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Avidlite and me !

Hello once again...
Yes,I am a serial returner on the VLCD's pages...sadly.
Have only managed 6 or 7 weeks on the Cambridge Plan or Lipotrim.
I know I have to have one last try and have found Avidlite online, have got packs for the next 2 weeks and will start tomorrow.!
I have been offered a referal to talk about having a Gastric Band but, whilst waiting for an appointment (which could take 3 months) I want to try and do it myself.
There is no self pride in having to take surgical help and those bands don't suit people who pick at food all day...and that's what I do. I don't eat huge platefuls of food, in fact, I rarely finish a plate of food...I just graize all day and eat all the wrong things.

So, tomorrow I am giving it another try and looking forward to feeling the excitement of losing pounds fast!
I know I can do it and I know I have the strength to get through the difficult times, too.
Wish me luck !!!!!
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I am not sure about the Avidlite site and its products, but do know Exante is approved on here and is really cheap at £25 a week and has a busy forum on here too. Is the Avidlite stuff nutritionally complete or do you have to take extra vits?

Good luck with your journey though :D
How much will it work out at for a week? I know Exante is complete, 3 packs a day (soup, bar, shake) 600calories, very tasty too! ;)

Minimins has weight loss surgery site WLSurgery.com - Weight Loss Surgery Support they will support you in that and help you through your first appointment and there after, not that I am trying to get rid of you! ;)


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Just sticking my oar in, i have done LL, Exante and have done VLCD with items from avidlite. My 2 penneth is to say you just need to make sure that if you are totally abstaining, you need to make sure you are buying the right products from Avidlite, not all are suitable for complete food replacement.

As a general rule, the Dietimeal Shakes or Soups are your best bet. They contain all the nutrients your body needs when on total food replacement.

If you were to buy enough shakes/soups for 1 week (4 per day) you would be looking at approx £36 delivered per week. If you bought more in one go then discounts apply. The reason you may want to do it this way is if you don't like all the exante products in the bumper pack - as Exante only works out cheap if you go for the Bumper pack. I had serious problems with a couple of the Exante soups. Having said that i am a huge Exante fan. Their bars are to die for!

Hope i have helped and not confused!

Good luck honey.
Thanks ladies....you are a wealth of information! Bless ya !
Off to bed now and ready for the weeks ahead...will use the supplies I have for the next 2 weeks but, will look at Exante as it seems that a few people are using this plan?

Just going to check my cupboards for any biscuits,etc that may be waiting to tempt me!
Night all. x
i bought a month of that avidlite stuff about 7 month ago and i wasnt impressed... i felt as though it wasnt a proper diet compared to cambridge and exante! sorry! i think i lost two pound in two and a half weeks sticking to it!


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To be brutally honest, the shakes taste far more 'chemically' than either Exante or LL. The only shake I could stick was the stawberry but I wasn't a huge fan of that one. Soups may be better, dunno didn't try them.
My favourite for taste was LL but Exante are more than palatable for the price.
hope that helps
Good morning all,
Didn't start yesterday as planned....but, have had my first shake today. They don't taste great but, they will do for the next 2 weeks.
I have contacted a CD counsellor and am awaiting a reply. Will depend on the price of packs...can't afford to pay more than £35 a week. Does anyone know the average price of CD?

Am quite excited this morning...that will soon pass, as we all know!
Am having 3 milkshakes and 1 bar per day.....can't wait for those scales to start moving!

Off to work now...see you later
That exciting feeling, write it all down how it feels so you can relive it later when struggling. Not sure on CD pricing, but have seen a rumour on here that they are going up soon, not sure how true it is though. Have a good day :)


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Good luck chick - again, clueless as far as CD goes. I am pretty sure I have read that Exante are cheaper than CD tho. Have you tried posting on the CD boards for info?
Hello girlies,
Found out the price of CD, around £38 on average, so likely I will go onto that....if I can find a good counsellor.

Today was harder than yesterday, wanted to eat most of the day.....did have a couple slices of ham just to settle my brain, more than my stomach.
Can't wait for Ketosis and less hunger pangs. The Avidlite shakes aren't great but, they serve a purpose and do the job, so will be OK for another week.
Looking forward to being slimmer in the next few months. I need to lose 7st m inimum....so, have a long way to go, one day at a time is my mantra!
Day 3 begins and lost 4lbs already...I know it's just water but, a loss is a loss and it helps me go on....especially as I missing my ''friend'' ,food.!
Was going to go out to look for some trousers but, I don't trust myself to not go into the bakers!
So, am going to be reading through lots of posts and then attack some house work and just try to keep busy!
Hurry up ketosis!
Phew, it's hard today...trying to hold on till I have a nice bath and early bed. Just have to hang on for another 3 hours....it will get easier, I know but, just at this moment in time , it's not so good!
Got through yesterday...what a boring, long, hungry day!
But, I did get through it and have been rewarded this morning with a 7lb loss in 3 days.....I must have had glycogen stores desperate to get out!
Feel happy and optimistic this morning:D.

I, also, know how quickly that can change...so, am enjoying the moment.;)

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