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Back from holiaday & I weighed this morning!!!!! DOH!!!


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Got back from Spain last night after 11 days in the sunshine and I have put on 6 pounds..... oooppppsss!! :(

I am hoping that most of it will be the fact I havent been to the "loo" properly for a few days. :confused:

I am straight back on it today though as I want to shift this 6 pounds fast!!

Any tips of shifting holday weight fast and encouragment would be appreciated!!
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Hiya Bubba, if you had a nice holiday and enjoyed it then 6lb is nothing. You have lost 28lb in total and appear to be at target, so you know how to shift the weight! Simply get back on track, remember the awesome holiday you had and ... enjoy! :) xXx


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hi you have had a nice holiday and yes you have had a weight gain but there is nothing you can do about that put it behind you and now your back on the bus you know how to lose the weight as you have proved that good luck xx
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welcome back hun
don't worry to much i went on holiday for 5 days and gained 5lbs (last week) this week i lost 4lbs so only a lb left i'm sure u can shift it all

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It will come off again as the others have said Hun.
Concentrate on eating super speed foods and srink plenty of water to get you going again!



Will be thin god dammit!!
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Stick to plan - you know that works - might take you a couple of weeks to shift but you have enjoyed your holiday and thats what counts x x x


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I would be well pleased to put that amount on over a holiday abroad. I have put on 15lb in just three weeks WITHOUT a holiday lol. THAT is a whoops!

Just hop right back on plan and no doubt it will fall off very quickly, 'temporary' weight always seems to come off a lot easier than weight you have carried over a longer amount of time.


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i had 10 days all inclusive and gained just under a stone
I just got back from France & expected after a WI on my scales for a 4/5lb gain, BUT got straight back on plan on the Thursday & with the exception of Saturday (we were at my parents & had a home-made curry & abit of rice, then stayed the night with friends & drank Vodka!!) but by Monday's WI it showed only 1lb gain so I was well pleased :D

I would say, just stick to plan, stick to 10-15 syns a day & maybe if you feel you need to just write a food diary to keep you on track for the week. I tend to find doing this really helps me not have sneaky treats!! But you know the plan works - it will be off before you know it :)


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S: 13st12.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 11st12.5lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 2st0lb(14.4%)
Thanks for all your replies!! I am back on plan as of yesterday but not putting too much pressure on myself by being too strict, as I know I will fall of the wagon too quickly.

Starting off with a few EE days, then back into my usual red days. Staying away from alcohol as well!!!! Naughty cider!!! :)
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I'd be pleased with just a 6lb gain, I am going away for 2 weeks when the kids break up from school and am dreading all the temptations that will be around!!

Like others have said though, just temporary gain, go back to what you know and you will lose it x


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I second what Laddiesboy said above - a 'temporary' gain does come off quicker than one you've been carrying for months/years. You know how to lose it too, so no worries there - you'll be fine once you get with the plan...The main thing is that you had a good holiday - those memories are priceless.

Good luck!


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