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At the start of a long road

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by lovetosew, 31 May 2011 Social URL.

  1. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    Hi everyone :)

    I thought I would start a diary to help me keep on track. I live on my own so I don't have someone to spout off to....sorry!

    I started SW on Thursday so I am now on my 5th day and finding it easy so far...I always do to start with. The point where I find I come unstuck is about 3 months down the line, I don't know why but I just stop and I make up all kinds of excuses to justify stopping - of course I never think I am stopping altogether I just think I am 'taking a break' but time and time again I end up putting back on all the weight I have lost + an extra half a stone and then it is usually at least a year before I decide to try again. I have got to the point where I am so scared of this pattern that I have been put off trying to lose weight at all.

    This is my first time at SW - I have done WW 4 times, aitkins once and herbalife a couple of times. I have lost up to 4 stone each time.

    I have just made a doctors appointment for this evening and I will ask them if they can refer me to a dietician or if there is anything else they can offer. Even if they don't have anything they can help with I would like to have an appointment now to record my weight there and the fact that I am starting a weight loss programme so that they can a) montitor me healthwise along the way and b) if I manage to get down to a healthy weight and need surgery for ick the skin issue then I think it will help to have on record exactly how much weight I have lost.

    I have been keeping a food diary so I will catch up now with a post per day.

    Please post and say Hi if you are reading, any support, advice, heckling is welcome!
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  3. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    Day 1 - Friday 27th May

    Breakfast - nothing :(

    Lunch - a few mouthfuls of tesco tomato and herb pasta salad and 4 caramel snackajacks (mini ones)

    Dinner - chickpea curry, homemade

    Snacks - 5 crackerbreads, 5 laughing cow light triangles, 2 alpen lights

    Syns - crackerbreads - 5, oil in curry - 6, milk in tea/coffee - 2

    Total Syns - 13
  4. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    Day 2 - Saturday 28th May

    Breakfast - 3 quorn sausages, 2 boiled eggs

    Lunch - Salmon fillet, lettuce, chickpea curry

    Dinner - Vegetable stir fry with boiled egg noodles

    Snacks - grapes, muller light

    Hex A - 300ml 1% milk
    Hex B - 2 alpen lights

    Syns - HP sauce - 0.5, 2 chocolates - 9

    Total Syns - 9.5
  5. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    Day 3 - Sunday 29th May

    Breakfast - 3 quorn sausages, baked beans, tinned tomatos

    Lunch - leftover stir fry

    Dinner - wholemeal pasta with ratatouille and cheese

    Snacks - WW yoghurt, grapes, melon, muller light

    Hex A- 300ml 1% milk
    Hex B - 2 alpen lights

    Syns - 28g cheddar - 6, 1 laughing cow light triangle - 1.5

    Total Syns - 7.5
  6. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    Healthy eating/Food diary
    I am not a SW person, but i am sure one will be along shortly. Sounds like you are doing well and that you have the motivation to keep going. If you can do it for 3 months you can do it for 6 and if you can do it for 6 you can do it for as long as it takes. Remember you are doing this for you. This is your choice, if you slip off it the only person you are letting down is yourself.

    Good luck with your journey.
  7. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    Day 4 - Monday 30th May (bank holiday)

    Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs, melon, ww yoghurt

    Lunch - chicken salsa wrap

    Dinner - Lamb chop, new potatos, brocoli

    Snacks - blackberries, chicken, activia snackpot

    Hex A - hard cheese in wrap
    Hex B - wholegrain wrap

    Syns - tall skinny latte with sugar free vanilla syrup - 5, milk in tea/coffee - 4

    Total Syns - 9
  8. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    Thanks Barb :) I need this to work this time and I know it is only me who can control that
  9. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    I just got back from the doctors and he was lovely, very supportive. He said there is no point referring me to a dietician etc as Slimming World (along with WW and RC) are the experts with the reults to prove it :)

    He has made me an appointment next week with a different Dr in the practise who does Neuro Linguistic Programming. He said she may or may not feel she can help but that what he wants me to do is have a monthly appointment with either of them so that they can keep me encouraged. He also printed off some info about Orlistat but said he didn't think I needed it at the moment. I really don't fancy it much, has anyone had any experience of it?
  10. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    Healthy eating/Food diary
    That sounds positive, excellent. Monthly encouragement is brilliant.Plus you can come on here every day too! Well done, very good steps taken already.
  11. Amandy85

    Amandy85 Member

    Well done n good luck :)
  12. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    thanks Barb :D I'm off on half term this week and I am on here constantly, might get withdrawal symptoms next week!

    Hi Amandy and thank you! :D
  13. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    I have lost my 'empty' feeling today :( you know that feeling where you can tell you've lost weight? Not sure why and I haven't had a good toilet day (sorry, tmi!) I wonder whether it is because I wasn't eating at home for lunch and dinner yesterday so I didn't have so much veg/fruit?

    I had my lunch really late today because I wasn't hungry and that has lead to me having my dinner late - just finished it at 9pm and I haven't had any syns today - not because I am trying not to use them but because I haven't needed them for my meals and haven't been hungry for snacks. Any ideas whether I should try and eat something to use some? If I was left to my own devices now I would just have some fruit......I have some 0% total and strawberries, maybe I should use some syns on a bit of sugar for the total
  14. Cybachiq

    Cybachiq Member

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    Slimming World
    Hi there! :D
    I'm on SW, so feel free to bounce ideas off me; if I can help, I'm more than happy to. ;)
    If you don't feel you "need" your Syns, then I say don't have them. Syns are your safety net, designed to give you that little extra should you need it to stop you snapping completely because you "can't have chocolate", for example. I used to save the majority of my Syns when I did SW a few years ago until just before I went to bed, and then I used to have a Creme Egg (used to be 8.5 Syns, not sure what it is now) as then I went to bed with that lovely sugary feeling and I didn't feel deprived. Currently, I'm being really strict with myself and my Syns are just going on things like ketchup and salad cream - I know I could have more, but I'm trying to hold off for the moment, for some absurd reason. I just fear that if I have a bar of chocolate, even Synned, I'll say "sod it!" and I won't be able to stop!!
  15. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    Hi and thanks for commenting! :D I know what you mean about saying sod it - I have never really enjoyed one bar of chocolate or one biscuit, they've always been part of a binge. I am finding it is helpful to know I can have them though, even if I don't have them in the end! I am going to have my 'strawberries and cream' and then call it a day I think. Most days I have saved my hex b til evening and then had my 2 alpen lights as a treat but I used my hex b on bread today and I don't fancy having them as syns just because I can.
  16. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    Day 5 - Tuesday 31st May

    Breakfast - 2 quorn sausages, 2 slices toast, baked beans, tinned tomatos + small latte

    Lunch - 2 salmon fillets, new potatoes, sugar snap peas, cucumber salad

    Dinner - veggie chow mein with red pepper, courgette, mushroom, beansprouts, spring onion and egg noodles + strawberries and blackberries with sugar and 0% total

    snacks - grapes

    Hex A - 250ml semi skimmed milk
    Hex B - slices wholemeal from 400g loaf

    Syns - sugar on fruit

    Total Syns - 5
  17. patches1

    patches1 Full Member

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    Hi, hope it's going well for you well done for starting a diary I'll come over here to borrow some ideas I'm relatively new to sw have done ww before and regained most of the weight. Hopefully we can all help to keep ourselves on the straight and narrow! xxx
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  19. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    Hi patches :)

    sounds like you understand where I am coming from! It's great to be able to come on here and be a bit SW obsessed so I don't bore my friends and family to tears!
  20. dolphin10

    dolphin10 Silver Member

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    Lipotrim & Slimming World
    I'm browsing through the slimming world forums as I am going to be moving to this end soon.
    I have been on several diets in the past but nothing worked. With SW I managed to lose about 8 Ibs in 12 weeks, so I decided to try Lipotrim which is working for me. I intend to lose majority of my weight with this diet and then join SW to reach my goal. If you are determined you will do it.:D
  21. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    I'm glad lipotrim is working for you, I've never tried it, well done for how much you have already lost!
  22. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    I've been feeling really odd today, not sure if I'm coming down with something or coming on with something but I feel a bit bloated and lethargic. I've been in a bit of a weird eating mood too, because I feel bloated I'm not feeling empty in my tummy but I am getting hungry then a bit confused about what I want to eat. Still I have soldiered through and managed to eat all three meals already! I haven't used my hex a yet or any syns so I am saving them because........(drumroll)......tonight is telly night! yay! waterloo road, life of riley, apprentice then you're fired! brilliant! Most evenings I am way more likely to be online than sit and watch telly but I am looking forward to this tv marathon and I will be able to have some munchies so all the better. I will probably have laughing cow light triangles as my hex A because I used one earlier so that saves me syning it and I think I'll have them either with crackerbread or ryvita and some sliced apple.

    I feel like I have wished this week away waiting for weigh in tomorrow. Now I am feeling a bit bleurgh I don't think I have lost as much weight as at the begining of the week but I'm sure I'll have lost a few pounds none the less. If I haven't then hmmm...I don't know! Oh well, at least I have kept a food diary so if it comes to that I will be able to show C and she can let me know if/where I have been going wrong.
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