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Auburn Jenny's Diary

Hello :)

I'm Jenny.
I'm officially starting Weightwatchers on the 17th November 2009 - I went to my first class tonight, and my leader Janet was fun, friendly and supportive... I like it already!

I would ideally like to get back down to 12 stone. That is my goal. While some of you are thinking "wow, that's not that low"... I was 21 stone two years ago. I have lost 4 stone, and fluctuated between 18 and 19 for about 5 months now... so I need a new direction, I need a new motivation... and since the fella has gone to Singapore and I have missed the chance due to an expired passport [yes, I am kicking myself], there will be other opportunities and I don't want my fat ass to stop me sitting on a plane...! I was 12 stone in 2002 when I started uni, after losing 3 stone... Always been a big lass...

Anyway.... he's away for 3 weeks, that gives me a perfect chance to get a grip of a new way of thinking of food and get right into it, when I am in complete control of what goes in my gob.!

I work out that I get 27 points per day. Generally speaking, I try to have a big breakfast, a lightish lunch and a proper tea. Due to the times that I work, and travelling time, I often go for two small breakfasts [one before I leave for work, then something when I get to work, especially in this weather as a 90 minute journey sat in a freezing cold car really does me in..!] a light lunch about 12.30, and then tea is about 6-7pm.

Lets see how we get on :) x
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I decided to do the Fast Start thing, so that's 22 pts for a week. Here we go:

Breakfast was 1/2 a tin of beans and two slices of toast - 4 pts
A snack of WW Creamed Rice and a banana - 3pts
Lunch was some odd concoction of leftover rice from last night, a small tin of tuna, 1 oz of cheese and a pepper... It wasn't too bad, a bit dry... I make that 6pts there

Dinner - WW Spinach + Ricotta Cannelloni, for 5.5 points, micro chips - 4 and a slice of bread - 1 pt

23.5 pts - Not too bad for a first day :)
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Todays plan is:
Breakfast - Toasted muffin [2.5], and 3 slices of Turkey Rashers[1]. First time I have had this turkey stuff - It was ok, but I do prefer the smoky flavour that bacon has...
Snack - WW rice pudding, the caramel one is delicious! [1.5]
Lunch - Carrot + Lentil Soup [1.5]
Snack this afternoon - Maltesers - Think I will need a choccie fix! [3.5]
Tea will be a Quorn Curry - I'm having 2 quorn fillets [1], half a jar of Saag Massala [the Sharwoods one] [4] and 2 WW Naan's [3] instead of rice. I don't feel like having rice today, but I do fancy a curry!

And a bowl of Oatsosimple at supper time [3.5]. I woke up with a rumbly tummy at 3am this morning..!

That totals: 22 points. Not a great deal of veggies... Infact, there's none.... I think I need to be eating more fruit and veg, especially veg. [I like it better than fruit..!]

Oh my gawd... I SO wanted a couple of biscuits with a cuppa this afternoon, it was soooo hard to say no when the tin went round work ... 3 times!! But I did it! Yay, go me!

I added a pepper and a handful of mushrooms to the curry, and there's enough left for a second portion too! Yummy! After I added the veg and split it, it was 3.5 in the end, not 4.

And I am not sure on the oatsosimple for my supper. I'm really full from the curry, so I might have something lighter, although I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps and kinda wanna stuff my face... I had saved the maltesers til after my dinner anyway, woop! That was a nice nice treat. Wish the blokey was about for a cuddle, I could really do with someone right now... But hey ho, I'll chuck myself into some coursework or something else productive...
Thursday's plan:

I'm off to see Chicago at the theatre tonight and I am SO excited :) Means a quick tea before dashing out again after work, but given that it's my first week on WW, I would rather that than eat out.

Breakfast - Oatsosimple [3.5]
Snack - WW Chocolate pudding [1],
Lunch - A pitta pizza, tomatos, cheese and a pitta bread - [5]
Snack - Options (banana flavour, yummy!) [0.5]
Tea - Tuna Pasta bake - 60g wholewheat pasta [3], a small tin of tuna [1], onion and pepper and a small tin of chopped tomatos.

[14 so far.... Sure I'll add to it as the night goes on...]
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Chicago tonight! Woohoo!!

Breakfast - Toasted muffin with turkey rashers and mushrooms [3.5]
early morning snack = Chocolate wafer, banana and a cuppa [3]
Snack - WW Fromage Frais, strawberry flavour [1],
Lunch - 1 pitta bread and a tin of tomato tuna stuff - [3.5]
Snack - Tea with a choccie wafer [1.5]
Tea - Leftover curry [3.5] and toast [2]

[17 so far... I don't know if I might get some maltesers for the theatre or something, I feel the need to wait and see for that! If I take a bag of maltesers, that's going to stop me getting icecream in the interval...hmm]

Today, I am actually hungry. I feel my tummy rumbling already, it has been since 9ish... That muffin and turkey thing should be enough to keep me going!! Anyway, we'll hold off til half 10 and have the yogurt then, and see how we go.
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Last night was so good, best show I have ever seen :)
I didnt have maltesers. I had a yogurt when I got home and a digestive biccie, bringing my total for the day to 21. Not too bad!

Breakfast - Having woken up with a grumbly tummy, I pushed the boat out. Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast... Yummy! 6.5 for that, then when I got to work I had a chocolate wafer thing. Yes, chocolate at half 7 in the morning. Nice :) 1.5
Snack - Banana and yogurt - 2.5
Lunch will be chicken soup and bread. I have Nimble, and WW soup. So that's 2.5 points there
Tea - Chicken Pasta Bake, courtesy of Tescos Healthy Living range. - 5.5
Supper - Oatsosimple - 3.5

Total - 22. Sorted :)



is going to loose!
Auburn, you are doing well, keep it up!

I start WW in the morning and a little nervous about knowing my weight!! EEK. Haven't heard about the fast start?

Will pop in on you again soon.

Hey Bren :) Thanks for popping in and hope you find your first class as friendly and welcoming as I did.

In the book that I got at class [which is not within reach right at this second!], there is a fast start program which says that you can lower your points for the first week, kinda like a kick start.

Stuck to the plan as per above today - Except I did swap the oatsosimple supper for a bag of maltesers...

Gym induction tomorrow... ACK!
I found this evening extremely difficult, I am missing the fella quite badly today. But he'll be back in 2 and a bit weeks. I didn't binge like I usually would, I had a pitta with a teeny sprinkling of cheese, counting 4 points for that, so that'll be 26 for the day I'm still within my 27, but over my 22...
Today has been

Breakfast - Beans on toast - [4]
Snack - 1/2 a curly wurly - Shared with my mum - [1.5]
Lunch - WW Chilli con carne sauce [1] 100g quorn mince [1.5] and two tortillas [5]... I would have had rice had I looked at the tortillas first... I didnt realise they would be so high!!
Tea - Chicken and veggies and gravy [6]

Totals - 19

Leaves me 3 to play with, which I think could be a couple of Morgans n Diet Coke during X-Factor...

I went to the gym this morning, and had my induction. It was way better than I thought it would be, and I managed 4 minutes on the cross trainer, and 15 on the bike on a three-hill program! I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but it was enough to get me out of puff, and I enjoyed it. I actually enjoyed it!

And have had an email/text chat with the fella too :) He text me at stupid o'clock this morning to say he was stood on the F1 track and then text, "oops sorry... got overexcited and forgot about the time difference..." bless him. I know how much F1 means to him, especially the Singapore one, so I'm glad he got there in the end :)
I had to have some bread with the chicken dinner last night to mop up the gravy... 2 slices of normal bread as the nimble had gone funky coloured...
So just the one morgans :) And I had 2 WW cookies. They aint that good, I dont think I will replace that box when it's gone tbh. Hopefully they'll do instead of digestives at work this week though!

Breakfast - Porridge and a banana - [5]
Lunch - Pitta bread and cheese [4]
Tea - Braised Beef and mash [5] and carrots, brocolli and cauliflower.

8 left, so a few snacks along the way. Think I will have a curly wurly later, and maybe actually have 2 pittas at lunch... Hmm.

I feel like curling up in bed and crying today. Best stay away from the chocolate lol
So to revise that after needing a day of comfort food...

Breakfast - Porridge and a banana - [5]
Snack - Curly Wurly - 2.5
Late Lunch - a scoop of mums beef stew, a jacket potato and roasted parsnips - I think about 6 pts worth, as I dont know what went in the stew.. and a slice of bread = 1
Snack - Pitta, one oz of low fat cheese - 4.5
Tea - Braised Beef and mash [5] and carrots, brocolli and cauliflower.
I then had a teeny bit of cake, about matchbox sized, with one scoop of low fat icecream... I think 3 for the cake, and 1 for the icecream.

And one morgans n coke. = 1

So a total of 29

Thats the first time I went over my points... but some days I was under, so I guess it was ok? Not wise probably the day before weigh in... we'll see tomorrow...!
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Weigh In #1....
That's later today, we'll soon find out whats what..! haha.
Today has already deviated majorly from my plan, but still within points, so I guess it's all ok...
Breakfast - there was no bread at home, so my bacon sarnie ended up being HL bacon and low fat cheese wraps - Total of 9 points already..!
Snack this morning will be rice pudding and a banana - 3 points
Lunch - Chicken Soup and a pitta bread - 3
Tea-break snack - Cuppa and a curly wurly - 2.5
Dinner-Tea - leftover black-eye bean stew from the weekend. Dad made it, and assures me that there is a tin of black eye beans, tomatos, onions, peppers and nothing else in there... I reckon it would be 4 pts for the whole tin of beans, so I'll count 3 points to be safe. I'll have a big ol' bowl of that.. after weigh in.

That's 21 points, and it's my last day of 22pt Fast Start...

Depending on the WI result, I may need a Morgans... haha
And now, we deviate further.... Since the pittas looked decidedly furry :|

So I have a Tescos light choice Chow Mein Noodle pot thing... so 3 points still... :)

It was tasty, but not overly filling.. Nice though.
Think I might learn how to make chow mein sauce, it can't be that tricky... Would be good with noodles, chicken and carrots I think :D Mmmmm

Who needs a chinese takeaway!!
I lost 3lbs :)

I'm pretty happy with that - As you can tell, since I've posted that about 16 times now... oops!
This takes me into the 18s now!

SO! I am now on 26 points, instead of 27, and looking forward to extra munch.

Todays plan -

Breakfast - Beans on toast [4.5]
Snack - Banana and a yogurt [2.5]
Lunch - WW Thai Chilli Chicken + sticky rice - Saw this in Asda last night and was awestruck. I have a love for Thai, and cannot wait til lunchtime! [5]
Snack - WW Peanut + Caramel whip bar [1.5] and a cuppa
Tea - Chicken Stir Fry with a chicken breast, sauce [haven't decided which one yet, soy based...] veggies and noodles. Allowing [10.5] for that
Supper - Options hot chocolate made with milk to get some milk in, I find it difficult to incorporate milk as I don't like it much... [1.5]

Total for the day: 25.5
Save: 0.5 for the weekend curry...

Today is a busy day at work, hence the big lunch :) And.. I am going to go to the gym this evening, aiming for 10 mins on the rower, 15 on the bike, then some toney machiney bits, and then 5 mins on the X-Trainer. I will get to 10 mins on the XT if it kills me, one day!!!!
Well done, enjoyed ur updates! Starting my own WW at home today, have put one half stone over the last couple of months despite initially losing over 4 stone - this website is giving me incentive to get back in gear. Best of luck. Ill check in to see how you are doing
Thank you both :)

I'm not sure, on the milk. I generally manage to have porridge a couple of times a week, some cheese and some yogurt, so I guess that could be enough calcium-wise. :) Sometimes I go through phases where I'm a milk-monster and could drink a gallon, other days I have black tea, can't even stand a dribble in there!

We'll see :D

Today changed slightly. Shock horror haha
Now that I am home and have worked out points for my tea using a calculator, it's much lower than I had thought...!

Used 2 medium chicken fillets = 5
Sauce was 1.5
Veggies - Counting 1
Noodles - Not sure, can't find a value, so counting 4 for the packet

That totals 11.5 for the whole wok-full, and I saved half for tomorrow, so that's 6 points... My lunch was actually 5.5 too, not 5

So that alters my total to 21.5... Hmm. I might have a pitta and cheese later.... :D
Wednesday - These are my toughest days at work.

Breakfast - Poached Eggs on toast - [5]
Snacks for a stressful day at work - totals [7]
Curly Wurly
WW Rice Pudding - Caramel - Yummy :)
Lunch - Risotto [6]
Dinner leftover Chow Mein-ish from last night [5]

Total - 23
3 left

Not too bad :)

And AND I feel tonnes better cos the fella said he misses me today!! Which is a turn-up from the weekend's "Nah, I don't miss you, it's only been a week"...

I wanted to plan to have a pitta bread with cheese, tomatos and pepperoni, like a pizza, but I can't find points for pepperoni, and I don't know nutritional values... I see that salami is 0.5 for a slice, so if I have maybe 4 pieces of pepperoni, I think I would count 2 for that... that should be ok? They're only small...!
I do miss pizza, I had a WW pizza on monday night, it was the spicy chicken oval one for 3.5 points which was ok, but my mistake was having it on it's own, so I didn't see a full plate when I sat down to munch.

I got an "Eating Out" guide too, I guessed with the party season coming up, it was a good plan to look into these things in advance, rather than take what I think is the healthy option and find out later that it could be HELL.. Oh and with Blokey missing me, he's obviously going to want to take me out for dinner when he gets back lol.. I have looked up my favourites, see my Blog for information regarding my pre-WW 90 point pigouts... heck, a burger at Chiquitos was like 28 points.. No wonder my backside is so huge...! I'd have had that with chips, a starter and a dessert before... Probably 50+ points, and that's just for one meal. I am pleasantly surprised that a Meatball Calzone at Frankie and Benny's is so low..... Good job, I like them! hehe.

I ate my risotto at the start of typing this... and felt remarkably disappointed that it wasn't very filling...
Now... I feel like I'm about to burst haha, it must have kept growing in my tummy :p

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