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Arriba Wellness Groups


Not such a fat kat now :)
Has anyone ever heard of Arriba wellness Groups? I know theyre part of Herbalife, which doesnt bother me as I use herbalife shakes for breakfast.
I just wondered about the groups and whther they were any good or not and whether they would be successful as a business
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The Nurse in our GP gave me a flier about a community challenge just before I started Xenical, it didn't mention Herbalife. When I looked up online I found out Herbalife were behind it and there were really mixed reviews, some consultants push the Herbalife products - probably those who make some money out of the class and others hadn't pushed it but nor had they kept going.

When I went back to the Nurse and said Herbalife were behind it she binned her fliers and said the surgery wouldn't promote anything which also endorsed using supplements for weight loss.

For me it wasn't what I wanted to do in that I think diet/exercise have to come first and I didn't want to end up in a pressure selling situation BUT if you're using the shakes anyway and in an area where there are lots of people to draw on who could sign-up go for it and good luck.


Not such a fat kat now :)
I only use a shake for breakfast as it's filling but I don't have to think about having to choose something to eat so early in the morning :)

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Many of us sometimes substitute a meal with a shake, or have done so in the past, so don't feel like you have to justify it (if that's what you were doing.

Not heard of the groups, but my only suggestion is that you do loads of research. And find out as much as you can


Not such a fat kat now :)
No not justifying it. They are very well balanced and I've discovered that if I start a day with carbs I eat a lot more through the day.
I'm going to message you Kes . I've got a question

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toofatkat said:
I've discovered that if I start a day with carbs I eat a lot more through the day.

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A lot more what? Am wondering if I need to rethink breakfast currently alpen or shredded wheat and fruit as I find myself ready or lunch by 12.

I hope you don't think I was knocking the shakes I just don't want to be in a class with pressure to buy extra stuff, and if you're taking this on as a business would want to know it was financially viable with product sales giving a little extra return rather than being vital to make it economic. As part of your research are you looking at SW and WW leader's earnings to get an idea of what is likely for the industry?

I've been having a protein shake in the afternoons as MFP was showing how low my protein intake was and I think that's helping with getting my weightless moving again as I had a week off when I'd run out of shakes and my weightless slowed.


Not such a fat kat now :)
I was looking at SW as well.
I've found that I eat more carbs over the day if I have them at breakfast but generally I just want to eat and anything will do. I do more fridge searching. The shake stops me doing that ad it fills me enough to get me to lunch time ( mostly) sometimes with fruit and I eat more sensibly because I'm not trying to stuff my face with food :)
I like the idea of the arriba groups but I don't know that I would feel happy pushing herbalife. I like it but it's not everyones choice.
The same appears to be the same for SW and WW too. Their consultants make most money the more they sell countdowns or books.

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