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Attack Auntyspans attack diary

Any chance someone can read through this to make sure I'm doing this right?

Sunday - day 1 of 3
B: 1.5tbps of oatbran in 0% total yoghurt with sweetener
L: 4 slices of turkey breast w/ cottage cheese
D: 1.5 chicken breast plus sf jelly and some more 0% total yoghurt

Snacks: couple of spoons of cottage cheese, 7 glasses of water.

B: 1.5 tbps of oatbran in 0% total yoghurt with sweetener
L: 100g smoked mackerel with cottage cheese plus a muller light vanilla
D: dukan quiche with chicken with sf jelly

Snacks: cottage cheese, can of diet coke, 8 glasses water.

Done a 20 min walk both days.

I'm only doing attack for three days - last day tomorrow.

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Hey! I'm only on my third week so no expert but you shouldn't have mullers - they are tolerated but not for attack. Also, if u buy pre cooked meat check for flour and salt content. Apart from that I think it looks good. Hope you're finding it ok :)


Slowly but surely!
Im a newbie too so just wanted to say goodluck!
Thanks mummyem!! Well today I haven't been hungry once, and after feeling a bit dizzy yesterday I'm glad I feel better!

Final day of Attack
B: usual - 1.5 tbsp oat bran with ff yoghurt
L: cottage cheese with prawns and chilli flakes
D: remainder of the mini quiches

Snacks: sliced turkey, cottage cheese, sf jelly, 3 cups coffee with skimmed milk, 6 glasses of water.

Can not wait to eat some cucumber tomorrow! I'll post and let you know how much I've lost.... Although it'll be my totm on Friday so not expecting a huge loss.

Thanks for reading x
Well done for managing Attack. I would maybe suggest more pure protein rather than the cottage cheese, what about eggs?


Slowly but surely!
Well done on getting through Attack!! Enjoy your cucumber, only on day 2 and missing brocoli already hehehe!
Thanks all! I weighed myself this morning and lost a big fat 3.5lb on attack. Delighted with that, especially as it's my TOTM on Friday! SO looking forward to a big tuna salad for lunch!

Also - I'm trying to limit my eggs ( I did have the quiche last night) as I'm slightly intolerant to eggs - I get very bad acid stomach aches when I have too many. So far so good though!
Bet those veg taste fab today :)


** Chief WITCH **
Well done on your loss. Perhaps some more pure protein (chicken, fish, prawns, etc) could replace some of the cottage cheese (which isn't fat free which is why we recommend limiting it). Tesco value range is the lowest fat brand available, I believe.

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