Atkins and Exercise


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Hey everyone,

I am returning to atkins after a few years.. :eek:

Was just a bit concerned about exercise...

I am on day 3 of induction..

I do Zumba twice a week and am starting training for a womans 10k race.

I have had conflicting advice about my way of eating affecting how I excersise.

I would appreciate any info or recommendations you can give me from your own experience.

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Hi Hon - for the first week or so you many not feel like doing much, but once you get over the atkins flu and get into ketosis many of the people on here are regular runners.


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Listen to Auntie Vicky, she's talking sense. :)

You might find your speed and stamina a bit affected for a few weeks Cally, my legs used to turn into two lumps of lead after about three miles, but after a few weeks your body seems to burn fat perfectly efficiently for running. Mine certainly does now. If only I could stop replacing the fat with bars of diabetic chocolate I'd be fine. ;)