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Atishoo... help, got a cold!


Stubborn tortoise
Hiya... woke up today achey, exhausted and bunged up... even my teeth are aching! Not sure if this is flu or just a bad cold, but feel awful, had to struggle to eat my porridge but luckily it stayed down...
Have had two paracetamol plus & that helped bring down the fever, but they are last in house, all left now is lem-sip flu drinks... I know they will push me out of ketosis. Just had weigh in (lost 4lbs yay) and CDC suggested doing SS+ or 810 so I could have lemsip and also salad/green veg to maybe help with cold & energy.
What have other people done when the lurgy strikes? I don't want to let go completely but feel like death warmed up! Please help!!!
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I had a cold about a month after starting the diet and my CDC said to take whatever I needed to to make myself feel better whether it kicked me out of ketosis or not. I chose not to up my plan and continued on SS+ (4 shakes and milk option), but took sudafed medicine and any type of throat sweet I could get my hands on. They didn't knock me out of ketosis but I appreciate everyone is different. If you're concerned about ketosis maybe you should try the Night Nurse/Sudafed/Lemsip Cold & Flu capsules.
Hope you feel better soon. xx
I have a horrible cold at the mo too. Do you have any of the cd water flavouring i have a pinch of that in hot water and a couple of paracetamol the hot drink is comforting and the paracetamol takes the edge of off the lurgy.


Stubborn tortoise
Thanks guys... just feeling so fed up! I always get very cross when I get a cold, and this one isn't a nice one... feeling knackered & breathless all the time, and too sleepy to get any work done. Think I will do as you say Lard & try the remedies that are out there... lemsip does unblock your head a bit anyway! It's not the end of the world if they kick me out of k as I would have been moving up the plans this time next week anyway. Don't have any water flavourings Barnsie... but drinking herb tea like it's going out of fashion. Thanks Dragonfly for the kind words... how did you manage for 3 weeks? Eek!!!!
Hugs all, back to curl up again on sofa...


Team 1 all the way!
Are sudofed capsules ok to take on SS then?
Woke up feeling rubbish...my little girl has a horrible cough, cold and high temp so I know what's coming...need a plan!


Stubborn tortoise
Thanks Catss & Quizz... did try Sudofed & lemsip, neither helped me... it was a flu-thing, pretty full-on & nasty. Sudofed/lemsip are probably not allowed but I'd have cut off my own foot to feel better... don't think they made a big impact so if they help you, take them. I took paracetamol plus 3-4 times a day and that helped the fever/aches, the rest of time I slept a lot, & feeling way better today though still look & sound a bit ikky.
I also did change to SS+ (great timing as zero interest in food!) so I could eat some green veg, and that is helping now I'm feeling a bit better. I wanted to feel better but not be derailed by the illness... think I've survived! Hope you avoid the lurgy Catts.
glad your feeling better now!

I have had a horrid cold this past week, and stuck to paracetmols as I don;t like anything else lol, also a bad tummy bug going around so didn't want to take ibuprofen as I get really really bad stomache cramps with them anyway!, still full a a cold but on the up! my cdc also said go up a level if needed


Stubborn tortoise
Thanks Berry, hope you're feeling better too! I am usually the kind of person who carries on with a cold, just doses up on lem-sip, but there was no point this time - I was wiped out for 4 days. Still, almost worth it to feel so much better now... back in the land of the living, yay!!!!

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