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Atkins starter from cd/madness


Tequila makes miaow happy
Hi everyone. i started Atkins yesterday after losing a lot of weigh on cd, but since I cam off it and tried to do WW I have alternately binged and tried to be good, and wasnt getting anywhere. the carb cravings were bad, so i thought I would retun to Atkins, on which i successfuly lost 3 stone some years back. So here I am, relearning it after all this time!
i am so please with myself today though - i made myself a Japanese bento (lunchbox) as I recently returned from japan and thought if I made my food look nice i may enjoy it more. So far today i have had some cold chicken, a boiled egg and a slice of cheese for breakfast, hit the gym for 6:30 am, then had my bento of cauliflower and brocolli dressed with olive oil mixed with wasabi powder, chopped egg, roast chicken and babybel. Does that sound ok?

I really hope this works. Cant quite get my ehad around how many calories I can eat though....
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Big Boy
Hi Kikuka and welcome. Forget calories, they mean nothing on Atkins.

Couple of questions for you.

Have you read the stickies at the top of this thread
are you eating plenty of salad veggies.



Fat busting crime fighter
**tut** Jim and his veggies! LOL
I was a CD-er lastyear and after week 2 I wanted to DIE.
I started atkins 2 weeks ago and love the fact I have yummy things to look forward to every single freakin waking hour!


Tequila makes miaow happy
Hi guys thanks for the replies!

Jim - I am stuffing down the leafy greens - yum!

Have felt a little sickly the last day or so, I assume this is an adjustment to the new diet? I have been in carb heaven (or hell) for a couple of weeks so it will be a big change - when I came off CD I really came off it.

I started Atkins on wed, so today is my fourth day - when does ketosis usually happen?

I have sticks but have left them at work, so will test on monday

also, is the odd glass of red wine a goer? It is my birthday a week on monday....

Thanx for your help, LOVING being able to eat. CD was fabulous and I lasted a LOOONg time, but I really have had enough.

I have lost some weight I think but not sure how much as I didnt remember to weigh in at the start! Also, dont want to speak to soon as it isnt a week. I want to lost 20lb all in, so not too bad. do you think I can do it?
Good morning, how are you today?

I expect the sicky thing is because of a major change in your eating habits.

The odd glass of dry red is OK, not the best Atkins advice but we are all human. Just remeber to count the carbs in as part of your 20 a day.


Tequila makes miaow happy
Will do Jim thanks

The good new is, my stomach is better, the bad news is, any weight I appeared to have lost seems to have come back - i dont think ketosis has quite happened. i have counted everything but will just have to try harder - perhaps the fat fast?
I have always felt the fat fast is a bit extreme to be honest love. just stick to Atkins clean and green and it will happen.

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