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I finally found this section to record a diary, I think I have managed to add an avatar and a picture but still having probs with the ticker.
As a result of reading the boards before I started I cut my carbs and drank loads of water, I had a few headaches.​

Day 1
was ok during the day but strange not to be able to sit and eat a dinner of some sort, drank 6 litres water, slight headache, negative responses and whispering from workmates teed me off.

Day 2
I tested for ketosis, yes strip was dark pink number 4
I felt a bit dizzy on and off today, had to go to tesco for shopping after work, bought about half of the normal shopping,

I felt very weak by time I got home so got family's dinner and had half a shake and fell asleep, I felt very deprived yesterday missing food and craving crusty bread,

I was thinking last night whether I can continue on this diet to the end and was depressed at the thought I am going to fail again,
when I woke up I had a soup and more water (5.5 ltres today) and I came on minmins and read posts and blogs and felt a bit more resolved and less alone.

Day 3
So far started well, stepped on scales and have lost 4.5 lbs! I am very pleased with that.:D
I have to clean the house and do boring stuff like washing and hoovering today as I have visitors tomorrow,

It's my daughters 22nd birthday this weekend and I am cooking sunday roast for 15 people, well 14 really because I can't eat it, they're having roast beef & roast lamb and all the trimmings with strawberry gateau for afters.

I will have to be strong and not nibble and be ready for the barrage of questions from family members about the diet.

I have tried to focus on something nice to look forward to and have decided that when I've lost loads of weight and bought a nice new wardrobe of lovely outfits, me and hubby will go away somewhere warm for a week, maybe in february.
so thats what my photo of a beach signifies.
Your doing fine keep it up
I started CD in Jan on a Tuesday on the Thursday had family round for dinner only see brother about twice a year,did a big roast all trimmings set the table,oh dear not enough room for me to sit down I said so I washed up the pots and pans.washed the stove down chatting to them all the time when they were eating desart I did the plates and things dish washer did not get used that night and I was not tempted to eat.you can not pick with soap sund on hands!!!!!!!!!!!
Felt so good when they went and i had not eaten.
It is hard but it can be done and you can do it to .
I will think about you on Sunday and send you positive vibes.
Hugs xx
Day 4 sunday 17th sept

Thanks for the good vibes they must have worked!
I cooked and fed everyone and not a bite passed my lips! very proud of myself today, I just kept busy.
I made sure my mum took the leftover gateaux home to remove temptation.
It was a lovely day and they have all gone home and I've just had a chocolate shake and enjoying the peace and quiet.
I am feeling a lot better today not so weak and tired and apart from a slight headache when I woke up this morning, it's been a good day.
I am feeling very positive and feel I can cope with cd now.:)
Good on you Ayembee.
Lots of willpower there- I suspect that's what we'll be needing lots of to get thorough this (I'm day 6).
Hi babe.
Glad the dinner went well and you were able to get through it.
I am proud of you girl.
Knowing how hard it is I am very proud of you.Giving the left overs away is what I always do.
Have a nice rest now.
You will do it you are so positive.xx
Well done for getting through the toughest bit:)

I used to stick any dinner plates that had food left, under the tap. Fortunately we have a waste disposal unit, so it all disappeared down there. Saved me many a cheat.

Keep up the good work :cool:
Thanks for your comments!!

Day 6 tuesday 19/09

This is a very rushed entry as I'm running late, I gave in to temptation and weighed myself this morning and I have lost 7lbs in total since thursday! amazing.
This week has been very busy so far but I am doing ok on the cd and am starting to feel a bit more energetic, there are times when I feel really weak though.
I have changed counsellor during the week as I found one much nearer to me and will meet her tomorrow night.
start 15st 8lbs
week one - 2.5lbs 15st 5.5lbs
week two + 1 lb 15st 6.5lbs
week three - 3 lbs 15st 3.5lbs
week 3.5 -3lbs 15st 0.5lbs cut out carbs

started cd ss thurs 14th sept weigh in day will now be thursdays not mondays

week 1 -8lbs 14st 6.5lbs

62.5 lbs to go

8 thursday 21/09

I'm happy with my weightloss but still can't get used to not eating at all, especially not having an evening meal of some sort makes me feel very deprived, the little energy I have just disappears early evening and I feel crap, very weak.
Keep reading that it gets better so I am hoping it will soon.
Yuk! I have just made 'hot chocolate' with a choc shake and it's gone lumpy and disgusting.
Day 9 friday 22/09

Feeling much better today, even though the weathers awful!

I realised something this morning which has helped change my outlook and make me feel more positive.

I have had a bad couple of days, feeling weak really missing food and wondering what on earth posessed me to get involved in a diet that didn't allow me to eat, I have always said I could not do these low cal diets.

This will probably sound really stupid to some, but in april this year I read about noel edmonds interest in 'cosmic ordering' and decided to have a go myself and I wrote two 'orders' and put them in the back of my purse and forgot them.

the first one was ' I would like to lose all my excess weight and be very slim by december 2006' and dated 04/04/06 and I thought I would probably get some disease that made me sick and thats how i'd lose the weight lol.

I started to diet in july, lost a bit but not enough and was getting despondant with it all, I found this site by accident whilst surfing on a womens site, and then reading about all the big weight losses the cd people are achieving, I started getting interested in CD!
I think I was pointed in the right direction and the rest is up to me! it's achievable, I will be slim by xmas, I just have to knuckle down and do it.
I can't wait till xmas now.
The second 'order' has yet to come true, any week soon I will win the lottery!
Day 11 sunday 24/09

I am feeling good, i am stepping on the scales every morning watching the weight drop off each day, and it's keeping me motivated and focused on what I'm trying to achieve.
I have a bit more energy now too which helps.

I would have liked to go out somewhere today but ryder cup is on! so have allowed hubby to watch it as he's promised in return to hoover the whole house when it's finished and take me out somewhere nice next weekend, I drive a hard bargain.

So i have kept busy done loads of stuff round the house and even did a bit of digging and planting in the garden,
I'm hoping when I weigh in on thursday I will be 13st something not 14st something, not so long ago I was 15st 8lbs, it's a good feeling to know I can do this diet, maybe I'll end up slimmer than my sister for a change.
day 12 monday 25/09

Not a bad day today, extremely busy at work then short whizz round tesco's for some essentials and the only thing that bothered me was the vegetables, they had loads of special offers on veg today but my kids are away and it doesn't take a lot just to feed hubby but i do miss eating veg.
I then popped into matalan to look at trousers, my 20's are too big but ok with a belt for now, but i was too tired to try any on anyway but did buy two long sleeved tshirts.
I had soup at lunchtime (11.30) and soup at 5 ish and just tried to make a popudum I could only eat a bit of it as wasn't very nice and am just finshing off the last cup of 4 litres water, every other day I am able to drink 4ltr by 12pm but so busy today.
thank you for posting your diary link, it's great to read how people further on down the road than me have managed, you and others have done so well, it's great for us 'newbies' to have your support.
I can relate to a lot of the things on your list, it's very sad what we do to ourselves, i am feeling stronger each day now and hopefully I will be sticking to this diet to the end.
Day 13 Tuesday
Good day today,

I had soup at 11.30, just having toffee walnut shake now at 5.40pm and will have soup later on tonight and had 4.5 litres water so far,
I can't get rid of this dry mouth and rough tongue though, I've tried mouthwashes and a toothbrush with tongue scraper thing but nothing seems to work, I've had it since the start of cd, does anyone else get this?
start 15st 8lbs
week one - 2.5lbs 15st 5.5lbs
week two + 1 lb 15st 6.5lbs
week three - 3 lbs 15st 3.5lbs
week 3.5 -3lbs 15st 0.5lbs cut out carbs

started cd ss thurs 14th sept weigh in day will now be thursdays not mondays

week 1 -8lbs 14st 6.5lbs
week 2 -5 .5lbs 14st 1lb

21 lbs off ! 57 lbs to go

I have only drunk 2 litres so far today, someone told me it is because I drink so much water that my mouth is so uncomfortable, the water strips the natural mucus from your mouth, and that does feel like thats what happens, I will try to get to 3 litres though.
Hi ayembee,

Congratulations on your terrific weight loss and I love reading your diary, well done. It isvery good.

I found Oraldene mouth wash very good and I would drink more water and not less.

I find 4/5 litres of water a day is fine for me and I am short and not very active...

We need the water as we have to replace the water we normally get from our food and drinking water will flush the mouth and keep it clean.

I find with me that the furry tongue goes away after a while.

Perhaps you could start a thread on who has a furry tongue and how long did it last!

Love Mini xxx