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  1. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    I will be changing to atkins after i have finished my shakes. I have been looking at books on amazon and there are tons!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know a few people on the LT forum have done atkins so i was hoping they could point me in the right direction, pwease x x x
    Also, what are the losses like i am hoping to stick to the introduction stage for a while will that help?!?!
    Merci in advance xx
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  3. aislinn

    aislinn Full Member

    Hi Nicki, weight loss can be similar to the Cambridge - a lot at the beginning and then it plateaus out.
    I lost 3 stone in about 6 months I think.
    After the CD it’s brill because you can EAT!!
    There are some side effects again similar to CD but you should be ok because you will already be in ketosis.
    Whilst carbs are sinful you need to have up to 20g a day in the first two weeks or longer if you intend to do the induction for longer.
    There is a thread with recipes somewhere on here.

    Good luck

    Aislinn x
  4. pizzle84

    pizzle84 I will do this!!!

    I did the atkins and i did lose but not much at all. To be honest what diet tells you you can eat fry-ups!!! im still not convinced about it but everyone to there own
  5. aislinn

    aislinn Full Member

    The diet does say that you can have fry-up but you don’t have to. I had grill ups and low fat produce such as chicken, turkey and fish.

    You just have to be sensible. You can have salad and many other vegetables and of course fruit from the berry group.
    You can have cream – I used elemea. I used low sugar jellies and low sugar/no added drinks.

    It has had a lot of bad press in the past but recently ‘they’ admitted that it was because it was not being followed properly.

    I don’t think it’s any more outrageous than lots of other diet.

    Each to their own - what ever works for you.

    Aislinn x
  6. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    I am carb sensitive... so as soon as i look at carbs i put on weight!
    I was lookng back over the years i was slim before and i realised due to food allergies/IBS i wasn't allowed to eat breads pasta etc... or only in very little amounts and no white carbs!!! So thats why i am looking at atkins before reverting to low GL...
    Sorry it didn't work for you.
    i won't be eating fry ups etc constant ...more like steak, chicken, fish with green and whites and a few other colour veg thrown in for nutriants..if you don't do the diet right, its obviously not going to work.
    I am going for med fat (good fats at that such as eggs, nuts olive oils etc... ) and want to be sensible
    I know a good few people have lost weight on Atkins before on here and it dos work ...which is why i possed the question x
  7. TheMilkTrayMan

    TheMilkTrayMan Full Member

    I really hope you are going to check with your Doc first, it can be quite harmful to the liver in particular if you remain in ketosis for too long. Your BMI is healthy, if you know you are carb sensitive, I am sure a carb controlled diet would be the healthy option for you, not a continued very low carb diet. Regular exercise (usual blah blah about 30-minute walks each day and 3 cardio gym workouts a week, would do it) would burn up excess carbs.
  8. Dom1979

    Dom1979 Gold Member

    Sorry for butting in, but have you looked at The South Beach diet? It's designed for people who are carb sensitive, and was written by a cardiologist. It's like Atkins, but with less saturated fat and gloop!
  9. nicki26

    nicki26 Gold Member

  10. pizzle84

    pizzle84 I will do this!!!

    I think its all like alcohol, a little is fine but years you become an alcoholic!!! i wouldn't worry too much im doing this diet through the doctors and they know im going to be on it for 6/7 months and their fine with it. If it was a dangerous diet the doctor wouldn't be backing it!
  11. pinkiepie

    pinkiepie Full Member

    Hey nic have you thought about slimming world but just sticking to the red days?? I am really sensitive to carbs (in the way that i just cant stop once i start eating them & then pile the weight on!) so i'm looking at trying to limit my carb intake as much as poss once i come off LT. I thought about maybe doing slimming world red days. But i think you will be fine with atkins, you're sensible enough to know what your doing by just eating your lean meats, fish & veg. good luck with it chick xx
  12. msblonde

    msblonde a new way of living!

    i did atkins and it made me really ill, so be careful. I dont think you need to change really, you can do maintenaince, sw, low gi, lots of options for you, but i think atkins may do more harm than good in the long run.

    just be careful, dont want you disappearing on us!
  13. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    By being carb sensitive as well as putting on weight i also get various symptoms of IBS etc and i have been told / directed by doctors to cut the i see no need to go and tell them i am doing what they say
    I am doing aktins to get to desered bmi of 21 which is fine LT guidelines states. I don't intend to carry it on for life!!!
    Also i havent been on LT/CD that long so i am well within my quota. As for damaging the liver..well i punished it before lt and if information is correct it should have recovered very well now :D due to the detoxing and cleansing affects of water and liquid diet and removal of any fat that was there.
    I normally do at least 1 & 30 hours exercise a day/night and 2 hours of thats no problem(apart from this week, cause i have been grumpy) I am very aware of my health and would like to think i understand food and exercise (just didn't do it for a while for reasons i will not go into)
  14. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!! was developed by doctors, is perscribed by doctors and hospitals all over the country... it has had clinical trials adn has been scrotonised again and again and again....If it was that damaging, it would have been banned by now and we would all be paying 70 quid for it off ebay!!! Obviously if you were to stay on it indefinately it would be damaging but alot of the stuff out there is just scare mongering and uneducated people!!!! :D So chill realx and enjoy the new you xxx
    Exactly my point!!!

    Yeah, looked into slimming world for afterwards and its probably similar to how i will do atkins or indeed just my own low carb...but, i want to get to target first ketosis
    Thank you hunni yeah, pure foods like nature intended best way IMO XXX

    I know i can do maintainence and all the others ... i have researched all those diets and like i said after getting to target i will be living low GL..... but i want to do low carb ketosis until i get to goal.. i am only 5ft 3 so my target is perfectly healthy for me and i was that after child number 2 so i know i can maintain, as long as i don't jump back on the anti d band waggon!!!!
    so i am looking into atkins want to learn the ground rules and adapt from there. I was looking for the best book to buy so i could use the healthest recipes from it ..I will not be eating cheeseburgers with no bread everyday or fry ups every meal i intend toinclude as much good foods as poss ..i will only be making my own food from scratch nothing added
  15. sun

    sun Gold Member


    I am on atkins after putting a stone on in a year after finishing LL, I have insulin rsistance and carbs are a no no for me, there are some fabulous recipes on the LOW CARB THREAD, please have a look and good luck,

  16. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Cheers for that i will do xxx Can you reccomend the best book to buy, there are tons?
  17. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Very pleased you did....No i haven't even thought of that one...but i am off to research.... CHEERS HUNNI XXXX:D:D
  18. sun

    sun Gold Member

  19. sun

    sun Gold Member

    also there is the scarsdale diet which is low carb/low fat

    and The Doctors Diet by Dr. Michael Spira which is low carb also

    sue x
  20. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Yeah, i have looked at that... may have to revisit their site xx
  21. macabar

    macabar Full Member

    I did atkins for about 6 months and lost 4 stone. I felt so incredibly much better than I had before. That was about 4 years ago and I've maintained most of the time unless I'm having one of my depressions which manifest themselves with overeating carbs. Usually I've been able to stay right off carbs since and its been fine- a miracle really to me. Only thing was, I couldnt budge down past that initial loss. Which is what I'm doing on LT - trying to push past that point. Atkins gave me a lot of energy and I felt really strong. Also the vitamins and supplements he recommends are helpful in fact essential for me I didn't know how depleted I was getting. The thing is about effects on the liver, with the fryups etc- the slimmer you get the less you can eat. So if you have something fatty you will have to eat lightly all around it. And most adults from other european countries who I know don't eat like we do here. Its kind of like atkins- meat, salad, cheese, fruit- desserts are a rare treat. Pasta - well only a little bit and not every day. You might have a frittata instead kind of thing.
    Also the thing with the atkins induction eat as much off the list as you want idea, is that thats for fairly hefty people who are eating a lot of calories anyway. After a few days you get in ketosis and calm down and lose the ravenous hunger. Its really not meant as permission to overeat in any way.
    Read the book! Atkins is a really healthy natural diet. Oh also important - no prepared food, simpler is better ie. butter instead of margarine as its a complicated industrial product.
    Of course I'm not a great example or I wouldnt be here.... But one day!!! I've got to get a handle on the psychological side of things which is what Im trying to do.......Anyway hang in there it must be weird to be so close! Congratulations and well done.

    I wrote this reply earlier on in the thread, got chatting on the phone and forgot to send the post and now looks like you know all this! Don't have any specific cookbooks, just dr atkins new diet revolution. For cookbooks if people are coming over, Ada Boni's a fantastic italian cook..... just check the ingredients and watch the portion size.

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