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Back From Disneyland Paris - And Back On Plan !


How I have missed you all !

Firstly, I have had the holiday of my dreams ! I met Mickey Mouse, after waiting 34 years to do so ! The holiday was everything I imagined and So Much More !!!

I have added some pix to my album (just a few I took 753 altogether !!!!!!!!!)

The hotel was fabulous, the park was quiet, the rides and shows were outstanding !

We all had a wonderful time and I am still on a high - perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a weight loss note.........well ladies I knew I would put on and I knew that I would need to get back into SS mode. Due to the dates of my hols I couldn't do maintenance properly, so I came off plan 2 weeks ago.

In week 1 I put on 6lbs due to a few meals out and not drinking my water - boo hiss !

And after 5 days in Disney I only put on 3lbs !

Ok now to the hard part - I am 9lbs heavier then I was on 16th September.

So I can now reset my goal to 10.7 and hopefully this time stick to plan and then do the 6 week maintenance programme.

So I am now 11.9 and weighing in next Wednesday so I have 10 days - fingers crossed I can get back to my 1st mini goal of 11 stone !

I ate well on holiday (hehe) and had amazing meals out, forgive me for the chips and desserts !

I am in a good frame of mind now and refocused, bring on those weight losses please !

I have updated my tickers to show the correct weight, no point hiding the fact, hopefully you can all keep me motivated getting back into ketosis !!!!

Hope you enjoy my photos, if you want to see 600 (In case you are planning to visit) here they are in 3 albums !



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How fabulous the photo's are amazing and yes i looked at them all, i love Disneyland/World and have done Florida and Tokyo and would love to do Paris i think its something i may do in the next couple of years. The girls looked like they had a ball as you all did, and how nice did all that lovely food look. Good Luck with your restart i am sure you sill shed that 9lb by your weigh in hon Good Luck and thank you for bringing a bit of Mickey and Minnie into my living room xxx
well done! so glad you enjoyed your holiday. We all have to live our lives at the end of the day - and you will loose the 9lb in no time!

good luck!
Welcome Back!!

We missed you :D

Glad you had a fab time!! dont worry about the weight gain i lost my holiday weight within 3 days on SS!!

Heres to the rest of the weight loss!!



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Charley you look amazing in all those pictures- well done hun! Don't worry about the gain, it'll come off in no time at all and before you know it you'll be in maintenance. Glad you had a good time :)
Hi Jimmy shoo ! Thanks and perhaps you can help me try to plan for WDW Florida !! We are hoping to go in 2011/2012....will take that long to save !!!!!!!! Have no clue where to start planning !

Thanks Gem and Mrs Essex, I am sure it will drop off (at least I hope) I feel good to be on plan again actually, no more bloatyness (the carbs made my tum very swollen I looked 6 months pregnant the last day !!!!!!!!!!!


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Fab pics, nice to hear that you had a good time, I think when you are on holiday its better not to think about weight and just have a good time!

Here's to keeping on track and getting to goal...

ps - I'm almost the same weight and height as you so we can do it together...


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welcome back! pics look great, can tell you were having a great time. dont worry about the few lbs on thats nothing. I once went to WW with a friend and over xmas and new year she put 19lbs on! the WW leader didnt know what to say. we are both shift workers and we worked half of it so not like we were off sat around all the time! And you know how much more you enjoyed your holiday after how fantastic you have done... and you want to enjoy every other event of even every day like that so you will keep going! x
Hi charley

Welcome back, so pleased that you had a fantastic trip to Eurodisney.

I might have posted this before you went but I have only experienced 'down town disney' in LA but planning to do Florida next year.

The 11 pounds will soon come off, nothing beats the experience of having so much fun with your family and the odd chips/desserts as part of the overall fun.

Good Luck back on CD x
Welcome back charley and glad t hear you have had a fab time.
Well 9lbs will take you no time at all,knowing how disciplined you have been you will probably lose that and maybe more in your 1st week back on ss.
Goodluck with you WI x
Oops, mean old me, just realised that its 9 pounds and not 11 pounds (as I posted) gained on your hols, must be all my excitement at the thought of Donald Duck and his nephews next year in Florida!

It will be lost in no time at all x
I'm jealous!!! Disney isn't something that has ever really appealled but since having DD (now 3) i want to go! We just have so much fun at theme parks with her i could hardly imagine the excitement of something so grand. You all look like you had a fab time and you look so good. Heres to being minus those pounds in a few weeks....xx

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