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Babybuffys lets try again diary !!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by babybuffy84, 24 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    Hi I'm Lisa :) nearly 30 (in April :( ) mum to a 4 year old who has health issues and coeliac married & have a dog named diesel :)
    I did slimming world first time around 7 years ago for my wedding !!
    Then I had my daughter and went and rejoined and lost 3 stone !!
    I then gained it all back over the last 2 years and not trying to get it off again !!
    I rejoined in jan and so far have lost 0 lbs infact I'm 1lb heavier than when I rejoined !!!
    I did a 6 weeks countdown. Last week and have had my husbands birthday yesterday now that's out the way it's full steam ahead till April !! 2 clear months to try and shift some weight I NEED. To get into the habit off writing it down and measuring things.

    I live in wales so it's half term here this week :-/!!

    Been out walking in delamere forest today was lovely and sunny and the rain held off until we were on our way home :)

    Anyway today's food looks like this !!


    Raspberries strawberries muller Greek 0.5 syn
    30g all bran chocolate crunch


    Lettuce tom cuc ham savoury rice boiled egg
    Salad cream 1 syn
    Hifi bar 6 syns


    Chicken Kiev new potatoes & salad
    Salad cream 2 syns

    Hea- milk
    Heb- 30 g chocolate crunch all bran


    Hifi bar -6 syns
    Salad cream -3
    Muller yog -0.5
    1 dairy milk chunk -3

    12.5/15 !!!
    Last edited: 25 February 2014
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  3. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

  4. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    Wow first full day on plan yesterday where I wrote everything down !!!! Yay :)

    Rough plan for today I know what I'm having for tea but that's about all at the mo !!!


    Either omelette or cereal

    If I have my b for breaky then it will be salad or jacket potato
    If I don't then it will be sandwiches for lunch


    Sausage mash veggies & onion & mushroom gravy

    Sausages 0.5 syn each so 3 1.5 syns
  5. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    Ok today's food !!!

    2 bacon hash brown mushrooms
    Fried egg 0.5 syn


    Jacket spud
    Chilli with added veggies
    1 syn for marg


    3 saus mash veggies gravy


    Marg 1 syn
    Egg 0.5 syn
    2 cookies 6 syns
    Gravy 2 syns
    Sausages 1.5

    11/15 syns
    Last edited: 26 February 2014
  6. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

  7. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

  8. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    Ok so 2 full days on plan !!!!

    12.5 syns on Monday
    11.5 syns on Tuesday

    Weigh in today at 5 not holding my breath for a loss but would take a maintain !!! Really don't want to see an 11 on them scales :( !!!

    Not sure what the food plan is today but my dd is going to a friends house to play so can sit down and have something nice for lunch might do a nice salad !!!
  9. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member


    Bacon tomato & Philly toastie

    Heb & 2.5 syns for Philly x

  10. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    Wow what a day !!!

    Ended up staying out from 10 till 4 At a play date that I thought I was dropping my daughter off for but I ended up having to stay too!!!
    They even did me lunch and I was freaking out as it was before class and they did pasta !!! It was delish and didn't look too greasy !!!

    Rushed about like a loon to get ready for class at 4.30 !!!

    And I bloody lost weight first time since jan !!!!! Woop 1.5 off so I've officially lost 1 lb since rejoining !!!! Yay me !!! So chuffed sorry that sounds sad !!!
    But after my hubby's birthday on Sunday I would have been happy with a maintain !!!

    Here's tonight's tea

    Jacket spud cheese & salad & salad cream post weigh in treat !!!

  11. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the non post yesterday (even though I think I'm talking to myself as no ones posted yet :( )
    I took my dd and mum to London for the day food wasn't awful but wasn't great

    Breaky - cereal
    Lunch - wholemeal roll ham & egg,hoops & crosses crisps ,grapes & hifi bar
    Tea- nandos butterfly chicken spicy rice & corn cob
    So not awful but over syns and 2 heb choices !!

    Back on it today but I have a 12 hour shift and have no food prepared at all!!!! Eeeekkkkkk

    I'm thinking subway salad for lunch but not got a clue about tea !!!
  12. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    Today's food !!!

    Made the effort and cooked myself something for tea this morning do that saves syns & pennies !!!


    Beans & scrambled egg on toast (heb)
    Marg -2 syns


    Subway salad ham& turkey
    Salad cream -2 syns

    Pasta bolognaise

    Hoops & crosses 4.5
    Pasta mug shot
  13. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    Saturday food !!!


    Beans egg bacon sausages
    Toast 4.5
    Hash brown 2

    Hoops & crosses 4.5

    Sw chips

  14. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    Hope everyone has a nice sat I'm waiting for my little girl to come home from her nannys she went for a sleepover whilst me & my hubby were on lates last night !!!
    Desperate Togo food shopping but can't go till Monday as hubby's working & no car !!!
  15. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

  16. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    Sunday foodage !!!

    Breaky :)

    Scram egg,mushrooms,onions,peppers & tomato



    2 wholemeal rolls (heb)
    Tomato onion
    Cheese 2 syns
    Hoops & crosses 4.5 syns
    Hifi bar 6 syns



    Chicken dinner
    Syns for gravy & a stuffing ball!!

    Pud is berries
  17. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

  18. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    Today looks like this !!!

    Had a manic day food shopping all stocked up now for the week ahead !!!

    Sausage sandwich 6 syns
    Hp sauce 1 syn

    None still full

    Trying a new recipe tonight !!!

  19. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    I'm working Tuesday & Thursday this week so I've pre batch cooked my meals will be having the same both days just need to cook my veggies

    Chicken & sweetcorn soup


    Chicken chasseur
    Will bulk it out with extra veggies !!!


    Have also made a list off meals for the week !!!
    Trying to be organised :)
  20. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    My yummy scrummy tea !!!

    Recipe from Asia book syns for sweet chilli sauce :)


  21. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Well-Known Member

    Tuesdays foodage !!!

    Urghhhhhh long shift in work am already on my commute in working 12-22.30 then my commute home so be in the house about midnight :(

    Ok food looks like this !!

    Liberte strawberry 1 syn
    1/4 muffin (shared with hubby) 4syns ???

    Chicken & sweetcorn soup
    2 small Wholemeal rolls
    Ham lettuce Tom cuc
    Salad cream 1 syn

    Chicken chasseur 2 syns
    With added mushrooms & onions
    With mangetout carrots & petit pois peas

    Hoops & crosses 4.5
    Hifi bar 3
    Wedge cucumber

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