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attack day 2

well think i lost 1lb overnight but my scales arent brilliant, so good start.

Today i have had:
vanilla yoghurt at 830
small chicken breast, cpl of slices of lean ham and cottage cheese for lunch
piece of chewing gum lol
for tea i made small meatballs (had about 8) some yoghurt, garlic and mint dip and a galette. This was the 1st galette we had and it was ok but very plain.
we have vanilla cheesecake for later.

I did make some of the muffins but used the mixture to make 24 small rather than 12 large one and although i put cinnamon in they are still quite plain, theyre probably ok with a yoghurt.
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Hi Jezzebell, I was keeping my eye out today to see how you're doing since we started on same day! I haven't lost anything sadly :( but don't think I have been doing it as well as you!! well done- thats a positive start!
Hiya, im not 100% sure i have either as i said my scales are playing up! im determined to stick with it until friday and if i havent lost anything then i'll give up! I was starving this morning after my yoghurt and as i was at work i only had my lunch with me so resorted to chewing gum!

I was hoping that once i got the oatbran things would start to look up as i could make the galettes but im not overly struck on them so may add my bran to my yoghurts, probably half in a morning and half after tea.

It's not as easy as i thought it was going to be but then again i dont suppose these things ever are!

If you ever want to email me feel free xxx
aw thanks- I dont even know how to email on this site tho! Its much harder than I thought too, and walking round supermarkets is positively TORTURE! i never realised how much of a carb queen I am. I am gonna stick it out until Fri and see how I feel then, but I think I might have to switch to slimming world red days after this, because I do find it extremely restrictive. Mind you, if I lose some decent weight this week, the pain will be worth it! I didnt like galette either, and will mix the oatbran into a yoghurt tomorrow. God loves a tryer!


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Jezebel - tell us about this vanilla cheesecake... (on attack???)
Remember that muffin recipe is for four days. So don't eat them all at once!

Senorita - I've commented on your menu on the menu thread. We need to work at your menu. You're hardly eating. No wonder you're not losing. Your body thinks your throat's been cut!
Hi Joanne im guessing i shouldnt have had the cheesecake :eek: it was made with all fat free stuff ie fromage frais splenda etc but im guessing it was the gelatin or maybe the vanilla?? it wasnt that good so i wont be having it again.

I made the muffins half the size of your recipe so it made a total of 24 i just have 2 with my lunch which should equal 1/2tsp of oatbran in the 2

Lost another 1lb today and my partner says he has lost 5lbs in the 2 days!
jezzebel thats super! you must be pleased! i weighed myself when got home from school today but those scales refuse to budge- not a single pound lost on my third day on this!

thanks maintainer- will nip over and have a look at your comments now!
jezzebel thats super! you must be pleased! i weighed myself when got home from school today but those scales refuse to budge- not a single pound lost on my third day on this!

thanks maintainer- will nip over and have a look at your comments now!
thats such a shame, it must be really disheartening! hopefully maintainer will be able to help you xxx are you sure your scales are correct???
I have been doing this about 3 weeks now and have lost quite a bit. You say it is hard but it is the only diet I have been on where I can eat so much food. My husband says he has never seen me eat so much. I was a non eater before, all day without food and then stuffing my face in the evening. I didn't lose anything in the first few days but give it a week or two. Please don't give up as it is so easy. I never feel hungry - have just eaten half a chicken for tea and am stuffed. I am not really doing the exercise properly so I could up that a bit if I can find the time but do go for walks when I can. I am also a fussy eater and don't like fish or seafood although someone said to try smoked fish as it is not too fishy. Being fussy made me think I couldn't do this but I am managing fine. Keep going and give it a little longer to see some results
yeah i bought new scales on monday when i started but couldnt stretch to the digital ones which were pretty pricey, on top of all the meat and stuff i had to buy!

thanks for your kind words dana. i find it very hard because i guess i have learnt that although i eat a lot, its often rice, pasta, bread, tortillas as the main component and chicken as a minor component, therefore i do feel a little lost and for sure am eating significantly less, but i shall perservere for the full five days and make my mind up then , based on what the scales say!!
Dana---have you posted your food diary? it may be of help to some of us that struggle

senoritacorazon-- we all loose weight at different speeds try not to weigh yourself everyday,its addictive and can spoil ur diet and day.(make sure you drink lots of water)

jezzebell--well done,again try not to weigh yourself everyday,a slip/treat isnt the end of the world.

good luck everyone:):)
No I did start a post in the Easter holidays but can't seem to keep it up. Now I am back at work I seem to have little time to do it so only come on here when I can. Will try and find my post again and start posting diaries as and when I can.

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