel really 100% normal again but I was ok by day 7.
Hey you,
I'm on day 4 today of LL.
I don't have the same sympthoms as you, but I do feel sick and feel like I can constantly taste sweetners in my mouth.

I think you've done the best thing in contacting your counsellor, try not to get despondent and keep thinking tomorrow you'll probably be feeling better again.

Kitty x
Thanks everyone, My CDC rang me and the CD medical team said it sounds like a detox/sugar withdrawl.
I did have a rather large last meal the day before I started SS, and erm 3 snickers!!!
They said if you eat loads of sugar, your body starts screaming at you for more !! Phew I'm so relieved. They also said it can feel like flu, but it will only last 2/3 days.
yay !!
I weighed myself this morning and 5lbs off ! woooooo :D
It's strange how everyone reacts so differently. I was really ill the first evening migraine, throwing up etc i went to bed slept it off and sailed through the rest of the week. My husband however was like yourself feeling terrribly weak aches and pains for the first week and hasn't looked back since he feels great. So congratulations on the first 5lbs off and just pamper yourself and look after yourself this week and DON'T GIVE UP! You'll soon feel on top of the world.
On of the best pieces of advice I got when I first started was pamper yourself,try to have a relaxed day stay in bed is poss or just snuggle and watch tv.Not always possable but does help,Have lots of warm drinks and keep telling yourself it will soon pass.5lb loss already great think what it could be at first weigh in.
Hugs xx