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At last! People are starting to notice!! :D

Well I have had an overwhelming thumbs up with folks noticing my weight loss this week!! The thing is ... what do you say when someone says 'Wow, have you been losing weight? You look amazing!' It's kind of embarrassing... I'm not used to being told I look great haha (3 people have also said my eyes look lovely and bright... a weird (but nice!) bonus to losing weight, don't you think?! lol)
So please tell me, how do you handle the positive compliments?? :)
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Determined to succeed ...
Wow - how good it that!

Don't know the answer to your question [as I always feel a little embarrassed too!] I sometimes do a 'well thank you kindly' thing before quickly changing the subject and the favorite one I use now is a 'I think I may have lost a couple of pounds' before I joke about looking for it down the back of the sofa ! [but pretty much I'm just thinking you must have thought I looked pretty dreadful before if I'm only beginning to look good now etc] LOL

Hey hoe ... So pleased that eveyone is noticing and giving you such positive encouragement.... [just think what they'll say in a month or two!] :D
I am getting it every day now at work. It is really nice that they all care and it does give you a lovely feeling but what i am finding is there are some people who mention it everytime i go over. Yesterday i avoided going over to one friend as i knew she would mention it and other people would hear and it embarrasses me. Plus i don't want to talk about it all day! :sigh::blahblah:
I try to just say thanks and that's it's hard work x
I'd just smile say thanks ..... Change subject :0) xxxx
Well, Im a bloke and I am finding really embarrassing, I am on day 31 and lost 34lb, my clothes already look too big, people are making really nice comments even though I still have 2 and a half stone to go. I should be on commission the number of people I am directing to the chemist to get Lipotrim!
Forgot to update my weight loss ticker !
It's great that people are noticing. Just say yes and thanks. Taking a compliment is something you may get used to. As you beging to look and feel better you have to accept that you deserve to be complimented and there shouldn't be any embarassment.

I haven't told many what I'm doing but I know my work uniform is starting to hang off me. Like me some of you may have lots of clothes that are too small, start wearing these as so as not to draw attention to baggy clothes untill you get your mind up to speed with the weighloss.

I didn't want the hassle in work of everyone asking me what I was making in the shakes, why was I doing it blablabla questions and then talk behind your back, so I told the biggest gossip in the place what I was doing. The result..not one person has commented on my uniform being like a bag, my irregular breaks, making a shake or questioning why I haven't eaten in 5 weeks.

They all know, but don't know I know, which leaves me in peace.

To my friends, I just tell them I got in the washing machine on the wrong cycle.

So, Good for you and keep up the work, it's obviously really paying off.
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Lol love the washing machine comment!!! So have to use that one!!

I once read there is no benefit to not accepting a compliment- and that a lady should always accept a compliment with her head held high, thank the compliment giver and move the conversation on but never with a dig at oneself. Good advice as if you try it it actually makes you feel even better...

Oh and get used to it. I actually did after my first time round have to tell one freind to stop talking about it as it was becoming very embarassing for me. However evenetually after about a year they will trickle off...
I wear baggy clothes anyway so it takes ages for people to notice. Last time I had lost 2 and a half stone and no-one noticed until Christmas when I dressed up for the kids' Christmas party. The problem then was people KEPT commenting. Although I lost another half stone it was hard just to focus and eventually I gave up and put back on a stone and a half. No-one wants every staffroom conversation to be about how well they are doing, also the constant food talk reminded me I was hungry. It's hard to stay strong when everyone is talking about diets while stuffing chocolate cake in their faces!
well done lady!!

i went to pride at the weekend and saw someone i hadnt seen for ages, n he said i looked stunnin!! i just did a big grin and a big twirl showin off! lap it up girl, you've worked hard for it!!

or when they say wow you look amazin, just say, thanks, i know!! hehe

wtg girl x
This is strange - isn't it? We are supposed to be proud of our achievements and all we do is getting embarrased :) BE PROUD OF YOURSELF and kindly say THANK YOU with a smile on your face. Why? Because you deserve all the compliments!
Thanks avaya xx

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