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As light as a feather???


Back 2 finish my journey
Well not quite but yesterday i was grinning like a cheshire cat because my other half and i were messing about in the kitchen and having a bit of a cuddle and he actually picked me up for a snog!!:lilkiss: Legs round waist, held me there for about 5minutes, the whole shabang and he didn't even break his back! I have lost 5 stones and this has been one of my goals isn't it funny some of the things you want, like being picked up or sitting on his knee without fearing injury. Just thought i'd share this as the highlight of my day.
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lol COngratulations and good for you! I understand the goal of wanting to be picked up - I would love that!
Well done doubledebra, I think thats such a lovely achievement. Makes me think of the wimp I once dated that couldn't pick me up - and I was just under 9 and a half stone.
We like to hear uplifting (excuse the pun) inspirations!
Awwwwwww bless :D

Bet you felt all girly too !

My hub is a body builder in his spare time and has picked me up from when I was fat to now hahaha not quite the same LOL !
LOL thats brill doubledbra,funny how its the little things like that that keeps us going and smiling.

My hubby and my daughter put their arms around me the other day for a cuddle and both commented how they can now literally wrap their arms right around and more,bless them!!

Well done though hon your doing amazing xx


loving life
That's brilliant, I can definately understand your happiness. When I got married I told my Hubby not to dare lift me over the threshold and next year 10 years on we are going to re-new our vows and it's one of the things I am looking forward to lol. Well done hun on your fab weight loss xx.
OMG I cant wait for that, I would be beaming like a cat myself, well done.


Is determined to do this!
Aaaw, that's lovely! Well done on your loss, you've done brilliant! :)


Back 2 finish my journey
Makes me think of the wimp I once dated that couldn't pick me up - and I was just under 9 and a half stone.
Lol thats so funny!

Like Mrs Essex my OH does do some weight lifting in his spare time and probably could have picked me up when i was 5st heavier but i would never ever let him.

It was fab and i smile thinking about it i might get him to do it every day and maybe carry me places...lol!

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