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back again - six week challenge anyone?

Hi back again, lost four stone last year put back on one and half so need to start again.....

threw out all my old clothes last year and refuse to buy bigger ones again, can only live in jogging bottoms for so long so I need a six week challenge - 1 and half stone in six weeks (2 if lucky)......first day tomrrow, weigh ins on Saturday mornings.....will start my tracker tomrrw aftre the first dreaded weigh in....anyone want to join me for a big summer weight drop????:eek:
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Hey hun, I'm restarting on Monday and totally up for a challenge! I've had a couple of really successful stints on CD (let's not talk about the many more unsuccessful attempts) but have decided that this time I am gonna do it, and by 'eck, I'm gonna get to goal and stay there if it kills me (so please don't accept any excuses from me, I may need a kick up the rear end at times!)

I'm sorting through my old supplies to see if I have anything in date tomorrow and will place an order with my CDC ready for Mon/Tuesday.

How was your weigh-in today?



i love minimins me :)
I am back too! I am starting tomorrow, going to get my supplies today dont wanna be weighed tho :( I am thinking of doing 810 though are you both doing ss?

;)Im doing ss at least for the first couple of weeks to get into it, decided to start Monday with everyone else. i did weigh in though and omg, just updated my profile to show this. Really feel up for it though, it felt great to be in a 12/14 and nothing fits so here goes. Got all my new stuff from my cdc and its ready to go.

Good luck everyone, will let you know how tomorrow goes, its day three that kills me!!!!!!
Yay I'm glad there's a few of us. Stace hun, how bizarre we are both restarting the same day after all this time!!

Good luck all :) I'm doing SS for the first few weeks like you hobecat and may do SS+ on days where I have to be sociable. Will carry on SS'ing for as long as I can as I don't really want to have to buy food and packs.

I have enough for the first three days but am seeing my CDC on Tuesday so will get more then. Am so looking forward to seeing this fat falling off - I feel heavy and horrible, plus I'm off to Oz for three weeks for new year so want to be slim in a bikini by then.

Does anyone have anything they are looking forward to being slim for?

Lol hobecat, my start weight and bmi is almost identical to yours! How bizarre!

We can do it! I have a few mini goals in mind, first one is my friend's wedding on the Aug bank hol weekend, want to have lost a stone and dropped a dress size by then. My six week goal will take me to the day before my 25th birthday and I'd like to be 24lbs down by then if I can ('cos then I can celebrate my birthday AND being halfway to goal!).



i love minimins me :)
Its very strange hahaha, i went to send you a message on facebook but couldnt find you?

had my 1st shake of the day, i decided not to find out how much i weigh cos it will only depress me, and i am thinking of asking cdc to only tell me when i have lost a stone and not tell me each week what i have lost, as if i have a small loss in the past i have ended up given up!

good luck girlies :) xxx
Hello Ladies, well im am joining you in re-starting today!
My name is Kim, I'm 42 work full time.
I weighed myself this morning and did my measurements yesterday! OMG....... i only have myself to blame for my massive weight gain!:cry:
But im thinking positive and are already on my 3rd pint of water!!!:)

I have a big meeting/Examinations taking place @ work on the 13th September and have set myself a goal of getting back into my suit for that day.

I want to wish everyone else good luck with returning, and hope we can keep each other motivated :D
Hi all,

I'm back again as well, I'm going to get to goal and stick there if it kills me. My first goal is to get back to a BMI of 25 by 24th August for my birthday.

I've got belly dance tonight so hopefully that will deal with first day cravings.

Hows everyone getting on.
Hi first day nearly over, three shakes three litres of water five black coffees and a 45 minute dog wlk....feeling ok.

got pills ready for the dreaded head tomorrow but feeling quite good. Got a girls weekend away to Spain end of September and I want to be two stone lighter by then.... hows everyone else getting on..........
Heya, end of day one and have stuck to my shakes and water (with a few cups of tea thrown in). Hasn't been too bad although I've been going to the loo all day and my stomach started rumbling about 4pm and hasn't stopped since!

I decided not to weigh in - am going to do it by how I feel and look rather than weigh, as lbs just get me down and I want to learn about how to recognise my real shape and how it looks when I get bigger or smaller. I will probably ask just to be told my new weight every three weeks just to see where I am roughly to motivate me.

Am feeling pretty tired and ready for bed. My hubby ate chicken balls from the chinese and chips at dinner, I thought that was mean!

How's everyone else?
Morning All,
Well day 1 over and it went pretty well tbh.:)
Had my 2 shakes and a soup all swilled down with 3 litres of water.... i spent the majority of the day backwards and forwards to the loo lol....
I kept myself occupied by playing on my DS while watching TV last night.

I realise day 3 is going to be the hardest, but im thinking positive!

Hope everyone else is doing ok??

well day three nearly over and starting to feel a bit better, I did have an extra shake yesterday to get through....got that taste in my mouth so ketosis is coming.... had three litres of water, three shakes and three coffees today..... hows everyone
Day 4 coming to a close and have felt blummin' marvellous the past few days - no side effects, which I have suffered with in the past so am very happy! Have a slight headache this eve (think I need more water despite having drunk 2.5 already today) but will take a paracetamol and it'll be fine.

Had official WI last night with new CDC (not good and I was not happy to see the figure, but at least I'm doing something about it). Am seeing her on Monday and aiming to see 8lbs off by then (although anything over 4lbs would be wonderful!)

Just taking it one day at a time and getting on with life, not really stopping to dwell on being on the diet and loving how much I can get done when I don't have cooking and washing up to do!

How's everyone else doing? Restarts all going successfully so far I hope!

Got to ketosis, breath stinks and pee strip pink!!!! (strange things to be happy about)... Im also aiming for eight pounds this week anything over 6 will be happy...had loads of side effects this time, headaches, cold but still hanging on...:cry:
Good on ya! I'm in ketosis too, got the tell-tale horrid breath! Well done for getting past the worst bit, although for me in the past day 5 has been the toughie, but I'm determined I'm gonna nail it this time! xx
first week over and lost 8lbs.......really happy as had a meal out where I had chicken salad with a bit of dressing and managed to stay on track...... been a hard week but feel good now and sticking to it although doing ss+ cause its easier for me, how did evryone get on???:D:D
My official start date was last Monday but didnt get weighed til Weds so my WI yesterday isn't the full week's loss. Scales showed 3.5lbs off but more importantly to me is the inchloss - 1.5 inches off my waist, half an inch off my bust and half off my hips. I am very happy about that! x
brilliant start wannabeslim..... flamin just fell off wagon and had a galaxy bar... cant believe just ruined it.....my official weigh in is Thursday so hopefully i can get back on track.... I could kick myself

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