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Attack start tomorrow: worried about packed lunch

Hi Guys,

My name's Lou, I'm new to the forum and I've always had weight issues. I've tried a few diets that were calorie counting-based and although I lost weight, I always piled it right back on again. I'm trying Dukan from tomorrow (I received the book on Friday so I've practically read it all now) because it seems much more sustainable than, say, Weightwatchers. I only want to lose 17lbs, so it's not a huge amount, but it'll be the least I've weighed and also my ideal weight and size to be. I mainly want to be healthier, but getting into a size 10 dress size wouldn't go amiss either!

The thing I'm worried about is taking packed lunches to work. I can already predict that I'll soon tire of cottage cheese, yoghurts and ham/chicken slices, and I'm not someone who has a lot of time to spend preparing food the night before, or spending lots of money on fancy meats. Has anyone got any great cold packed lunch ideas that would be easy to prepare and give some nice variation whilst still remaining affordable?

Also, I'm having grilled chicken breast for dinner tomorrow, can I make a nice sauce to go with it from quark and herbs, because that's all I really have in the house at the moment (I'll be going shopping later on tomorrow to stock up!)?

Thanks so much for your help, and good luck to all dieters!

Lou x
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Hey lou - welcome and good luck!
have a look on the daily menus sticky at the top of the page that will give you some ideas. My favourite is chicken tikka (marinated the day before and cooked the night before) in a galette wrap with some mint and yoghurt :D


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I always bring my own packed lunch and have never brought either cottage cheese OR slices of turkey/chicken, so there's plenty of scope!

I love salmon fillets, so I cook several at a time... prawns... just grab a handful of frozen and let them defrost by lunchtime! I have chicken roasting while I do something else. You can make little individual quiches, using different ingredients for variety... putting in tomatoes for PV days...

It needn't be a real task BUT of course it's getting ready for the real world after losing when it's best to cook our own stuff rather than rely on shop bought salads/sandwiches, usually heavily laden with salt + mayo.


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So Lousha - how did it go? You can't leave us here with bated breath!


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Many fall at the first fence!


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Not at all Cheryl... you made a considered choice based on a week's test... some just EAT... and return +10K. Seen it on my French forum!! Unfortunately some people (and I'm not for an instant suggesting that this is the problem of Lousha, who might well pop up in a minute and say she's going great guns and I HOPE SO!!) don't read the book and don't realise the lengthy commitment...

You girls were already low carbing so "knew"...


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Maybe Lousha actually does work at work (unlike us) and has a life so isnt on here all the time (sorry might be speaking for myself there!)


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'course not love... I'm here when at work every chance I get!
Hi! Sorry, not long after I signed up to this forum, my modem packed up and I've been waiting for a new one - got it yesterday though!

I have been Dukaning...I lost 6lbs in one week but to be honest I think that was mainly due to not eating ENOUGH protein, I'm finding it incredibly difficult because I don't like a lot of meats. I like beef, chicken and boring fish (not fancy seafood)...so my own fussiness - not that I realised how fussy I was! - has made it quite a challenge.

I'm chuffed with my weightloss because I'm not that big to begin with, so I was only expecting 3lbs, but I think the variation of the diet that would suit me best would be healthy eating + 2 days a week of pure protein (as the book suggests for those who don't have a lot to lose). To be honest the amount of meat and dairy I was consuming (not even a massive amount) was making me a bit sick to my stomach, although I did feel better in myself overall, because I'd cut out the stodge.

I think Dukan is a great diet and makes a lot of nutritional sense, and I think protein days regularly will certainly help me slowly and healthily get down to my goal weight and eventually maintain it; but so much meat, even with vegs on cruise days, is a little much for me and I don't think I could do it all week round. I really struggled in attack (although I didn't cheat once).

Thanks for your help, I'll still be here hoping to lose lbs!



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Hello there Lousha, and glad you came back... there's no reason for you to leave us though, perhaps start yourself a "Diary" so that it's clear that you're not following the Dukan diet strictly (so that other people won't follow your menus...), but it would be great to chat still...

And well done on your weight loss! I too will be switching to something as you describe from mid-July no doubt... I can't/won't suffer another summer without fruit!

Cheryl too is doing a different plan... so we'll all be doing our own thing... together!

(Girls - a "workaholic" in our midst... goodness gracious!!)


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Ohh thats bad.......really bad....we dont do work if we can help it. Lol. Yes ive been doing my own thing for a while now. I think everyone needs to find a diet that suits them and once they do stick to it no matter what it is. I dont believe in this one type suits all as we have all varied it in some way or another. Good luck Lou, stay with us if you find it helps.


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Hey Lou - well done on your loss so far. Yes stay with us will be great to hear of your progress. I found it hard on PP days to start but now so used to them lol. I keep getting new ideas all the time :D


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(and I just copy Vicky)

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