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Arghh...I'm so angry

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
As some of you are aware i work at the local hospital & a patient hurt my back a month ago, my doctor signed me off work for two weeks. I then had to see the NHS occupational health department, they were not happy for me to return to work therefore i was signed off again for an additional two weeks! I have just found out by my ward manager that the NHS are not going to pay me full wages for time off????

How can this be right? A patient hurts my back & exacerbated an old car injury i had 6 years ago, i lose my night shift allowance coz i can't work, my gp signs me off, then occi health are not happy for me to return....Now i'm told i'll only get half pay!!! surely this is not fair??

I have phone HR but no one is there, i've left a message so hopefully they will ring me back tomorrow. Is this legal? I have sustained an industrial injury through no fault of my own & i'm the one that loses out all the way round!!! :mad:

*Rant over*
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Serial Foodie!
that cant be right! just mention "accident claim" and they'll pay up, im sure!!


jelly belly
that is bad
hopefully you can resolve this
if they dont help you then i`d try legal action
fingers crossed it doesn`t go down that road as it takes for ever

Hold on - you were injured by a patient while doing your job and those feckers are punishing YOU for it!!! HR in the morning and if no joy - legal advice....
Mandy im here 4 u your cdc

You can always give me a call
don't let these B****** get you down to a point that you eat please call me and we can slag of the nhs together

They did that to me 12 years ago in the end they asked me to leave as they could not give me a position i could do
and they got away with it.

You seem to have lots of support on this one take them for every thing

Your cdc
hi Lou
if you pm me I will give you some legal advice if you like


Serial Foodie!
my auntie was a social worker and many moons ago she slipped on some orange juice that a child had spilt...which no one cleaned up. she broke her hip. baring in mind this is going back years when people didnt really get compo, she got a massive pay out that she still comfortably lives on now. i know u havent broken anything but ven so, u have a good case to make sure u get paid. do u think they would look clever in court having punished u for being injured during ur duties?? no way!

im sure this will get sorted quickly but make sure u have full doctors notes and stuff...just incase :)
you have rights and im sure they cant do that...go to google and type in employment law, sick pay. Should come up with some helpfull sites.

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Thanx for all your support....

HR didn't ring me back, so i tried ringing them all day but couldn't get through. It was either engaged or the bluddy answer machine, so i've left yet another message. I'm certainly not going to let this drop. Got an appointment with occi health tomorrow morning, gonna try & find out if their in an interal phone number for HR?? As the only one i have is a 0845 number....

I will keep you all updated with my progress....xxx


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Hi Fuzzy,l it is so annoying that the NHS of all organizations should treat you like this. Especially when you consider all the action that patients can take out against you!
You need to get a better number. Have you thought about contacting Citizens Advice. They can be really helpful with who you can contact. Also your union should be informed, they are usually good at letting you know where you stand.
Big organizations try to stall as much as possible in the hope that you will just accept things. I would let them know that you mean business from the word go. They will want to resolve the issue asap if they know that you are aware of your rights.
Good luck. Keep hounding them.


Skinny Soon ?!

My Hubby had an accident at work which aggrivated an old injury. He lost pay and shift allowance.

Luckily he is in the union who have fought a legal case against his employers and he will get paid out for his losses plus a little bit extra for pain and suffering.

It's worth phoning the CAB or even one of those accident companies who advertise on the TV or Internet. They can advise if there is a case to fight and on your chances of winning.

It can be a long process which doesn't help you much now unfortunately. If you will have money worries then it's worth calling the DHS to see if you qualify for any extra help. The CAB could also advise you on this I should think.

It's always a risk when we go off sick if the company we work for doesn't pay much in the way of anything above Statutory Sick Pay. Then if the doc's won't sign you back to work you are up the creek.

Sorry and I hope you manage to get through to HR soon.

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Thanx Girls, after i've seen Occi health tomorrow i'll pop along to the CAB. It's gonna be awkward at work next week as i'll probably be going back but i'm not gonna let this rest until i get what is owed. I only want my proper wages but if they're gonna pay up & play silly buggers i'm gonna take them for more if i have a good legal case against them!...xxx
Good luck Fuzzy, I don't know enough about NHS as I'm still under 21 my Mum deals with it all for me haha! (I know, I know I should be old enough to sort it myself but hey!) BUT, what I do know is they are a complete pain in the backside the majority of the time.

I hope everything works out, they're treating you really unfairly :( x

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Have a great time away AJ, thanx for the support, welcome back artic....

Update..... Managed to speak to HR after i left yet another message on their answer machine telling them i would be seeking legal advice (funny how quick they returned my call when i mentioned LEGAL ADVICE!!!!) They told me they was not aware that it was a work related injury-YEAH RIGHT!- They said that i needed to speak to my ward manager & for her to send the correct paper work. I then phoned my ward & spoke to sister she informed me that the correct paper work was sent,as soon as i submitted the incedent report that is why occi health had been in contact 4 weeks ago!! (i believe sister) i have since had another phone call from HR, they said they will be chasing this up for me as i should be paid FULL WAGES PLUS MY NIGHT SHIFT ALLOWANCES!!!!

Popped out to my mums & on my return home, yet another phone call from HR (are they getting worried?) They left me a message to say sister had rang them & they are dealing with it & could i ring them back? Unfortunately no one there at the moment so i have left a message, probably get to speak to them tomorrow now.....

It looks like things maybe moving in the right direction at last, i will keep you all informed. Thanx again for you most welcomed support you are all truely gems!...xxx


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