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Attending class now - No more cheating!!

kerry b

Silver Member
Starting weight 13st exactly. This will be a food diary and general rambling area. Anyone is welcome to leave comments:).

Signed up for a 12 week coutdown. No going back now and no more cheating myself :eek:

Friday 4th November 2011 (G)

B: 28g branflakes (part HEX b), fat free natural yogurt, apple, banana

L: lentil soup, egg roll (5.5 syns)

D:113g tuna(2nd HEx b) pasta salad (carrot, cucumber, onions, tomatoes, pickled onions, cabbage) 2tblsp xtra light mayo(1 syn) 42g low fat cheddar (HEX a) 1 ryvita(part of breakfast HEx b)

Snacks: 2 apples, 1 pear, 1 satsuma, options indulgence choc brownie drink (3 syns)

Total syns: 8.5
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kerry b

Silver Member
Saturday 5th November 2011 (G)

B: oat so simple golden syrup (6 syns), skim milk (hex a) banana, apple

L: sweet potato & butternut squash soup(4 syns) 1 slice wholemeal bread(hex b), pear

D: 2 eggs, SW chips, beans, activa snack pot

Snacks: 42g lf cheese (2nd hex a), 2 alpen light (2nd hex b) 2 satsumas, diet coke, options hot choc (3 syns)

Total syns: 13.5

kerry b

Silver Member
Sunday 6th November 2011 (EE)

B: apple, banana, 3 egg omlette, baked beans, 1 slice dry toast (6 syns) coffee with milk (hex a) and 1tsp demarera sugar (1 syn)

L: leek and potato soup, 2 satsumas

D: chicken veg chow mein (3 syns for sauce) (noodles, chicken, carrot, onion, red pepper, bean sprouts, cabbage), peach, activia snack pot

Snacks: baby plum tomatoes, 1 pear 2 alpen light (hex b) milky coffee (hex a)

Total syns: 10

Been a busy weekend eating out for lunch but think that soup was a good choice. Hoping to do a bit more exercise this week, long walk with buggy on 3 days out of 5 days. Trying hard with the 1/3 superfree but not doing brilliantly on green days, need to ne careful not to fall into old trap of no veg on green days.:p
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kerry b

Silver Member
Thank you Quins, i'm hoping that going to class will keep me on the straight and narrow. I find I do much better if I keep a food diary, helps when I have a gain to see where I have gone wrong or gives an idea of what has given me a good loss. Do you keep a food diary? I would highly recommend it if you don't.

And like you, I have never been disappointed with this forum. The ladies & gents of minimins are wonderful:D. Good luck with your weight loss journey.

kerry b

Silver Member
Will see if I can find your post.

Monday 7th November 2011

B: 2 choc weetabix (hex b & 2syns) milk (hex a) banana pear coffee

L: carrot leek & rice soup

D: jacket potato, dairylea light triangle (1.5 syns), aldi southern fried chicken (7 syns), salad (carrot tomato, cucumber, lettuce, pickled onion),

Snacks: cup of tea, activia snackpot, apple, snack a jacks (4.5 syns)

Total syns: 15

Managed to lock myself out of the house at lunchtime so my 20 min well turned into a 90 minute walk. At least it was a beautiful day & not raining.
Not feeling particularly hungry today, didn't even eat all of my soup let alone the fruit that was for lunch. Will be starving by dinnertime.
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S: 15st3.5lb C: 12st10.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 26.4 Loss: 2st7lb(16.39%)
You're doing fab!! Keep up the good work - i am excited to here your result tonight!! :D
Thanks Hannah, I'm trying.

Tuesday 8th November 2011 (g)

B: 2 choc weetabix (hex b & 2syns) 2 activia snackpot,banana pear

L: rice soup (carrots week rice chicken stock) pear satsuma

D: sw cajun wedges, omlette, salad (pickled onion, beetroot, spring onion, cucumber, tomato, lettuce) Asda pita bread (hex b), 84g lf cheese (2 hex a) 2tblsp xtra light mayo (1 syn)

Snacks: Asda cheese pasta in sauce (half pack, 1 syn), alpen light (3 syns), apple

Total syns: 7
Wednesday 9th November 2011 (EE)

B: 2 choc weetabix (hex b & 2 syns) milk (hex a), banana

L: Asda g.f.y.packet pasta carbonara (1.5 syns) satsuma

D: extra lean mince (1 syn for cornflour) carrots onions peas jacket potato

Snacks: apple satsuma mini curly wurly (3.5 syns) options hot choc (3 syns)

Total syns:10
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Thursday 10th November 2011(G)


B: golden syrup porridge (6.5 syns) 175ml skim milk (half hex a) 2 apples

L: sw chips tomato ketchup (1syn)

D: didnt eat before class, too tired when I got home

Snacks: 2 pears, apple, 2 satsumas,2 Hifi bars (2 hex b) hot choc (3 syns)

Total syns:10.5

Very happy with my weight loss. Feeling good about things, done more exercise than I had aimed for and happy with the food choices I have made this week. Onwards and downwards next week. Hoping for another 3lbs off.
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Friday 11th November 2011 (g)

B: golden syrup porridge (6.5 syns) 175ml milk (half hex a) pear

L: jacket potato 21g lf cheese (half hex a) beans 2 satsumas

D: superspeed tomato soup, pittabread pizza (hex a cheese, onion, ketchup/tomato puree mix 0.5 syns & hex b) peaches, pineapple, 0% total yogurt 2 meringue nests (5 syns)

Snacks: choc hifi bar (hex b) pear apple cherry tomatoes

Syns used: 12
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Saturday 12th November 2011 (EE)

B: 4 scrambled eggs, baked beans, apple 2 satsumas

L: pitta bread pizza with ham & onion (Hex b hex a & 6 syns)

D: sw chicken curry & rice 2 satsumas

Snacks: mint hifi bar (6 syns) hit choc (3 syns) pear banana

Total syns: 15
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Sunday 13th November 2011 (G)

B: porridge with milk ( hex a&b) banana

L: superspeed tomato soup, apple

D: pasta with philadelphia light (hex a) grapes

Snacks: coffee, mini choc muffin (4.5syns) 2 mini snowballs(7syns) dairymilk mini biscuit (3.5syns) 2 satsumas, pear

Total syns: 15

Feeling very proud that I had friends over and managed to have a few cakes and keep it within syns. Not feeling great about the way my eating is going. Not sure why but thinking i'm not going to have a great loss this week. been bad with superfree and need to increase it quite a bit, yesterday was awful. Need to include a few salads this week.


has a thin girl inside!
S: 16st9lb G: 10st10lb
Well done of the loss and cake eating lol :) it's nice when u can have some decent treats and stay within syns! Makes the SW way much more manageable :) x
Monday 17th November (R)

B: 2 choc weetabix banana & milk (hex a b & 2syns)

L: scrambled egg & ham, pear & apple

D:chicken salad wrap (11 syns)

Snacks: pear apple 4 satsumas chocolate biscuit (7 syn) 2 snowball bites (7 syns)

Total syns: 27

Argh. Really awful night no time to eat and totally due to bad planning. Knew I was going out so should have been more organised. Grrrrrrrrrrr.
Tuesday 18th November (EE)

B: 2 choc weetabix banana milk (hex a b & 2syns)

L: sweet chilli supernoodles 2 satsumas pear apple

D: spaghetti bolognese

Snacks: banana apple 2 satsumas

Total syns: 2
Wednesday 16th November (G)

B: 3 choc weetabix milk (hex a b & 2 syns) grapes

L: butternut sweet potato soup pear 2 satsumas

D: jacket potato Philadelphia cheese (hex a) salad (egg tomato cucumbers spring onion beetroot pickled onion)

Snacks: hi fi bar (hex b) 2 apples pear 3 satsumas) hot choc (3 syns) biscuit (5syns)

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